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Hello, I just want to introduce myself. Like many of us, I have decided to go on this homeschooling journey. I have many children, however, my youngest I am homeschooling/planning to homeschool from preschool to as far as we can go. Hopefully all the way through high school. I am looking forward and am hopeful of speaking with most, maybe even all of the members here. You know, like for advice, suggestions and just a kind word here and there. I have received a lot of sideways looks from people when I have mentioned homeschooling, I even had a librarian roll her eyes at me. On the other hand, I have also received positive statements from people. I guess it’s been a 50/50 split when it comes to the mentalities of our society on topics as controversial as teaching our own children. I personally do not feel that educating our children should be a controversial subject. Anyway, there I go rambling again. Thanks for letting me join this community. I am looking forward to this long and wonderful journey, (fully aware that there will be many ups and downs):8D:

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