Holes in knowledge.. which​ Saxon lvl?

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My son is newish to homeschooling and will be starting his 8th grade year. As we’ve been working together I’ve noticed that he seems to have some advanced concepts down (particularly in geometry) but struggles with some basics (double digit multiplication)

We did the Saxon placement test. The instructions say that if he gets below 15 on the first test, that we should either start Math 5/4 (or Math 3 if they are behind schedule). And a 6/5 if he passed

He scored a 13. But he also scored a 13 on the next section (fail=6/5, pass=7/6) which makes me feel like a 5/4 wouldn’t be challenging to him.

I know that there is a lot of review built into Saxon so I am leaning towards trying a 6/5. I don’t want to give him something too advanced, but I also worry about keeping him so 4-5 grade levels below his peers if it is not fully needed.

What would you do in this situation?

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