SEA Homeschooling Conference reflection/review

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I just returned from the SEA Homeschooling conference in Shephardstown, WV.

It was a fabulous conference – it was great to see so many secular homeschoolers in one place. There were some interesting workshops and talks, but the thing I got the most out of personally are the conversations I had with people. I met people and was able to share resources.

There were some great talks covering lots of topics. (You can check out the list on the SEA conference website). There also was a small college fair and the college where it was held had workshops for parents about applying to college, financial aid and other questions.

If I have one criticism, it is with the loosely organized kids activities which needed to be better organized, but the kids playing RPGs and a prom for the high school-aged kids that was a hit.

Talks regularly had between 10-30 people in attendance (besides the keynote which probably had about 100+ people). There were a huge var

Many of the secular venders (Pandia, BYL, were there at the conference and some that I had not heard of. There was a sample of Blair Lee’s new curriculum on Climate Change (There is a Kickstarter campaign for it going on now.)

There is a great RPG game that is like the World of Warcraft being developed to teach ecology, evolution, and genetics, as well as other science focuses. The company Tyto, is developing it. They are very responsive to suggestions and really listened to the kids who had suggestions for improvement. I was able to talk with the developers and DS demo’d the game. He must have played for an hour. They are having a group buy, which will provide extra benefits to those who get it through the group. Tyto Online: STEM Video Game – SEA Homeschoolers
You can demo the game for the month through the group buy.

Also, I met Ian Gulch who is developing a free, chemistry curriculum for middle/high school students. You can see what he has currently available at He also gave a talk on Linux.

There were other activities – wine at the local bookstore, bowling at the college, mixer for the parents.

There were more venders then I would have expected. And there was a great turnout of families.

I highly recommend going next year, if you can. It will be someplace different next year. The conference will be someplace else next year.

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