Craving Control Lozenges – 'Crave Crush' is a Supplement to Help Stop Sugar Cravings (

‘Crave Crush’ is a Supplement to Help Stop Sugar Cravings

Knowing that many consumers struggle with a constant desire to sate their sweet tooth, Crave Crush developed a plant-based mint lozenge to help individuals stop sugar cravings. When one consumes an all-natural lozenge, it “binds to sweet taste receptors, suppresses sweet taste, and helps reduce sugar cravings in seconds.” As such, these lozenges are designed to be dissolved on the tongue following a meal or snack to prevent further cravings for sweet foods by blocking one’s sweet taste receptors.

In terms of ingredients, the lozenges are made with natural ingredients rather than chemicals, such as the leaves of the gymnema herb, zinc and mint.

Crave Crush suggests that its lozenges may be useful for preventing late-night snacking, overindulging in desserts after dinner and constant snacking throughout the day between meals.

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