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How to lose weight: Mum sheds HALF her body fat – look at her transformation

At her heaviest, Heather Jackson struggled to do the buckle on her shoes when she weighed 20st.

Before her journey, the 33-year-old gorged on a diet which consisted of greasy takeaways and chips.

Then after she was unable to fasten her own shoe during a friend’s wedding, the former baker began her transformation.

Now after dropping half her body fat, Heather weighs a healthy 10st – with the help of .

“That wedding was a real lightbulb moment for me”

Heather Jackson

She said: “That wedding was a real lightbulb moment for me. I tried with all my might to do up the buckle, but it was no use.

“It made me so breathless that my friend had to help and I felt utterly humiliated. In that moment, I knew I needed to make a change.

“It was deeply upsetting, but it was the reality check I needed. I knew my weight was out of control, but I just kept ignoring it.

“I’d always told myself weight didn’t matter, but when I realised I could no longer perform basic tasks, I knew I was on a downward slope.

“I couldn’t help but wonder what would be next, if I was already struggling to fasten my shoes. I felt terrified at the thought of being dependent on other people for everyday tasks.”

Heather Jackson before her weight loss transformation with Slimming World

BEFORE: Heather Jackson tipped the scales at 20st (Pic: CAVENDISH PRESS)

Heather tried cutting back on snacking and even attempted to diet using a meal replacement plan.

Then after nothing worked, she lost 8lbs within a week of joining Slimming World.

She swapped her unhealthy lunches for a ham salad sandwich, as well as her greasy takeaways for lean steaks.

Heather said: “I was amazed by how easy it had been. Food had always been a big love for me, and I’d always worried I’d feel I was cutting my favourite things out completely when I eventually started dieting.

“But in fact, in that first week I’d eaten so much food that I worried I had put on weight. I was amazed when I realised how much I’d lost, and it made me all the more determined to keep going. I’d lost so much weight that I’d even dropped two shoe sizes, so I sold my entire collection of shoes on eBay.

“I treated myself to some gorgeous new pairs with the money I made from them and beamed with pride at my new wardrobe. Being able to shop on the high street for the first time in my life was amazing, and when I was asked to model some vintage clothing in a fashion show it felt like a dream come true.”

Heather Jackson before and after her weight loss transformation with Slimming World

TRANSFORMATION: The 33-year-old dropped half her body weight (Pic: CAVENDISH PRESS)

Heather Jackson after her weight loss transformation with Slimming World

SLIMMING WORLD: The former baker joined the group in a bid to lose weight (Pic: CAVENDISH PRESS)

Now Heather holds her own Slimming World group and is a full-time consultant, taking on four weekly classes.

She concluded: “I have over 200 members and it makes me so happy to know I can help other people turn their lives around.

“I have so much energy I even climbed Mount Snowdon. I spent so many years overweight, but now I am over the moon with the new me.”

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Post-pregnancy body: Mum flaunts abs just TWO weeks after giving birth

Just a few weeks ago, Nicole Knight gave birth to her second baby, a daughter named Zephi.

The mum of two – who has almost 19k followers on Instagram – regularly shared updates on her pregnancy with her followers before giving birth.

In a candid transformation, the mum from Queensland, Australia, showcased how exercise had impacted her body before, during and after labour.

Writing on Instagram, the stunning brunette said: “I’m feeling pretty good since I’ve got back into training, slowly regaining my fitness and strength.

“I am still four kilos heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight – scales really don’t mean anything as weight is distributed differently through our bodies throughout different experiences.”

“I’m feeling pretty good since I’ve got back into training”

Nicole Knight

The 25-year-old then included a video alongside the photos that showcased her excess skin.

She continued: “I’ve included a video to show what the photos don’t. After carrying two babies I still have a lot of excess skin – and it will most likely stick around forever.

“A little bit of excess skin for two beautiful babies is a pretty fair trade.”

Speaking to FEMAIL, Nicole – who also has a son named Aspen – revealed how she got into shape following her pregnancy.

She said: “Before falling pregnant I would workout 3-5 times a week doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

“During my pregnancy, I continued to stay active and would still aim to exercise 3-5 times a week; whether it was a walk or a session at the gym.

“Exercise can do wonders for both physical health and your mental health. Even a quick 10-minute walk around the block can brighten your day.”

Nicole’s advice for other women who are struggling to accept their newfound body is to “admire yourself”.

She concluded: “Unfortunately post-baby, our bodies are forever changed, whether it be wider hips, a c-section scar, stretch marks or a lot of loose skin like me.

“But it is so important to be proud of these changes and be proud that your body created this new beautiful life.”

Earlier today, we revealed how .

Stuart Wood joined LighterLife in May 2018 after a recommendation from his friend.

Within the space of a few months, the 56-year-old went from 19st 4lbs to 14st 3lbs.

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