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Running After Her Goals. Lina The Track And Field Star.

Hello everyone. We had the chance to interview the amazing Lina. Lina has a interest for Running. She is nineteen years old. She participates in Track and Field at the University of Physical Education. Lina is a very talented runner who has big plans for herself. She is a dual threat because she is balancing her education and sports at the same time, that shows her commitment to craft. She is definitely a good person for teenage girls around her age to look up to as a role model. We hope nothing but the best for her because we know she has the potential do do amazing things and go far far in life. Make sure you check out her instagram page. She currently has 8.1k followers lets try to get her to 9k.

How old are you?

I’m nineteen years old.

You participate in Track and Field. What events do you run?

Yes, I do athletics.  I’m running a sprint, specifically 100 and 200 meters.

What are some of your goals in the future for track?

I study at the University of Physical Education, namely a track and field coach, so I’ve connected my whole life with it.

What’s your favorite race you’ve ever ran?

Every competition is important to me.

How far would you like to go with track and why?

As an athlete I plan to finish my activity, but as a coach I want to go to the end.

What are some of your major goals for your life in the future?

Bring up a sports generation, open your own fitness center.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

Never give up and do not lose heart!  everything will turn out if you really want this, well, you need work above oneself.

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Lexie Amber The Child Model & Actress

Lexie Amber The 13-Year-Old Child Model

Lexie Amber the 13-year-old that is leading the way in her field of modeling and acting, she is trying to help and inspire those through modeling and acting. Everyone be sure to check out and share her story.

Lexie has around 1.7k followers on Instagram, everyone make sure you go give her a follow if you don’t already! 

We got the chance to interview her, here are a few things she had to say.

How old are you? 

I’m 13.

How’d you get into modeling?

I got in to modelling at 9 years old when my mum thought I was photogenic and sent off my photos to some agencies.

Who do you wish you could possibly work with?

I would love to do a shoot with a girl called Ashanti @ashantiga she it is a young footballer and I would love to be a pro footballer one day. 

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to carry on modeling but my ultimate dream is to become a women’s pro footballer. 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice is always support each other. The industry is a big place and there is space for us all. 

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