20 Best Men’s Underwear Brands in 2022, According to Style Experts

best underwear brands for men

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EVEN THE most stylish men tend to put little thought into their underwear choices. We could spend hours or even weeks mulling over a pair of jeans or a winter coat, but when it comes to our boxers, thermal underwear, and boxer briefs, most guys only care that they get the job done. That perspective is overlooking all the research and development put in by the best underwear brands for men. The men’s underwear market claims as many modern fabric developments and design innovations as the outerwear market.

You will probably wear a pair of underwear more often than most other items in your wardrobe, so they deserve some careful consideration. If you examine your existing collection, you probably have a couple pairs that you tend to grab whenever they’re available. You’ve also got some pairs that only ever see action when laundry day has been put off as long as possible. Think about the attributes of those go-tos that make them so dependable and the attributes that make you avoid those other ones. That will give you a good idea of what makes a good pair of underwear for you.

So if you’re now rethinking your unmentionables collection, maybe even shifting around in your seat a little as you read this, we’ve got you covered. We assembled this list of the best menswear brands that are making the best mens underwear in the world right now. There are some classic household names mixed with some new brands dedicated to the underwear game but they’ve all got a unique spin on a seemingly ubiquitous category. Whether you’re living loosely in boxers, keeping it all stowed away in briefs, or prefer somewhere in between, this list has got you covered.

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