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As my title says, I’m new to these forums but not to homeschooling. I homeschooled my 5 children from my first marriage from pre-k through 8th grade and loved it. As you can guess, that marriage ended, fast forward a little and I’m now remarried and we have one little guy together (despite dh being told he was infertile lol).

Even though I loved homeschooling my older kids, we didn’t really plan to homeschool our son. My dh had reservations about it despite seeing how well adjusted and intelligent his step kids are and he has cousins who are homeschooled. I was fine with trying public school if he wasn’t sure about homeschooling so that was the plan.

We found out when our son was about 18 months old and still had no attempts at speech that he likely had childhood apraxia of speech. It was confirmed when he turned 3 and had been through 6 months of speech therapy and still had very little speech.

At that point he qualified for Headstart preschool through the local elementary school so that he could receive speech therapy and have lots of interaction with other kids to help his speech. He has enjoyed himself in preschool this past year (he’s a complete extrovert despite his speech issues lol) but we have been less than pleased with the school overall.

It started registration day, the teacher completely ignored us and our son while absolutely fawning over a little girl that she knew from church that was going to be in her class. Favoritism for this little girl, and girls in general in her class, has continued all year. Then there has been the problem of only getting 12 – 24 hours notice on EVERYTHING! Class party, notice given the day before. Parent participation days, slips sent home the night before. Ask the teacher for a list of upcoming events or a calendar, they don’t have that kind of thing, they send home notes as soon as they know…

Oh and then we had to ask for lunch menus every month so that we could monitor what was being served because on top of apraxia, our little guy has texture issues. He was sent home from school over and over again because they would serve him a texture he couldn’t deal with. They police lunches sent from home and usually end up giving the kid a school lunch anyways and sending the sack lunch back home with a note that the lunch was not good enough.

Then after we were told that we were not allowed to walk our child to school, he has to ride the bus or be driven, but several other parents would walk up at the car rider pick up location, including one who repeatedly brought his full grown doberman with him to pick up his granddaughter! He stood within 5 feet of the gym entrance where all the children file in to wait to be picked up with the dog on a leash and collar that he constantly tugged on to keep the dog from approaching the children. We had to report this to the school 4 times before we were able to talk with the principal who told us that she knew about the man and his dog and the dog doesn’t growl at the children so it was fine :confused: We then reported it to the Headstart coordinator who told us that she didn’t know what the problem was, we were the only parents who complained about it, but she would ask the man not to bring his dog anymore. Everything was fine until the last month of school when he started bringing the dog again. Grrrr (no pun intended lol)

Oh and then there is the class mom that occasionally walks the kids out to the gym for pick up and has almost let our son run between the vehicles 3 times this year! Normally the teacher or the TA walks them out but this class mom stops to talk to the other parents and doesn’t even pay attention to where the kids are going.

Then there was yesterday, that was the final straw for dh. Dh and our son have skin sensitivities. Severe skin sensitivities. Like the wrong sunscreen can send them to the hospital skin sensitivities. So when we signed all the registration paperwork at the beginning of the year, we specified that he was not to have sunscreen applied at school, he was not to have lotion or medicine applied to his skin and he was not to have face painting done at school. These were all things that had a permission slip at the beginning of the year for us to sign, we checked the "we DO NOT give permission" box and told them why in writing. But yesterday, our little guy came home with a batman symbol painted across his entire face. :explode:

No notes home telling us they were planning on face painting yesterday or we would have kept him home like we did when they wanted to take the kids on a field trip to a church to hear some religious child folk singers (hmmm forgot to mention that one too… we live in a Bible belt and apparently we are also the only parents who have an issue with a public school that receives state and Federal funds taking 3 – 5 year olds to a church for any reason…)

So dh told me if I was willing to homeschool again, he was willing to give it a try, I’m so excited! The way things went this year, I’ve been hoping dh would come around but I figured it would take a little more coaxing lol! At least ds didn’t have a reaction to the face paint but we literally had to scrub it out of his eye brows!

When I homeschooled my older kids, I always had to juggle school with littles or middle schoolers with elementary kids… I never felt like I got to do everything I would have liked to do, just not enough hours in the day or enough me’s to go around! With our little guy, he is going to get the complete one-on-one experience and I have enough experience to know, we can just play our way through learning for the next few years and he will be better than fine. :heart:

Sorry for the novel, if you made it though this far, come on over and I’ll make cookies lol!

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