Brayden Maniago The Young Actor & Model

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview 16 year old young actor & model Bradyen Maniago. He is leading the way in his field by achieving lots of great stuff. For example he had the chance to be featured on teens react.

He had currently has 16.9k followers on instagram. Make sure you checkout his page and show him some love. Also check him out on teens react.

How old are you? 


You had the chance to be on teens react. What was that like?

Being on teens react is a special experience because of the honest nature. I am personally an actor, and typically you’d play a character written by another artist. On teens react, you are being your genuine self. There is no stress when doing teens react, and it’s extremely fun to do.

You have a YouTube page. What kind of videos do you post? 

I do have a YouTube page, but I’ve been working on it so I can produce the best content possible. I will post many types of videos such as vlogs and skits. It will be about positivity and hopefully help someone smile when they’re down. 

What are some of your plans for the future?

My main focus is being an actor, but I’ve been into writing recently. Specifically screenwriting. There is a type of art when screenwriting that I believe is under appreciated, and I’d like to write and star in those movies.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

There’s a lot of social pressure for this generation. There are many negative comments that can be forced onto you, but it’s your job not to give in. Work on yourself as much as possible so you can understand who you are before truly believing any external comments. Another thing is have a good work ethic. You can have all the talent in the world but it can only get you so far without persistence and hard work.

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