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I’ve been looking at curriculum so much that I’m starting to get a little cross eyed. This has been our first year homeschooling with my 3rd grader. We have been doing math, fact fluency, spelling, and reading skills on Moby Max. Science, I have tried to loosely base on our monthly subscription to Tinker crate. grammar on IXL (though I don’t really like that one). And writing, I’ve been trying to piece together, but it’s a struggle and I haven’t found a good resource.

It’s been kind of a fluid approach as I run a doula business and teach a couple of yoga classes as well. Next year, however, I will be tossing my 3 year old twins into the mix (they did a montessori program this year, but we can’t afford to continue it). So I’m really needing something a little more open and go, and also a little more structured so that I can easily make sure that everyone is getting what they need.

For my oldest, he is an excellent reader, but a terrible speller and writing is very difficult for him (he’s probably writing at a late 1st/early 2nd grade level). He loves and learns science easily. And has a good mind for math, as long as he doesn’t get lazy. I have been neglectful of anything social studies/geography/history related this year.

For the twins, play based with a focus on social emotional skills, weaving in the basics (colors, shapes, vocabulary building, name recognition, etc).

For all of them, I want a progressive curriculum in which my kids can begin to understand that there is a wide variety of perspectives in the world, and how to be sensitive to others. I’m big on social justice.

I really like the idea of oak meadow or global village, but I just can’t afford the cost of those programs. Discovery K12 seems like an easy to acheive solution for my oldest, though I sort of cringe at the idea of all of his learning being at the computer. I also liked the Intellego unit studies, but then I would need to add in math and language arts. I have a friend who uses and likes the Build Your Library program.

Anyway, I would love some input or suggestions. I’m just feeling so lost and overwhelmed by everything.

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