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This might seem weird, but bear with me. I like doing activities with my almost 3.5 year old. One thing we do is I have those blank books from the target dollar isles and I write stories with her. She will dictate a story and I’ll write it on the page then she will draw the pictures/scribble in colors.

This has worked great. Mind you the stories aren’t usually coherent and Yada Yada but she has enjoyed doing it and I save her "books".

Anyhow, recently she dictated a sentence to me about a paw patrol character. I wrote the sentence and she grabbed her pink crayon and drew circles and said "that’s skye. " I told her very good! And then she said "that doesn’t look like Skye. How do I draw skye?" And I told her that was wonderful for Skye and she told me no. That’s a circle.

Then she stopped and I asked about the next page, and she talked about the story but refused to draw anything. She wanted to be done so I let her.

I was not really planning on "teaching " her to draw at this young age, but it would appear she is no longer accepting drawing things that don’t look like what she’s drawing in her head.

This is a girl that loves crafts and making things. Does anyone know of a very very basic drawing book?

I don’t have a lot of art skill but to help her out I was trying to think of basic things I can teach her-drawing a horizontal line across the page and the top is a blue sky, bottom green grass. Yellow circle for sun. Maybe teach her to draw a square or triangle instead of just circles. I don’t really know how to proceed so I’m taking some stabs in the dark. I wasn’t expecting a sudden refusal to draw 😑

Any advise is appreciated. I loved her scribble art.

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