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Hello everyone we had the chance to interview Abhishek Tomar who is a content creator. Abhishek has a strong passion for creating content. Most of his content he creates is on instagram.

Being a youtube content creator is a big thing in this generation, being a content creator for social media has paved it’s way into becoming an actual job which is so amazing.

Abhishek currently has 4.7k followers on instagram. Make sure you check out his page and show him support.

How old are you? 

I am 18 y/o will turn 19 this New year.

You’re a content creator what type of content do you create?

I create content related to fashion for boys.

You have a pretty cool Instagram page how do you come up with all of these cool photos?

Instagram has became like a routine in my day to day life . I try different poses and angles and my younger brother clicks my most of the pictures and rest of the picture is completed by editing.

What are plans for the future? 

I do not think of far future or reaching at a particular place in my life as the definition of as success changes daily in the life of an individual. I just believe in learning something new each day.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

I just want to tell them that don’t focus on the number of followers and likes.The number doesn’t matter. Do hardwork daily and post good content and surely the results will follow. Don’t give up even you face failures as they teach us the best lessons in our lives.

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