Bella Rose: The Teen Actor

Hello everyone we recently had the chance to interview Bella Rose. Bella is a teen actor who is starting to find her way and making some pretty big moves.

Bella Rose currently has 11.6k followers on instagram. Make sure you checkout her page and show her some love.

How old are you?

I am 13 years old

What are some of your favorite things you have acted in?

I have had so many wonderful experiences on set, but the most fun has been filming children’s TV like, being a Lego presenter on Cartoon Network where I spent a day playing with Lego whilst filming; dancing on a green screen to create music videos for Imagination Train which aired on GO!TV; presenting from a theme park for Crocamole and ziplining through in an adventure park for live action game show Gamify.

Who do you look up to as an actress?

Margot Robbie, she is from Queensland Australia where I live, started her acting career on Neighbours (which is something I would like to do), and is an award winning actress with her own production company, she also does an impressive amount of charity work.

I am so inspired by Margot, and feel she is an ordinary girl who chased her dreams and with lots of support from her family and hard work has achieved so much.

What are some of your plans for the future?

I aspire to be a working everyday actress, my dream would be to work on an Australian TV series like Neighbours or Home and Away, this is the ultimate start to a career in Australian TV and has been the proven launch pad for so many Australian actresses. 

I plan to keep training, and working on smaller projects to prove to the casting and production teams that I am prepared for such a busy, fast paced filming environment.

But first I need to finish high school, I have about four years before I am old enough to start full time work.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

Book some acting classes and then volunteer to act in projects created by Film and TV students at schools, colleges and universities. 

The best part of these jobs are the people you meet, the students who are the next generation of the film industry – future directors, producers, casting agents, and film crew. 

No matter how small the student film project role get involved, be grateful for the “acting” opportunity, the students will remember you.

Also look for the bigger volunteer projects like community theatre, they are bigger because there is more commitment for rehearsals, but in return you get great training, performance experience and again meet your local creative community. 

If you don’t live near film schools, create your own projects, write scripts, rustle up your friends and start creating.  You are never too young to chase your dreams.

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