22 Best Homecoming Themes for a Memorable Dance


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Courtney Chavez

School is officially back in session, which means the first big night of the school year is otw. That’s right. It’s almost homecoming season. As the first formal event of the school year, homecoming sets the tone and lets everyone, from the shyest freshman to the most confident seniors counting down the days until graduation, know that the homecoming committee came to slay. There are so many details that go into planning the perfect dance, starting with choosing the perfect homecoming theme.

Finding the right homecoming theme is more than just telling everyone to show up wearing specific colors. It’s a thoughtful process that considers so many different factors. Will your theme be based on your school’s mascot? Is there a viral trend that’s blowing up on your TikTok FYP? Is there a movie or a time period that you want to recreate? Do you want to send a meaningful and inspiring message now that all your school activities are in-person full-time for the first time since the pandemic? Once you check off all those boxes, then you have to think about fun things like picking the right tableware and what you’ll be gifting as party favors, choosing between a DJ or a curated Spotify playlist, and picking out the perfect backdrop that will have everyone posting the most savage Instagram captions.

No matter what your homecoming theme inspo is, the best part of the preparation process is doing your best to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and has the best night ever. Perhaps your homecoming committee already started planning for the big night. Or maybe you’re still looking for the perfect suggestion to make this the biggest night of the school year. Either way, get ready to be the talk of the school after you check out this list of homecoming themes that will help you create the most memorable night ever.

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There’s No Place Like Homecoming

Between the glamorous backdrop of the 1920’s and the beautifully tragic love story, it’s no wonder The Great Gatsby is a go-to theme. Make it a costume party with flapper-inspired fashion, or let the decorations do the talking. Either way, don’t skimp on the gold, balloons and sparkling cider, Old Sport!

What you need:

Latex Pearlized Balloons, Gold, 12in, 72ct, $11, Walmart.com

Great Gatsby Art Deco Welcome To The Party Sign, $6, Etsy.com

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