Are we on the right track?

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We are homeschooling, that is certain, I’m just trying to make sure we are on the right path.
I have been working with my preschooler by showing her words and having her find the matching letters to complete the spelling. I have been trying to get her to copy letters,(that has been fun), and I am letting her play. We love being outdoors and if we come across an insect, a feather or anything else that may catch our interest, I will explain to her what it is and it’s purpose or if I’m not sure….we will look it up either online or in a book. Sometimes my kiddo isn’t all for the learning aspect of it, however, I’m trying to help her gain knowledge without even realizing that she is learning.
I guess I am just looking for suggestions, and/or some positive feedback to let me know that we are doing just fine. Thanks so much

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