New to homeschooling and homeschooling high school – Have I bitten off too much?

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I tried a few other forums but either they are too religious for my liking, or they dont believe that online distance learning can be classed as "REAL" homeschooling, so they choose to ignore me. I do know that people are reading my intro posts in those forums but no reply yet…

So I thought I would try this place. We are a secular family. We dont attend any church of any kind although DH and I were both raised in religious families. I sent my son to a catholic elementary for 3 reasons. 1 – it was a lot smaller than the local public elementary, makes for easier one-on-one with the students – 2 the kids were nowhere near as rude as the public kids were, and 3 – the catholics have always had a reputation for providing superior education. And I was right. My son did very well all the way through elementary. He even won medals for academic and maths excellence when he graduated from grade 8.

Last year (Sept 2016) my son started at the local catholic high school. It was all new and exciting for the most part with new and interesting subjects in the first semester. But the high school is 4 times the size of his elementary. No more individual attention. Also in one of his classes when he was doing a technology project with a partner, the partner did absolutely nothing and my son LOST points because the partner sat around and did nothing. My son was not at all happy about that. I think the partner should have gotten a zero for not participating and my son got whatever marks the project was really worth. This was one example of the unfairness of things in the first semester.

In February 2017 (yes just 2 months ago) they started the 2nd semester. Guess what. My sons timetable had the 4 mandatory subjects that all grade 9 Kids must do. They never even tried to spread them out. So now he was lumped with english, maths, science and french. And because the classes are all around 30 kids, the teacher has to deal with the slow and the noisy kids. my son was in the academic stream. Why are there still ‘slow" kids in the academic stream? That stream is for those going to college or university. The slow kids should be in the applied stream – the one geared towards vocational college, apprenticeships, and flipping burgers.

Meanwhile, my son who would have completed the work in 15 minutes, has to sit and twiddle his thumbs because he cannot move ahead on his own. His absenteeism from school skyrocketed – he was always complaining of migraines. Over the March (spring) break he explained all this to me and he demanded to be homeschooled. He was willing to do his lessons through an online school. He had online friends who were already doing this. DH asked about socialization. "Would you prefer your son to be bullied and stabbed now or to be safe?" I asked him. (This particule high school had had one stuednt killded through a knife stabbing back in 2012 so there was some concern). Safe he said. Then we bring him home, was my response.

I submitted the required paperwork – thank goodness Ontario is quite relaxed about requirements – and I had no trouble. My son is now doing online distance learning. i know he should be de-schooling more – but DH wont allow this. So I let the kid get away with as few lessons as possible – usually 2 a day – for now. Later on when he gets into grade 10 he WILL be doing a minimum of 4 lessons a day. Anyway, that’s my experience. SO I am new to homeschooling, despite dreaming of doing it for a very long time, and homeschooling a kid in high school, and not elementary school. That’s me.

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