9 Ways To Wear All Black Without Feeling Like You’re Going To A Funeral

Real talk: All-black outfits are our main, number one go-to. They’re flattering and easy to put together. But if you’re worried about looking a little boring (or like you’re on your way to a funeral), we have nine ways to spice up your monochromatic looks.

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An all-black outfit is the perfect palette for standout accessories. Maybe you’re not into wearing a leopard print dress, but a chic leopard clutch is an excellent way to inject a little fun into a simple look. If ever there were a time to parade your favorite statement bag, this is it.


Bags aren’t the only accessory that can elevate black clothes. A silk scarf tied tight around your neck can be the cherry on top of your favorite look (without forcing you to get too far out of your neutral-color comfort zone).

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Yes, her belt says “Goodbye” in giant letters, but you get the point. Adding a metallic or colored belt works for two reasons: First, it’s a chic touch that pops on an all-black background. Second, it adds extra slimming power to an already flattering color palette.

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Noticing a theme? When it comes to making an all-black outfit interesting, accessories are your best friends. Black pants and a black coat get the street-style-star treatment with cool lace-up heels. Something to note: Statement shoes don’t have to mean statement heels. Your most rad pair of sneakers would look equally great here.


There’s nothing wrong with an all-black outfit that happens to be all cotton as well, but try mixing it up with an unexpected fabric like leather, suede or faux fur every now and then.

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Voluminous tops with tight bottoms. Wide legs with snug blouses. The key to keeping things interesting with a monochromatic look often comes down to how you balance out the silhouette.


At first glance, this is a pretty standard (albeit stylish) combination. Look a little closer, though, and swoon over the mesh top peeking out from the top of her blazer. All black can sometimes seem stiff and buttoned-up, but subtly sexy details like this keep it current and cool (but still appropriate).

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More on proportions: If you’re wearing a mini skirt or dress (this goes for most colors, not just black), keep the overall fit on the looser side to avoid veering into clubbing territory.


See that cool fringe? Subtle details like this are the difference between a run-of-the-mill ensemble and one that will have everyone asking where you got your pants.


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Gap CEO Responds To 5-Year-Old Who Requested 'Cool Girls' Shirts'

Earlier this month, Beth Jacob’s 5-year-old daughter, Alice, noticed the shirts at the Gap Inc. with superheroes and “Star Wars” characters were only available in the boys’ section. She wrote to the company to request “cool girls’ shirts” and received a personal response from the company’s CEO with exciting news.

After Beth wrote about her daughter’s letter for The Washington Post, someone at the Gap found her information on LinkedIn and reached out to her to let her know the company couldn’t find it. With Beth’s help, the letter was located and shortly after she and Alice received an email from Jeff Kirwan, CEO and president of the Gap brand. 

In his email correspondence with Beth and Alice, which The Huffington Post obtained, Kirwan wrote that the 5-year-old sounds like a “really cool kid with a great sense of style.” He then told her that he spoke with his designers so the company could start working on more options:

At GapKids, we try to always offer a wide range of styles and choices for girls and boys. This includes a selection of girls’ tees with dinosaurs, fire trucks, sharks, footballs and some of our superheroes. Our latest Disney Collection, Beauty and the Beast, is also all about the strength and bravery of girls and that’s something that’s really important to us.

But, you are right, I think we can do a better job offering even more choices that appeal to everyone. I’ve talked with our designers and we’re going to work on even more fun stuff that I think you’ll like.  

Kirwan ended the email telling Alice that he was sending her some of his favorite shirts from the Gap ― including a shirt with Rey from “Star Wars” on it ― and told her to let him know what she thought. Beth helped Alice respond to the email so she could thank Kirwan. 

“Thank you for those clothes and the letter,” she wrote. “It made me feel good. The Rey shirt is pretty cool. I’m going to wear it to school tomorrow.”

Beth told HuffPost she was “taken aback” when she first read the email. 

“They know this could and likely would be made public,” she said. “And Kirwan doesn’t just acknowledge they have work to do, he says outright that he’s asked his design team to get started.”

She also responded to Kirwan via email to thank him and discuss how they could work together to help other kids learn that their voices matter. 

“It[’s] not just about T-shirts, is it?” she wrote. “You and I, we’ve got a chance to show kids everywhere that all big changes start small.”

The proud mom and the CEO continued expressing their appreciation in a short email exchange. Beth joked to HuffPost that they are now “pen pals.” She also said Alice is “delighted” to know her letter made a difference. 

“Last night I was talking to her at bedtime and I asked her what’s important about that. I said, ‘What did you learn about why writing that letter was important?’” Beth said. “And she threw her arms back and said, ‘Speak up!’”

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