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Has anyone used it? Is there religious content in the course or forum?

I was excited to see this month’s SHS give-away and wanted to take advantage of the 25% discount. However, when I went online to purchase the course I read more about the program and I found this in the FAQ’s:

"All our curriculum is built on a Christian world-view that everyone has a gift. We believe we are created in the image of God (imago-Dei), and part of that image is the ability to design and create (innovate). There are those who have an abundance of this gift, and our mission is to support them. The curriculum itself does not teach this overtly, nor are there any references to any religious affiliation within the lessons or initiated on the forums. That’s why I give God and His son Jesus Christ the glory here! Imago-Dei! "

I thought, ok…I guess I could live with that. But then I looked at the ‘about us’ section and the blog entries. One of the blog posts on the first page is "What Does Innovation Have to do with God?". Wayne Kroeplin | Helping teenagers identify and use their creative and innovative super-powers!


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Monday Roll Call,1/2

Happy New Year! Here's to the feeling of a fresh start or the continued positive path your family has set for yourself.. I'm taking my son early this morning to get two of his wisdom teeth removed. Hope it goes well. I was miserable after
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