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Hello There!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted a welcome before or not (I am technologically inept and cannot figure out how to see what posts I’ve done (if any!), so I’ll do one here! Sorry if it is a repeat, but there is new info as well!

We’re a family of 4. We spent last year traveling abroad and are now back in the US and gearing up for a tour of the US with the kids. We’re planning to start some time in the fall. I’d love to join the roadschooler’s portion of this forum, but I can’t quite figure out how to request to join!

We have been using a combination of eclectic curriculum for the kids (ages 7 and 9) and plan to keep up this eclectic way of homeschooling while we travel. Wherever possible, I like to give our kids a couple of different ways of thinking about a particular topic to encourage them to explore what is "traditionally taught" vs. what might possibly be more updated (and therefore often more accurate) information. I also love to encourage them to try to come up with some of their own answers, and then using research, experiments, etc we try to find an answer that works best.

I look forward to meeting more folks on the forum and hope to make connections and share info, especially as we get ready to do some traveling to places we haven’t been before…and of course we’d love to connect with people "in real life" whenever we might be in their neck of the woods while traveling. As you may know, it can be a bit isolating for kids to homeschool at times, and even more so when you travel and are not regularly connected to a local group.

~ Mainer

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