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DS is going to school in September :O We’ve been doing RightStart math for the past couple of years, until he rebelled. Then I let him work on Khan Academy to ensure that he knows what he ‘should’ know for 3rd grade. He finished that today – woo hoo! (And I have to say, we had already finished most of the 3rd grade RightStart, but he easily went through all the stuff on Khan, in case anyone is thinking about how RS might fit with more traditional math as done in school).

Anyway, we have about 2 months before he starts school. Math isn’t his strong point, but he’s obviously ‘on grade level’. I think he still needs regular practice. He said he wants to carry on with Khan, so I’ll let him, but I can see it getting old. What else might be fun regular practice? He’s done Prodigy and Dreambox. I’m not sure we want to go back there, but it’s an option. He’s not really inspired by workbooks. We have some games, so that’s an option. What’s another fun and engaging way to keep it all fresh over the summer?


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