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The white elephant game is a time-honored tradition in which participants each bring a wrapped gift to a holiday party and then fight over them. The type of gift ranges from funny gifts, to sometimes earnest gifts, to even shitty-on-purpose gifts. The wrapped gifts are put in a pile, anonymously, so you don’t know who brought what. Participants draw numbers, and participant number one selects a gift from the pile and unwraps it. Each participant afterward then decides if they’re going to steal an already-unwrapped gift from someone else or choose their own wrapped gift from the pile to open. The game continues with mad swapping and stealing of gifts.

Those are the general rules; it’s like Secret Santa, but more villainous. Things get strange. And luckily for you, you really don’t have to overthink what gift you’re going to contribute, since it’s all weird junk anyway. Even better, none of it has to cost much money at all. Cheap is the way to go. So if your office, book club, or drinking buddies want to do a white elephant game this year, here’s a selection of 35 gift ideas under $20 that will spark hilarity, disgust, and jealousy. Most of these are gags, but there are a few worth competing over.

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