Tuesday Roll Call, 8/8 – 4-H edition

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Anyone here have kids in 4-H? It’s that time of year where county fairs have been or are now being held. My kids were in 4-H all 10 years (including a couple of years of what they call Explorer 4-H or Mini-4H here when they were very young). I was always amazed by the projects the 4-H kids would present. I think it’s a great experience for them.

However, since it was the first year in TWELVE years we didn’t HAVE to go to the fair for an event, dh and I did not go. Maybe we’ll return next year.

So, those of you with 4-Hers, what projects did they do? How did they fare in judging? (See what I did just there….:p).

What else is new? or on-going and making progress?

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