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Gore-Tex Responds to Rumors That Its Product Will Protect You From Coronavirus

Rumors that Gore-Tex—a waterproof and breathable fabric—can prevent you from catching coronavirus have been thriving online. While some of the reasoning about its effectiveness makes sense, the company has issued a press release stating otherwise.

“Gore has received many requests and would like to emphasize that Gore-Tex materials are not designed and engineered to provide sufficient airflow to support human respiration when used for ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products (including face masks) and have not been proven to be a viable option to protect against COVID-19,” the statement reads.

It continued, “GORE-TEX materials, and any end products made out of them including garments and gloves, DO NOT protect against airborne pathogens primarily acting through the respiratory tract, such as COVID-19.”

The company wrote that its fabrics division does supply products for first responders and those who are at the front lines of the global pandemic. It added that it’s aware of the shortage of PPE products that health care workers need, and the company is looking into how it can “contribute to both short and long-term solutions in the fight against COVID-19.”

Some have been claiming that Gore-Tex could thwart off the infection. While it seems people might be making these comments in jest, there are articles that suggest that Gore-Tex could be a suitable fabric to produce DIY face masks—and Gore-Tex does have medical applications

This week, one Twitter user even cited two points as to how the material could be preventative.

He first quoted Business Insider, which wrote, “When worn correctly, N95 respirators block out at least 95% of small airborne particles. So the respirators can filter out some droplets carrying coronavirus. The coronavirus itself measures between .05 and 0.2 microns in diameter, according to a recent article in The Lancet.”

He also shared information on the structure of Gore-Tex from Cameo, an online encyclopedia: “GORE-TEX has pore sizes of up to 0.2 micrometers. It is impermeable to any liquid such as water, solvents, acids, alkalis, bleaches, insecticides as well as bacteria, and viruses.”

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Sail Tumbled Leather And Suede Shine On The Nike SB Dunk High • KicksOnFire.com

2020 is destined to be a big year for Dunks, both SB and non-SB. With releases like the Viotechs, Travis Scotts, Syracuse and Kentucky colorways, there has been lots of heat dropping left and right. On deck today we bring you a new colorway of the Nike SB Dunk High which opts for a relatively neutral look. The high top version of the SB Dunk gets hit with a Sail/Beige upper done in tumbled leather on the side panels, toe and ankle, and suede overlays. Adding some spice to this colorway is Team Crimson which can be seen on the leather Swooshes, inner liner, and the rubber outsole. There isn’t an exact release date to announce yet but a drop is expected some time in June 2020. Keep it locked to Kicks On Fire for updates.

image: solebyjc

Available Now on Kixify & eBay

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Tana Mongeau Posts Underwear Selfie During Social Distancing

I’m gonna be honest: I really don’t need another “how were handling this” post from every brand I follow on Instagram. I don’t need the same coronavirus update blasted over and over again from every news outlet. What I do need? A little bit of positivity on my feed and queen of content Tana Mongeau is giving us just that.

The YouTuber is serving bawdy all over Instagram with a full carrousel of underwear pics. Did anyone ask for this? Probably not. But do you love to see it? Yes, yes, and yes.

Tana’s looking like a snack in these shots – that is not up for debate. However, I’d like to invite you to head over to her Instagram Stories for a side order of bootay. She posted a full butt shot, showing off her white thong.

tana mongeau thong


The initial pics were posted in collaboration with an underwear brand, but according to Tana’s caption, they did NOT approve this butt-focused photo. What can you say? Tana does what Tana wants.

Follow Kelsey on Instagram!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Streetwear Enthusiasts Making Fits While Quarantined

For Americans like David Rhee, this past week has been brutal. On top of the fact that he’s self quarantined at his home in Whittier, California, the 26-year-old SoCal native was unfortunately one of the thousands of Americans who have recently been laid off due to Coronavirus or the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many businesses to close.

But there was one thing that Rhee and his wife had to look forward to last Friday: the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons—a Nintendo Switch game that likely led to the console suddenly selling out like toilet paper last week. For those unfamiliar with the popular series of Nintendo games, Animal Crossing is a social-simulation game where the only goal is to simply live your best life inside a tranquil town filled with anthropomorphic characters. Unlike the real world, you can build your own house, pay off your mortgage with bells, and sustain an extravagant lifestyle by catching fish and hunting for fossils. So what was the first thing that came to Rhee’s mind? To digitally remake some of his most desired streetwear Grails and get these fits off in front of Tom Nook—a beloved character on Animal Crossing. 

“When I saw the creation tools in this game, that’s when my mind really started to race with ideas of what to make,” says Rhee, who’s designed replicas of over 40 pieces including Pastelle varsity jackets and several Supreme x The North Face collaborations. “With the game being a life-simulation game where you can do whatever you want, I also wanted to be able to wear whatever I want. If I can’t afford a $5,000 hoodie in real life, I’ll just make one for the game.”

Since New Horizons dropped last Friday, many players have been liberally using in-game design tools to create coveted pieces of streetwear. What started with users posting simple designs on Reddit and Twitter—such as Off-White shirts and Supreme box logos—has led to high fashion rips of Dior technical sweaters and archival Issey Miyake bomber jackets. “Animal Crossing is the new runway,” tweeted Grailed’s marketing director Lawrence Schlossman. And honestly, during this moment of self-isolation and lackluster #StayAtHome fit pics, we’re here for Animal Crossing fits. 

Rhee, who has a background in art and recently worked at a reprographics company, says making these Grails is a process of trial and error. Sometimes he finds pieces that are too intricate to simplify into a pixelated image, such as a Supreme x Wise racing jacket that Rhee owns in real life. If there are any annoying restrictions, it’s the fact that the game only lets a player design and save 50 pieces. But despite the game’s limitations, a community of Animal Crossing streetwear enthusiasts have started bubbling on Reddit and Twitter, which now boasts a popular hashtag #AnimalCrossingDesigns. And no one is currently out here trying to resell their streetwear in Animal Crossing. In fact, most gamers are just giving out QR Codes to download streetwear pieces they designed for free.

“This game certainly has a second life on Reddit and Twitter where people in the Animal Crossing community are always posting what they’ve created. This COVID-19 pandemic has given us, among other things, plenty of time to stay home and work on stuff,” says Rhee. “The great thing about the Animal Crossing community is that everyone freely shows off and encourages one another’s creativity.” 

We spoke to Rhee about the process behind creating streetwear on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Supreme Carpet Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image via David Rhee

How long have you been playing Animal Crossing? What do you enjoy the most about the series? 

My first Animal Crossing game was actually New Leaf for the 3DS. I probably started playing around 2013 when I was just looking for a new game to play. I’m the kind of scumbag gamer who really likes games that involve a lot of grinding and farming, so New Leaf was a ton of fun just earning bells by catching rare beetles and sharks over and over again. But I also really gravitated towards the creative community who used the game’s editor to create really ingenious outfits, patterns, flooring, and more. It was super cool to see what people could do within a 32 by 32 pixel art board, and this new game only took that to the next level with smart-smoothing and a ton more colors.

When did it click in your head that you wanted to make streetwear in Animal Crossing?

I made a couple box logos in New Leaf. Real ugly ones, too. Huge on the chest with ugly pixel-thin letters. It wasn’t until I really settled in my mind that the game came with its limitations. I then tried to work within those limitations, and at the same time, try to push them to the best of my ability. 

Animal Crossing Supreme x North Face Mountain Jacket Fall 2019
Image via David Rhee

How did you start designing these streetwear pieces in New Horizons? Did you fill it out by hand? Or did you use something else to help you? How long did it take to make each one and how many streetwear pieces have you designed so far?

For me, I think it started with an appreciation for streetwear, particularly when it came to colors, patterns, and variance. There are some very iconic streetwear pieces and “grails” in the culture. I wanted to recreate as many as I could to wear in the game. Now New Horizons does have its limitations. Some designs are too intricate to look any good in this game, but there are some that could work. A lot of it is trial and error, and  trying to simplify the designs as much as possible. From there, it involves a lot of Google image searching for reference photos, and then just hand painting each pixel. I have a background in drawing, painting, and graphic design so this was a fun challenge for me. Making box logo hoodies were really simple, but others were obviously much more complicated. My first real challenge was making an Supreme x The North Face Mountain Jacket from Fall 2017. That one took me almost an hour. But after I actually accomplished that one, I felt motivated to make more ambitious pieces like the Supreme Fur Nuptse jacket, and the BAPE Shark hoodies. Out of the 50 available Pro Design slots, I think I’ve taken up like 40 of them.

So I see you designed a Polo Snow Beach jacket, a Supreme Faux Fur jacket, and some Louis Vuitton pieces. Is all that just like wall art, or can you wear it too? 

Anything you see hung on a wall or on a mannequin is totally wearable, designed front and back. Some pieces you need to wear to show off the back, like the Supreme faux fur patchwork jacket, the Playboy varsity jacket, and the Pastelle jacket.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Supreme Kermit Streetwear
Image via David Rhee

Do you personally own any of these pieces that you made in real life? 

I only own the “Power Corruption and Lies” hoodie, and the “Fur” Supreme Nuptse, but only as a vest. I also have all the hats. I do have a decent archival Supreme collection I’ve made for myself, but unfortunately a lot of it just isn’t really transferable to this game. My biggest wish would be to transfer my Supreme x Wise racing jacket and my Supreme NCAA varsity jacket.

I don’t know how Animal Crossing works in terms of people talking to each other over the game. But can other users see you wear these pieces in the game? Or do you have to share it on social media to show it to others? 

There is a social aspect to this game, but people can’t just show up unannounced. You can invite your Switch friends or generate a code that allows other people to visit your island. But the biggest selling point in this game is the complete freedom to personally customize your living space for you and everyone else’s enjoyment. Anyone who visits sees exactly what you built and set up, from your outfits to your furnishing of the island. You can eventually get the ability to terraform your island, but I don’t have that unlocked yet.

Have you seen anyone try to buy and sell QR Codes for in-game streetwear? 

I haven’t seen anyone do that yet, no. Although maybe… haha, nope. I really hope that day never comes. For anyone interested in my designs, I haven’t unlocked the ability to share my catalogue, but follow me on Twitter for when I will. And I hope that what I’ve done just inspires other people to make even more, even crazier, things.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sneaker Wall Streetwear
Image via David Rhee


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Air Jordan 5 Top 3 Releasing In May • KicksOnFire.com

The standout Air Jordan 5 “Top 3” edition will make its debut in May, and it’s an exclusive variation of the silhouette which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Overall, this rendition incorporates OG Air Jordan 5 colorways: “Fire Red,” “Black Metallic,” and “Grape.” The thematic hues are executed throughout the shoe in different sections of its profile. The “Grape” theme in particular is prominent across the tongue, while “Fire Red” is evidenced throughout the midsole, and the “Black Metallic” finish adorns the majority of its profile.

Retailing for $200, look for this Air Jordan 5 at select Jordan Brand stores and online on May 30. Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 5 “Top 3” hub page now for everything you need to know about the sneaker and where to buy it online. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news, release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.

Images: koala_hsh

Available Now on Kixify & eBay

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Undefeated X Nike Air Max 90 Pacific Blue • KicksOnFire.com

Undefeated and Nike will be releasing yet another collaborative iteration of the Nike Air Max 90.

Dubbed the Undefeated X Nike Air Max 90 Pacific Blue, this Air 90 gets some minor modifications to create a newer and sleeker look. Changes include the silhouette’s mud flap being removed and making the hairy suede Swoosh on the side panels larger than normal. These two changes make the classic Air Max 90 into an Undefeated original. The tongue clip and back panel are hit with UNDEFEATED branding, while the Pacific Blue upper is accented by the contrasting hues on the toe box and heel tab region. 

Three different laces, a speckled midsole and icy outsole round out the main features of the shoe. The Undefeated X Nike Air Max 90 Pacific Blue will release on (Air Max Day 3/26) exclusively at Undefeated.com in TD, PS, GS and Men’s sizing.

via: Undefeated

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24 Best Sneaker Brands – Cute Sneaker Brands for Women

Sneakers are an essential in everyone’s closet. They used to be boring gray lace-ups reserved for volleyball practice, but now streetwear kicks are the shoe of choice for when you want to look Instagram-chic. In 2020, sneakerheads are wearing the shoe with every type of outfit – even to prom. Though sneakers are known for comfort, not every sneaker brand serves a cushy shoe. Well not when it comes to these brands.

These amazing sneaker brands have really kept their classic styles, but have modernized them over time, creating tons of trendy sneakers. No more “beauty is pain.” Try “beauty is painless.” From Nike, Vans, PUMA, and more – these are the best sneaker brands to shop.


Aura Shift Slip-On

The black and white checkered Vans will always be a classic sneaker, but the skate brand has expanded with cool ombre effects and even more fun prints (read: tie-dye).


Women’s Air Force 1

The sneaker that gives you instant cool factor, the Air Force 1. Pair with denim cutoffs and a crop top for full VSCO girl vibez – if you can get your hands on them, that is. 


Madox Sneakers in Natural Raffia

Dolce Vita


This a personal fav. I have been wearing Dolce Vita sneakers for a long time and I can attest to their greatness. The brand stocks the chicest sneaker styles and they’re always 10/10 comfy. 


Floral Chuck 70 Sneaker



A pair of Chucks is a classic shoe everyone should own. Converse continues to keep them looking modern and trendy, dropping cool prints and colors every 👏 single 👏 season 👏.   


Women’s Wool Runners



With a lightweight design and great comfort, there’s a reason Allbirds is a viral internet favorite. Just check the reviews – they really speak for themselves. 


Leopard Espadrille Sneaker



Superga has everyday sneakers ready to be worn for those summer days. From classic white to fun prints, they’ve got tons of laid-back iterations.


Basket Platform Metallic Fashion Sneaker

Puma has been around for forever, but their styles still continue to get better over time. I mean, look at these silver babies. They basically speak for themselves. 


Kinetic Sneakers



Another one of my all-time favorite sneaker brands (and as a fashion editor, that’s saying something). Sorel has super comfortable sneakers, plus they’re very lightweight.


Condor Mesh Light Grey Petale



A statement sneaker is always in. Pair this fun set with a bright floral dress for a casual, but put together look. 


Zig Kinetica Shoes



Let your sneakers do all the talking with this red lace-up. Pair and pair of Reeboks with a plain T-shirt, denim jacket, and joggers for an easy outfit.


Stan Smith Shoes

Adidas’ Stan Smith is the one of those timeless sneaker designs that are always trending. These are a classic for a reason.


Clifton L Sneaker



Sometimes running shoes can get a little boring, but this is NOT the case when it comes to Hoka. With sneakers this cute, you’ll actually want to go to the gym. 


Helium Knit Sneaker

Chinese Laundry


A gym shoe with a zip? Count me in! Chinese Laundry sneakers always boast cool details like mesh, animal prints, and cool, modern cuts. 





Adding a pair of Tretorns makes any outfit look more put together. They’re a go-with-everything classic with just the right amount of swag. 


Harrier Mirror Windsor Wine Suede Leather Sneakers

Gola sneakers are a great combo of sporty-meets-chic. With its suede/leather exterior these sneakers are quality pieces that will last you years.


Moccasin White Sneaker

Hollie Watman


This brand is Instagram famous for their swimwear, but their sneakers are just as stylish. These moccasin/sneaker hybrid is 100% worthy of an IG post.


Ombre Embroidered Sneaker



If you want a one-of-a-kind sneaker, Soludos is the sneaker brand to try. They have such fun prints and colors, but are famous for their unique embroidery. Talk about a true summer sneaker.


574 Sneakers

New Balance


New Balance has serious game! The bright color-blocking and classic styles will keep you looking so fierce (and crazy comfortable, too). 


Summer Eskimo Sneaker Hotfix



MOU has a one-of-a-kind look. Shop this brand if you’re looking for fashion-girl slip-ons that no one else in your clique will have. 


Canvas Platform Cordones Boardwalk Sneakers

For Toms, giving back is a huge part of their business. When you buy from them, you know you’re doing good for the world.


Avery Pro Leather



I own these exact kicks and give them a 10/10 for both comfort and style. They are water and slip resistant, so they’re a breeze to keep clean. 


Women’s Penley Sneaker



With a bow detailed lace-up, these Koolaburra sneakers are too cute NOT to wear. 


TechLoom Phantom



Pretty pastels and bold neons. Slip on a pair of APL sneaks to elevate your gym look or your date night fit. 


Women’s Champion Rainbow Foxing

A classic sneaker that will go with anything – that’s exactly what you’ll find when it comes to Keds. If you need outfit inspo, this sneak is a favorite of fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein

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Best Style Releases This Week: Supreme x Timberland, Stüssy x Nike & More

By now, everyone reading this should be safely self-isolating in their home to avoid COVID-19. If you are someone looking for a way to occupy your time, it might be the perfect moment to upgrade your wardrobe. We know. There’s no real reason to put on a new fit to sit inside, but just think about all of the events you’ll be attending once it’s OK to participate in group activities again that you’ll need to get fresh for?

This week has a ton of solid drops worth including Supreme’s latest collaboration with Timberland, a new collection from Stüssy and Nike, Noah’s collaboration with Frog Skateboards, 424’s SS20 range inspired by the cult classic American Psycho (watch it during quarantine if you haven’t yet), new goods from Kapital Kountry, and more.

Check out a detailed list of all of this week’s best style releases below.

Supreme x Timberland

Image via Supreme x Timberland

Release Date: March 26
Where to Buy It: supremenewyork.com
Price: TBD

Supreme’s latest work with Timberland consists of three patent leather colorways of the Euro Hiker Low, matching crewnecks that feature “Supreme” in Timberland’s recognizable font embroidered across the chest, and six-panel caps sporting the same logo. 

Richardson x Supreme T-shirt

Richardson x Supreme
Image via Richardson

Release Date: March 28
Where to Buy It: Richardson Tokyo
Price: TBD

In celebration of Richardson’s new flagship store opening in Harajuk, Tokyo, the brand has collaborated on a limited edition T-shirt with Supreme. The white T-shirt features the artwork Unconditional by Mario Sorrenti printed on the chest.

Frog Skateboards x Noah

Frog x Noah
Image via Noah

Release Date: March 26
Where to Buy It: noahny.com
Price: TBD

Noah has once again collaborated with Frog Skateboards on a series of apparel. The capsule includes various graphic T-shirts and rugby shirts emblazoned with colorful graphics. The standout is a play on Noah’s classic logo T-shirt with “Noah” scrawled in kid-like handwriting and a mini frog peaking out from behind a red cross. 

Stüssy x Nike

Stüssy x Nike
Image via Stüssy

Release Date: March 27
Where to Buy It: stussy.com and other select retailers
Price: TBD

Along with two colorways of 2003’s Air Zoom Spiridon CG 2, Stüssy and Nike have also linked up for a small delivery of apparel to going along with them. Pieces include a grey sweatsuit with minimal black co-branding stitched on the left chest and thigh area, a black long sleeve with white Nike Swooshes wrapping the collar, and a tote bag. 

Undefeated x Nike

Undefeated x Nike
Image via Undefeated

Release Date: March 26
Where to Buy It: undefeated.com
Price: TBD

Undefeated is celebrating Air Max Day 2020 with a colorful take on the Air Max 90, but the brand is also dropping off some apparel options as well. Hoodies and graphic T-shirts will both be up for grabs to match the vibrant sneaker collab.

Daily Paper ‘Psychic Sense’ Collection

Daily Paper Psychic Sense
Image via Daily Paper

Release Date: Available now
Where to Buy It: dailypaperclothing.com
Price: $66

As part of its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Daily Paper has released the “Psychic Sense” line of T-shirts. Green, orange, and blue options feature African ad-inspired graphics across the chest covered in messaging about awakening your sixth sense and embracing spirituality. 

Color Bars x Aaliyah

Color Bars x Aaliyah
Image via Color Bars

Release Date: March 26
Where to Buy It: colorbarsmerch.com
Price: TBD

Color Bars’ latest project is inspired by Aaliyah. Hoodies and T-shirts will both be available. The officially-licensed capsule was worked on with the late singer’s family and features exclusive photos from 20 years ago that have never been used on merch until now. 

The North Face 1994 Retro Mountain Light Jacket

TNF 1994 Mountain Light Jacket
Image via The North Face

Release Date: Available now
Where to Buy It: thenorthface.com
Price: $349

The North Face has reissued its popular Mountain Light Jacket from 1994 in seven colorways including Fiery Red, Clear Lake Blue, and camouflage. This iteration of the style has also been constructed of TNF’s new waterproof Futurelight fabric to provide lightweight breathability. 

Kapital Kountry SS20

Kapital Kountry SS20
Image via 180 The Store

Release Date: Available now
Where to Buy It: 180 The Store
Price: $135-$2,030

Exclusive pieces from the Kapital Kountry Spring/Summer 2020 collection are now available online at 180 The Store. Highlights from the popular Japanese brand’s latest offering include tie-dye cardigans, high-waisted nime pants with patchwork designs, and a handmade patchwork denim jacket.

Wacko Maria ‘Rage Against the Machine’ Capsule

Wacko Maria Rage Against the Machine
Image via Wacko Maria

Release Date: March 28
Where to Buy It: wackomaria.co.jp and other select retailers
Price: app. $100-$120

Wacko Maria has put together a collection inspired by Los Angeles rock band Rage Against the Machine. Some of the group’s most popular graphics have been placed on crewnecks and T-shirts including the covers of 1999’s Battle of Los Angeles and 2000’s Renegades.

424 ‘American Psycho’ SS20 Collection

424 ss20 American Psycho
Image via 424

Release Date: Available now
Where to Buy It: shop.fourtwofouronfairfax.com
Price: $255-$1,910

Guillermo Andrade’s latest collection for 424 is inspired by Patrick Bateman and the cult classic film American Psycho. Various graphic T-shirts and hoodies sport illustrations depicting memorable scenes from the film. Other items include an overcoat with drawings on the back depicting Bateman holding a chainsaw, workwear covered in all-over print of an exploding car, and overly-distressed denim jackets.

Ambush SS20 Capsule Collection

Ambush SSENSE SS20
Image via SSENSE

Release Date: Available now
Where to Buy It: SSENSE
Price: $185-$675

Ambush has dropped off a capsule collection exclusively at SSENSE. Items range from pink logo hoodies and anoraks to necklaces with Ambush-branded lighter holders and inflated bunny pendants.

BAPE Gore-Tex Collection

Bape Gore-Tex
Image via Bape

Release Date: March 28
Where to Buy It: bape.com
Price: TBD

Bape is dropping off an assortment of Gore-Tex items this weekend including black jackets with Shark hoodie detailing, buckets hats, and pants covered in the brand’s iconic yellow and green camouflage options. 

Rhuigi x The Weeknd ‘After Hours’ Merch

Rhuigi x The Weeknd 'After Hours' hoodie
Image via The Weeknd

Release Date: Available now
Where to Buy It: theweeknd.com
Price: $44-$100

Rhude’s Rhuigi Villaseñor is the latest designer to contribute to The Weeknd’s lineup of limited edition merch celebrating the release of his latest album, After Hours. T-shirts and hoodies have been emblazoned with vintage-styled inspired by Las Vegas casinos and RH x XO co-branding. Act fast, the designs will only be available for 48 hours. Other brands who have produced their own Weeknd merch include AWGE, MRDR BRVDO, and New Era.

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The Nike Air Max 2090 Duck Camo Drops Tomorrow • KicksOnFire.com

Air Max Day is tomorrow and Nike will be debuting the all-new Nike Air Max 2090 to celebrate the occasion. One of the two colorways which will be releasing tomorrow is the Duck Camo pair that is showcased above. This iteration of the Air Max 90 comes equipped with a translucent layered upper in black that reveals a subtle duck camo print across. For contrast we see white detailing placed on the laces, branding on the lateral side panel, and its midsole. Finally, the highlight color of Infrared is prominent on the tongue branding, heel tab, stitching on the lateral side panel, and the “cassette” Air Max unit on the midsole. Anyone looking to cop can do so tomorrow (3/26) at select retailers and online for $160.

images: 43einhalb

Available Now on Kixify & eBay

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27 Best Athleisure Wear Pieces To Gift Your Fit Friends 2020

Whoever said athleisure wear wasn’t the new, well, everything was seriously disturbed. It’s 2020, and styles that keep you comfy working from home and hold up to all your at-home workouts are here to stay. And I’m here. for. it.

Of course, I don’t mean those old gym-class T-shirts and rolled-down Soffe shorts (RIP my early 2000s style staples), although they could make a major style comeback someday. After all, biker shorts and oversized sweatshirts are having a *moment* decades after Princess Diana made them an international sensation, so… anything’s possible, amiright?

Instead, I’m talking about Instagram-approved joggers, Zoom call-ready wraps, cute crop tops, and, of course, stylish leggings that show off your curves—basically anything you can dress up or down, depending on what kinda lewk you’re going for in the moment (even if, hey, no one sees what you’re wearing except your pet). With so many brands designing clothes with the athleisure lover in mind and at various price points, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

These 28 ridiculously versatile athleisure-wear staples will make you feel both comfortable and chic, which is why they make the perfect birthday gift to a friend you can’t see RN, surprise present for your mom (Mother’s Day is coming soon), or a just ‘cuz gift to treat yourself—you deserve it, trust.

1. Vuori Performance Joggers

      Performance Joggers



      If you haven’t parted ways with your old college sweats by now, these cozy pants will convince you to, STAT. Not only are they soft AF, but the jogger style ensures they fit just snug enough you can run around your home in ’em 24/7 and still look cute.

      2. HOKA x OV Clifton Sneaker

      Women’s HOKA x OV Clifton Sneakers

      Outdoor Voices


      These sneakers from cult-favorite brand Outdoor Voices are lightweight with “marshmallow-like cushioning,” perfect for running outside. Plus, they look just as cool with jeans (lol, what are those?) and a t-shirt if you’re just going for a leisurely walk in the park.

      3. Everyday Yoga Twisted Layering Tank

      Twisted Layering Tank

      jade yoga


      This ridiculously soft crop top is as stylish as it is affordable—it pairs perfectly with high-waisted leggings and sneakers for running necessary errands, or your mat for some deep stretching and stress relief.

      4. Athleta Pranayama Wrap

      Pranayama Wrap



      Made of super soft fabric, this versatile wrap is designed to keep you cozy whether you’re warming up for yoga class or FaceTiming with a friend. Plus, since it’s slightly more ~sophisticated~ than a hoodie, you can even wear this piece of athleisure on a video call for work. Your colleagues will be none the wiser, but they will be totally jealous at how cute and comfy you look. (And did I mention it comes in 10 gorgeous colors?)

      5. Alo Freestyle Mockneck Sweatshirt

      Freestyle Mock Neck Sweatshirt



      Chic meets comfort in this sweatshirt made of a cotton-fleece blend. Made for indoor and outdoor yoga practice, as well as life off the mat, this sweatshirt is the perfect thing to throw on when you want to pull off a Beyoncé-style “I woke up like this” look.

      6. APL Techloom Pro Sneakers

      TechLoom Pro Sneakers

      APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs


      This pair of kicks are a pro at double duty: They’ll keep you comfortable as you clock miles and help you score some serious Instagram likes, too. Btw, they come in a variety of colors, so if almond isn’t your ~thing~, you got tons of other options.

      7. Beyond Yoga Brushed Up Tied Up Hoodie

      Women’s Brushed Up Tied Up Hoodie

      Beyond Yoga


      Beyond Yoga is known for its ultra-soft gear, and this lightweight, tie up hoodie is no exception. The knit is so comfy, you could practically sleep in it—but you’ll probably want to save it for some daytime activities, like bingeing Netflix’s Love Is Blind, too.

      8. Adidas Originals Track Pant

      Track Pants



      Fact: Track pants will never not be cool. This pair has a slight retro feel, but modern detailing.

      9. Zella Quilted Hybrid Jacket

      Quilted Hybrid Jacket



      This über cozy jacket is like wearing a stylish hug. The quilted design gives it a classic look that’ll never go out of style, while the collar and cuffs keep it sporty. It’s the perfect outerwear piece for going on a run or walking around a park. (And hey, if you just end up wearing it on the couch… I won’t tell.)

      10. Zella Studio Lite Longline Bra

      Studio Lite Longline Bra



      From your at-home workout studio to your home office, you’ll find endless comfort moving and shaking in this sports bra styled with a scooped neck and racerback. Best part? You’ll feel just as comfortable exercising as you do chillaxing. Your girls will thank you, trust.

      11. Sundry Dolphin Shorts

      Dolphin Shorts



      These shorts are perfect for lounging around watching Netflix or wearing on lazy summer days at the beach. The bright rainbow side detail adds juuuust the right pop of color.

      12. Under Armour Breathe Trainers

      Breathe Lace x NM Sneaker

      Under Armour


      The white-sneaker trend shows no signs of slowing down, but many pairs aren’t exactly stylish and workout-friendly. This pair offers the best of both worlds—they’ll help you crush that tough HIIT cardio sesh or that grocery store run. The gold detail at the heel adds a little extra something-something, too.

      13. Tasc Performance Studio Jogger

      tasc Performance Studio Jogger

      tasc Performance

      Joggers are classic athleisure fare, and for d*mn good reason. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and these days, go with just about everything. These breathable bad boys in particular are so soft, you’ll never want to take them off—and that’s totally okay, since they’re perfectly slim-cut for that “just looking fabulous while running a quick errand, nbd” look.

      14. Nike Women’s Half-Zip Adjustable Windbreaker

      Women’s Half-Zip Adjustable Windbreaker

      This slightly cropped piece proves style and function can and do go hand-in-hand. I mean do you see that color combo?! And what about the practicality? Plus, it’s water-resistant, so get ready for this jacket to become your go-to layering piece when it’s drizzly outside (not to mention, the bold color-block style itself adds a little extra oomph to dreary days).

      15. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

      All the sexiness of leather pants, all the sculpting power of your favorite pair of Spanx—that’s exactly what you’ll get with these cult-fave faux leather leggings. Not only are they made to flatter your body, but they look totally luxe at the same time. (You’ll want to live in them, trust.)

      16. Lululemon Muscle Love Crop Tank

      Muscle Love Crop Tank Foil



      Pair this metallic crop top with leggings in the morning for your sweat sesh or at night for a FaceTime hangout with friends. The subtle shimmer will add some extra oomph to any workout, as well as garner tons of admiration from your besties. Win-freakin’-win.

      17. Alo High-Waist Moto Leggings

      High Waisted Moto Leggings

      Don’t let these chic moto leggings fool you—while the leather-like fabric looks more sturdy than stretchy, they move just as gracefully on a Pilates reformer as they do on the dance floor.

      18. Koral Knockout Cropped Legging

      Women’s Knockout Cropped Legging

      These luxe jacquard leggings and a white tee are all you need for a Cool Girl™ ensemble. After all, you can never go wrong with camo (even if you haven’t been outside in a minute).

      19. Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

      Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew



      This super soft mesh-paneled top is made of odor-stopping fabrics, which makes all-day-at-home wear a no-brainer.

      20. Outdoor Voices The Exercise Dress

      The Exercise Dress

      Outdoor Voices


      Hiding beneath that super cute, flouncy exterior is a pair of moisture-wicking bike shorts to save you from chafing as you walk on the treadmill or dance around the house. Pair the dress with a classic jean jacket or sleek bomber for an effortlessly stylish outfit perfect for a spring day spent in nature.

      21. Under Armour Threadborne Bomber Fleece

      Threadborne Bomber Fleece

      Under Armour


      You’ll never have to steal your boyfriend’s bomber again when you’ve got a cozy one of your own. Made of fleece, it’s comfortable enough to wear around the house or outside on brisk fall days.

      22. Adidas Originals Relaxed Deboss Cap

      Baseball caps have made a big comeback in the athleisure world—they’re an effortless accessory, and they lend a little extra something to any sporty look (whether you’re actually working out or not).

      23. Lively Active Bralette

      Lively’s bralettes are known for being the perfect loungewear staples, and their sports bra line is no exception. With a similar style to their OG bralette, this sports bra feels just as good mid-workout as it is does mid-snacking sesh.

      24. Tory Sport Chevron Leggings

      Chevron Full Length Leggings

      Tory Sport


      When it comes to investing in activewear, you can never go wrong with another pair of black leggings. But sometimes even the LBD of fitness fashion needs a little bit of, well, something. Enter: this seamless style from Tory Sport. The white calve stripes boost your black legging game while remaining simple enough to style confidently with just about anything in your closet.

      25. Spiritual Gangster Karma Crop Top

      Karma Crop Tank Top



      Could use some good vibes right about now? Look no further than this lightweight tank with a positive message. The already cool and cropped style gets a boost from the bold graphic letter design. Pair with high-rise leggings and you’re good to go.

      Btw, you won’t just look good—you’ll feel good knowing that your purchase from Spiritual Gangster provides one meal to a person in need through the brand’s partnership with Feed America.

      26. SweatyRocks Tie Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt

      Long Sleeve Hoodie Sweatshirt



      Trends come and go, but tie dye is forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but it’s definitely having a moment and, IMO, rightfully so. Colorful creations like this ombré drawstring hoodie are practically guaranteed to give off all the good vibes—it’s like summer camp in a sweatshirt—and all the comfy feels, thanks to its lightweight soft cotton.

      27. Beyond Yoga Space Dye Bike Shorts

      Space Dye Bike Shorts

      Beyond Yoga


      Who says bike shorts are just for the Lance Armstrongs of the world? Psh, spandex cut-offs are all the rage right now. They’re perfect for warmer weather workouts or chilling at home—just throw on a bigger tee, and ta-da!

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