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So, you’re already behind on shopping for your favorite Aquarius‘ bday and you’re totally stuck on what to give your water-bearer friend/family member/S.O. (Not to be confused with water signAquarius is an air sign, and you better not get it twisted.) But have no fear, I’m here to present you with a handy Aquarius gift guide. Hold your applause, please.

In case you need a refresher on what those born between January 21 and February 19 are all about, Aquarians are assertive, analytical, and independent. A triple threat of strength! They’re also a bit stubborn, but they don’t sweat the small stuff, so they’ll only reveal that side of their personality if you push their buttons. As sociable air signs, they love to be with their friends, but beware when their social battery runs out. Aquarians are extremely interested in exploring, whether it be through trying new food or visiting a place they’ve never been before. Basically, they’re a balance of fierce/independent and easygoing/open-minded, which sounds confusing until you know them. They’re truly one of a kind—in fact, Aquarius is sometimes called the “weirdo” of the zodiac. That’s a good thing, promise.

Aquarius is associated with science and technology, creativity, and humanitarianism, so your Aquarius friend likely has wide-ranging interests, from creating makeup looks to inventing new social media platforms to fundraising for causes close to their hearts. See, Aquariuses are pretty easy to shop for thanks to their many different moods and various interests. Lucky you! Here, you’ll find fun tech toys, like a selfie light, plus items that’ll help them relax, like a metallic bath bomb. Read on for some bday gift ideas Aquarius will love.

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A “Sex Things” Pouch

Sex Things Pouch

This “sex things” pouch speaks to Aquarius’ practicality and their sense of humor.  


A Sexy Book

Cosmo’s Zodiac Sex: The Hottest Sex Positions for Every Astrological Sign

Hearst Home


Inventive Aquarius will want to try every single position in this book. 


A Personalized Candle

February Sixteenth Candle

Help your Aqua friend find out more about their unique bday with a personalized birthdate candle.


A Book of Cocktail Recipes

The Mixology of Astrology : Cosmic Cocktail Recipes for Every Sign

Aliza Kelly


Aquarians are all about their friends, so this cosmic-themed cocktail book will make their heart sing. It’s full of drinks created with each sign in mind—recipes include the basics, like rum and coke, and creative cocktails, like a tequila hot chocolate. You’ll probably reap the benefits of this gift, if we’re being honest. 🍸


A T-shirt

“I Legit Don’t Care” Tee

Aquariuses are fiercely independent, but their friendly dispositions can sometimes make people forget they need their space. This shirt = the perfect reminder.


Face Masks


It’s in Aquarius’ nature to want to work for the common good, like by wearing a face mask to stop the spread of COVID. Bonus: They look cool.


A Speaker

Touch Bluetooth Speaker With Waterproof Case

Since Aquarius probably hosts all your crew’s parties, the least you can do is buy them a good Bluetooth speaker to say thanks. This ultra-compact music device has a touch screen, two weeks of battery life, and a super-cute rose-gold finish.


Threads of Fate Weaver Tarot Journeyer Edition



Your Aqua friend has an ~intuitive side~. Help ’em nurture it with a gorgeous tarot deck. 


The Astro 2021 Calendar

If your Aquarius friend is into astrology, help ’em keep track of every Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde.


A Jewelry Box

Vegan Leather Jewelry Box

Ecotech Luggage
West Elm


Chances are, your Aquarius bestie is always traveling. Help them stay organized while on the go with this travel jewelry box. It is made of vegan leather and has a ton of different compartments so that every beloved accessory has its own place.


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A Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light

Urban Outfitters


Your Aquarius pal is all about technology, so boost their selfie game with this super-convenient phone gadget. The ring light creates picture-perfect lighting, so their Insta will be popping off. Fingers crossed they let you borrow it.


A Cool Hoodie

Les Salines Hoodie



Avant-garde and also comfy? Sounds like it belongs in an Aquarius’ closet. 


A Camera

Instax Mini 9 Ice Blue Instant Camera

Aquarius is all about tech, and this Polaroid camera combines their love of innovation with their fondness for their friends. (Okay, fine, this “innovation” is actually quite retro, but roll with it.) They’ll be whipping this out at every party from now on.


Unique Wall Art

Macrame Wall Hanging “Flow”



Aquarians are obsessed with being ~unique~, which means one-of-a-kind artwork is perfect for their pad.


An Eyeshadow Palette

Juvia’s Place The Warrior III Eyeshadow Palette

Juvia’s Place


Imaginative Aquarius’ makeup tastes tend towards the uber-creative, so give them some new tools to help create their next piece of wearable art. 


A Bath Bomb

Metallic Bath Bomb



After a heavy dose of friend time, Aquarians hit a wall and need to be alone. When that moment comes, they’ll love the colorful relaxation of this metallic bath bomb. I’m willing to bet you’ll be the first pal they call when they’re ready for human contact again.


A Passport Case

Leather Passport Case

Pottery Barn


Help an Aquarius plan their next big trip (whenever that is) with a sophisticated passport case. This design has four pockets and two compartments (in other words, a ton of sleek storage space), so you won’t have to worry about them getting trapped in Norway because they misplaced their second form of ID.


A Poster

Man Ray Exhibition Poster



Those born under Aquarius have an innate appreciation for art, and the funkier, the better. This poster has a one-of-a-kind vibe but with a price tag that won’t hurt the budget too badly.


A Soy Candle

Be The Change Soy Candle


Aquarius is known for humanitarianism, so an inspirational gift that encourages them to take action is the perf thing.


An Aquarius Print

Aquarius Zodiac Room Art



This print was inspired by Aquarius’ traits—see if they can decode them all. 


Monogrammed Coasters

Custom Personalized Monogram Hexagon Marble Coaster Set of 2

Aquarius is one of a kind, so they love all things monogrammed. This chic coaster will serve as a visual reminder that your Aquarius is their own person. Don’t be surprised if they start bringing it to other people’s parties. 


Cocktail Sugar Cubes


This treat will tickle Aquarius’ scientific side—drop one of these sugar cubes into a shot of liquor to make a quick and easy cocktail.

Aquarians usually have a lot on their plate, so anything you can do to ease their stress is a win. They can use this bag for trips, walks, or just a regular Wednesday.


A Moon Light

Moon Lamp Night Light

This lunar night-light casts a gorgeous moody glow and has nearly 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Aquariuses will love this edgy piece of decor.


A Catchall Holder

Gold Gilded Mint Leaf Green Concrete Hands Catchall



Whether they’re storing rings, pennies, or acorns, this catchall holder appeals to Aquarius’ creative sensibilities.


A Mug

Sarcastic Women Ceramic Mugs



The sassy side of Aquarius is always simmering just below the surface, especially before they’ve had their coffee. This mug embodies their pre–9 a.m. mood.


A Game

For the Girls Adult Party Game

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters


Spice up Aquarius’s next girls’ night with this saucy card game. It’s like a grown-up version of Truth or Dare, and it’ll help you and the gang bond on a deeper level, which Aquarius loves.


A Card

Thank You Greeting Card- Bobby Pins



Sure, Aquarius has a reputation for being aloof, but they’d still a card that shows their friends know the ~real them~.


A Travel Charm

Handmade Gold Airplane Necklace



Your Aquarius friend is probably missing being able to travel! This dainty piece reminds them that they’ll be on planes for fun again, someday.


An Art Print

Lars Botten Les Dents De La Mer Art Print

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters


The sexy mystery of this print is perfect for Aquarius. Is the model someone they know? What’s her story? Where can they find that pool? They’ll love daydreaming about it.


A Creative Game

Questions to Start Great Conversations (10th Anniversary Edition)



Aquarius loves hosting parties, but it can be a lot of pressure to make sure good convo is flowing at all times. TableTopics can be their secret weapon. It might seem a bit corny at first, but they’ll love the game’s creative prompts.


A Sparkly Phone Case

Unicorn Sparkle iPhone Case

Your Aquarius pal is probably addicted to their phone (I mean, same), so help them decorate their favorite accessory.


A Journal For All Their Thoughts

Aquarius Journal



No Aquarius gift guide would be complete without the perfect journal. They’ll use it to jot down ev-er-y-thing, including memories from their epic travels.


Unique Earrings

Arched Seasons – Enclosed Beetle Wing Earrings



Inspired by beetle wings, these earrings will appeal to Aquarius’ creativity and love of science.

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