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Could a “Descendants 4 be in the works? Never say never!

Disney Channel has yet to comment on the future of the fan-favorite franchise, and unlike past installments, the third (and seemingly final) flick didn’t end with the reassuring “You didn’t think this was the end of the story, did you?” line. However, the cast isn’t necessarily ruling anything out.

Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and Mitchell Hope have all hinted that there might be more to the story…

1. Dove said that that while she can’t confirm anything for sure, a D4 isn’t entirely out of the question. “I do think there is a world where that happens…I don’t love the idea of doing it without Cameron [Boyce, who tragically passed away in July]. I don’t know what the plot would be and I don’t know what it would look like…But I also love the franchise and I love [director] Kenny [Ortega], and I love Disney and I love that cast. I loved that time in my life.”

2. She also hinted that there may or may not be a spin-off on the horizon! “I think it would be smart to do maybe a spin-off with maybe the younger characters…Disney has been very specific about saying that this world doesn’t really ever end, it goes on forever and the possibilities are endless…Also, I may or may not have heard something about something that I might be doing involving the franchise. I would never say that it’s over, but I also would never confirm anything at this time. I would be open to doing more.”

3. Sofia was vague in an interview, but left fans with hope that they might see more of Evie in the future. “The Descendants franchise changed all of our lives. I don’t think any of us can imagine it without Cameron…Who knows what the future holds.”

4. Mitchell expressed his love for Ben and explained that there’s always a chance that the story could continue. “It’s a great franchise, and it was a lot of fun to be a part of. There’s a few things that…There’s always a chance on the horizon. I’d be excited to do it…At this point, I haven’t heard anything but I love playing Ben. He’s just such a pure, benevolent character and it always make me feel nice, kind of changes of my behavior…When you play a character, you kind of subconsciously start adopting a few of those traits, so it was always really nice playing Ben.

Dove shared the emotional goodbye that the cast had with the set! Here’s exactly what happened.

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