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I have been looking for an educational Spanish Roku channel aimed at upper elemenatry or middle school with zero luck. But during my search, I did come across several free Spanish channels aimed at preschoolers. Maybe the list below will be helpful to some folks. I have not watched these since the age target is younger than what I was looking for.

I think I have given up on finding a Spanish version of something similar to PBS Kids. At this point, I think my best option would be to subscribe to a “regular” Spanish language channel and hope I can find some children’s programming on it. But there are so many to choose from and they usually require a subsription fee. Suggestions welcome.

Así O Más Fácil appears to be an extension or another creative outlet of the El Arte de PAU channel. The channel features the crafts of Pau Negrete Marin working with various recycled materials creating unique craft projects.

Atiempopreescolar is a Spanish-language animated entertainment and educational channel for children.

Busy Beavers Espanol is a collection of Spanish lessons for children or adults wanting to learn a few key phrases in Spanish. The channel offers a total of 49 videos, 24 of which are English to Spanish translation videos. These videos provide repetitious videos covering key words and phrases in Spanish such as "I’m Cold", "What is this" and "Drinking water". All of the videos are animated and provide both spoken and written English and Spanish translations.

ChuChu TV is a Spanish-language channel "designed to attract children through a series of lively and colorful animations songs." The videos are provided under the categories of Animal Rhymes, Transportation Rhymes, Kindergarten Songs, and Rhymes for Pre-K. espanol entertains and educates children of all ages with music, stories, and activity guides. The channel is broadcast completely in Spanish. All of the videos on this channel can be found on YouTube where they are also available in English.

Kabillion en Español is a Spanish-language children’s learning and entertainment channel. All videos are animated and contain episodes from the shows "Chloe’s Closet" and "Dive Olly Dive!"

Let’s Learn Spanish is an animated video series, hosted by Little Pim the panda, that is designed to teach children of all ages a second language. The videos are a mixture of animation and live motion that uses their Entertainment Immersion Method®, which uses strategic repetition of key vocabulary words for faster language acquisition.

Los cuentos de GiGi is a collection of animated nursery rhymes and fairy tales in Spanish. Here is a translation of the developers description: "GiGi tales offers a variety of children’s stories by famous authors like Hans Christian Andersen, Grimm, Charles Perrault, Aesop’s fables and other folktales brothers known and transmitted through generations"

Pecas Pocket is a collection of Spanish-language videos for children. The videos consist of original storylines featuring Peppa Pig, Spongebob and Masha.

Pipo mi amigo Imaginario features Spanish-language animated videos for children. At the time of our review, only a handful of videos where available under the categories Canciones de karaoke para ninos (Karaoke songs for kids) and Espectaculos para ninos (Shows for kids).

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