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The Meaning of Friendship



What is the meaning of friends, I suppose it’s different for all I say my friends became my family, to make up for the lack of family, we start making friends in school, and some are lucky enough to keep their school friends for life.

Others not so lucky, facebook has proved to be great for keeping in touch with friends or finding friends you may of lost touch with.

So as you get older you have so many friends, school friends, work friends, hobby friends, facebook friends you know the ones that look at your page and pics but then ignore you in the street ha…..delete is my favourite button on facebook.


Look at the word friendship, I like to think about what this truly means, just like the word facebook, I like to call it the book of face, lets break it down so there is a SHIP.

We all start off with one, its like a cruise liner filled with friends, but as time goes on, some stay on the ship because they totally get it, they get there is going to be bumps.

Along the way, waves of life, but there is also calm, and wonderful times and these friends stay on the SHIP because they can handle both and this too works both ways…some jump over board at the first hurdle, some cant cope with truth, some cant see you do well, some were never friends in the first place they were lessons of life and they were just passing through this port anyway!!

Some stay on the SHIP but get off at different ports but keep coming back for visits to the SHIP, Then there are others that once sailed aboard your SHIP it sinks and you wonder what happened what went wrong what did I do that was so awful you didn’t want a ticket on my SHIP anymore …..

So this is my take on FRIENDSHIP and the meaning, so my advice would be quality not quantity it does nt matter how many friends you have, I feel a small circle is far more real than a facebook page full of Fake friendships.


I have some amazing friends the right people to have around me the ones that are pleased for you the ones that sing your praises even if your not there, support you want you to be the best person you can, wipe your tears, laugh with you, these are the the friends you need in your life.

Don’t feel you have to be around false fake people, green eyed ones are the worst ever and zap the energy out of, make sure you surround yourself with radiators at all times, stay true to you if no one can handle that then move on….my best friend is Craig and this is why I married him

Much love xxx

Written by: https://instagram.com/flintshirewives?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1srk2fzupksgv

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Eat for Your Health Based on the 5 Colors


Red, green, white, purple, or orange: did you know that the colors of fruits and vegetables tell you about their health benefits? Learn the colors and what they mean and take advantage of these natural superpowers.

Good to know:

A study in the International Journal of Epidemiology from 2017 showed that the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced by 28% the more fruit and vegetables you eat every day.(1)

Make sure you eat these 5 colors & foods

Red foods

Green foods

Orange & yellow foods

Purple & blue foods

White foods


Improve your health by eating a balanced diet. Make sure you eat the foods mentioned above regularly. As a guideline, include at least 3 different fruits and vegetables in each meal.


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