Splendor in City Park: Opening of Bayou Oaks gives New Orleans a showpiece public golf course

James Leitz played his second round of golf at City Park in 1973 when he was 13 years old. His mom drove him that day from their house in Kenner to play the nine-hole junior course that was on site then — part of an 81-hole golfing complex that, to an eager and talented golfer such as Leitz, was like “heaven on earth.” Not far from where he played that day was the same tee box where Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson and other greats teed off in the New Orleans Open. And every day was flush with activity — caddies grabbing bags, sun-burnished pros teaching lessons, gamblers and gawkers hanging around watching players drive balls down distant fairways. Leitz wanted a piece of the action, and so he returned

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