Wednesday Roll Call, 4/19

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Good day, gang! Did everyone make the tax deadline this week? I’m sure the planners (of which I am one) had them done weeks ago! I absolutely HATE having that loom over my head every year.

Things here are moving along. I have next year’s homeschool geometry class about a third of the way planned (told you I was a planner). So excited to be doing it in addition to algebra next year.

College kids are finishing up the year. DS will be home in 2.5 weeks, then he’s off to a mini-computer programming internships for 3 weeks in Indianapolis. He’ll come home afterwards and work the programming and restaurant jobs he had in high school. DD will be home in 3 weeks, then home for 2 weeks. Then she’s off to Dublin for a 6 week writing workshop abroad. I’m excited and proud of her, but also very anxious. I’m sure she’ll be fine–she’s part of a group from her university, so it’s not like she’s all alone. I’m so glad to have them home soon, even if it’s only part of the summer.

Personally, my foot and knee injuries are very much better, and I wasincreasing my mileage. Until a strange heart arrythmia kicked in last week. It occasionally goes into a rapid mode only when I’m exercising, making it hard to breathe (which can be a bit disconcerting, especially while swimming). But it’s not all the time. So…’s off for the series of cardiac tests; already had the EKG and now have to schedule stress tests, echo-cardiograms, holtor monitor, etc. Grrrr…. On the plus side, the doctor still wants me to still keep exercising (carefully), so at least I haven’t been sidelined! Silver lining! 😀

So those of you who don’t homeschool year round, do you have a stop date selected? Do your kids (or YOU) do a countdown?? :p

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