How do you handle people being critical?

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Just having a very bad day here! We recently decided to homeschool our 14 year old daughter, who is the 9th grade. She has never been homeschooled before. She’s an excellent student but has serious anxiety issues. In the last year she has walked out of class numerous times, just walked out and left, calling me to pick her up because she can’t handle the pressure. She had to drop band, drama, FFA because of the pressure. All of her friends are big time activity nuts and I think she kept trying to fit in. But she is super smart, loves to learn and told me numerous times that when she went to school she felt nothing all, no motivation, no happiness, nothing, just numb. So I am happy we made this decision, which by the way was HER idea, not ours.

So now I find out that all of her public school friends are being super critical of homeschooling, telling her in texts that she will be miserable, that her anxiety will get worse, that she will never want to leave the house, etc. I am so angry that instead of being supportive these kids (with their heads filled with garbage by their parents I am sure!) are being so damaging to her. I know they are worried about not seeing her as often, but we had planned for her to see them as much as possible, plus obviously they talk every day. Have any of you had to deal with this? How did you handle it?

I would like her make some new friends who are also homeschooled, who will be more understanding. Would love to hear from others who have also dealt with these issues.


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