Alterna-Spelling, Foreign Language Mash-Up Curriculum?

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Like my title :_lol:

We are finishing up Explode the Code 2. He’s done 1 & 2 with little-to-no instruction. He is interested in spelling and languages – I’m wondering if I can put together some kind of spelling / language mash up curriculum? He’s always asking me where words came from. If words are from other languages, etc. and reading all the translations which is usually hilarious.

I’ve found that our homeschool groove is hyper-eclectic. Gathering materials from all over to make lots of mini units going on simultaneously. I’m looking to do this same type of thing with spelling/phonics/foreign language. Possibly.

Is that going to be too confusing? I cannot see him plodding through a spelling curriculum, and doing another round of ETC seems like it would just be busy work. I am hoping to make this all interesting and fun for him. If it’s not he will just straight up refuse, lol. Those days are fun.

I don’t know. Just putting my thoughts together. Thanks for your help fleshing this out. I’ve never been spelling or foreign language inclined.

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