New homeschooler in Northern Illinois with a 7th grader, working full time

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Hello there! I will be starting the homeschool journey with my (going into) 7th grader. I work full time, but am able to work from home with a little flexibility. A brand new, fabulous co-op type of space just opened down the road, so she will be taking most of her classes there and I will be supplementing with online classes and weekend field trips. We are very lucky to have something like it so close to us! Our original decision to homeschool was due to the nasty environment at PS and the administration not doing anything about it. As we looked at options, we are really excited about the REAL learning she’s going to be doing with homeschooling instead of the memorization and outdated lectures. I also have a daughter getting ready to start high school. She wants to try a semester at high school to see how it goes before deciding on homeschool. I also live with my husband, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.
I hope I’m not over-extending myself by making this choice, but I feel like it’s the best thing for us, at least for this year.

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