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2019 NBA Mid-Level Exception Tracker

The Mid-Level Exception is a resource that teams over the salary cap have to add additional talent. The standard MLE allows for contracts of up to four years with raises of 5%.

If a franchise is currently a taxpayer or projects to be over the luxury tax line at any point during the season, they only have access to the taxpayer’s mid-level exception. This version of the MLE comes with 5% raises but has a much smaller starting salary and can only be used to offer players at most three-year deals.

Year Non-Taxpayer MLE Taxpayer MLE
2019-20 $9,258,000 $5,718,000
2020-21 $9,720,900 $6,003,900
2021-22 $10,183,800 $6,289,800
2022-23 $10,646,700
Total $39,809,400 $18,011,700

Let’s take a look at how teams have used the mid-level exception this offseason. This post will be updated as franchises make additional moves.

(Note: Teams have the ability to split up their MLE on several players as the Raptors did recently).

Team Player Years Total Status
DET Derrick Rose 2 $15.0M Non
MEM Tyus Jones 3 $26.5M Non
MIA KZ Okpala 3 $4.2M Non
ORL Al-Farouq Aminu 3 $29.1M Non
POR Rodney Hood 2 $11.7M Tax
SAS Marcus Morris* 2 $19.0M Non
TOR Patrick McCaw 2 $8.0M Non
Stanley Johnson 2 $7.4M Non
Matt Thomas 3 $4.2M Non
WAS Ish Smith 2 $12.0M Non

Non = Non-Taxpayers’ MLE
Tax = Taxpayers’ MLE

*Morris has not yet signed his deal with the Spurs and is reportedly not fully committed to it.

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Jordan Stevens Was CLOWNING at the Drew League!! Askia Booker Hit a CRAZY Game Winner… AGAIN!!!

Division 2 Guard Jordan Stevens put on a show with MHP along with the dangerous sharp shooter duo Askia Booker against Black Pearl Elite.

Jordan Stevens finished the game with 25 points
Askia Booker finished with 27 points with the game winner

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