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5 Ways To Drink Wine In Your Next Weight Loss Program

Dieting and maintaining a well-balanced weight loss program is now becoming a priority for a lot of individuals. Each one of us is making an effort to make sure that we get the right weight and body shape. Most of us believed that if our body is healthy, we get rid of some diseases that can sometimes lead to a more severe problem.

We find ways each day to obtain an effective and efficient weight loss pattern. Some of us spend most of our time in a fitness gym to get clean physical aesthetics. Some are keen when it comes to the food choices they eat. The only thing that we may not control that sometimes ruins our diet program is the temptation of alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverages serve as a stress-relieving agent, which helps us get away from any anxiety we feel. Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks may cause weight gain and destroys one’s weight loss program. On the other hand, did you also think that consuming alcoholic beverages modestly can also help us maintain a great body shape?

Wines such as Sokolin Red wines are the most versatile types of alcoholic drinks. Red wines are often associated with natural ingredients. It is the main reason why most medical experts tend to advise drinking one to two glasses of wine every day. It aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a perfect diet. Here are some tips you must know in choosing and using red wine as part of your next weight loss program.


Determine The Calories Of Each Wine

Wines come in a different classification, varieties, and body type. They are molded using various natural and scientific elements to exude a real taste. Take note that each has its calorie content. Excessive drinking of wine with higher calories is not suitable for your weight loss program because the result can come the other way around.

You can determine the calories of the wine using the nutritional facts attached to the label. In general, most wines contain around 130-175 calorie content. Make sure that you take note of the average calories you should take per day. You can also do some research and read about calorie wine charts following their classification so you can pick the healthiest one in your next purchase.


Drink Wines After Your Meal

Wine can make one’s tummy hungry. The best time to drink a glass of wine is after eating your meals, such as dinner. Consuming wines before may leave your appetite open and makes you crave for more food. Eating foods beyond your diet program can destroy your weight loss plan and helps you in gaining more weight.

The purpose of drinking wine after a meal is that the foods you intake can absorb the calorie content of the wine. It only means that the calories won’t hurt your weight and you can still maintain the body shape you aim to flaunt.


Look For Dry Red Wines

Dry red wine contains more antioxidants compared to other varieties. The antioxidants that these red wine possess are extracted naturally from grape skins, seeds, and leaves which are responsible for keeping us healthy. They also contribute other health benefits such as freeing one’s body from developing fatal cancer cells.

Resveratrol is the most useful antioxidant found in dry red wines. It is proven since then that resveratrol has a lot of usages, especially in helping burning body fats. It can also increase the production of natural insulin in one’s body. It is a component that aids our body system in developing diabetes. Make sure that you consider taking dry red wines in your next weight loss program to maximize all the health benefits you can get from it.


Drink Moderate Wines

Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks is harmful to one’s health. You might earn all it’s adverse effects if you do not know what’s right. Wines have limitations as well when it comes to proper drinking. Always remember that you need to follow the right amount of alcohol, especially if you are under a rigid weight loss program to make sure you won’t get obese.

A modest wine is composed of one or two glasses every day. It is enough to sustain your body form alcoholic drink craving at the same time, supply the health benefits you wanted to gain from wines. You may also consult a nutritionist if you wanted to drink more and what’s the maximum number of glasses you can drink.


Don’t Forget To Exercise

Drinking modest wines each day may contribute to your weight loss program, but it may take some time. Fast results of achieving a perfect body shape and weight are accompanying your drinking with exercise. It will help you get your desired aesthetics as early as one week, and you’ll see the difference in a fewer amount of time.

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Would You Take a Gut-Bacteria Supplement If it Could Help You Run Faster?

There are obvious differences between elite endurance athletes and the rest of us, but a microscopic one seems to have an enormous impact. The gut microbiomes of elite marathoners and rowers appear to have more of a group of bacteria called Veillonella that enhances health and athletic performance. So researchers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute isolated the strain from Boston Marathon runners and elite and Olympic athletes, then gave it to mice. The study, published in the journal Nature, concluded that mice, when given the gut bacteria, ran 13 percent longer on treadmills.

This Is the No.1 Reason Why You Should Be Running in Cold Rain

It may be that Veillonella breaks down lactate, turning it into a fatty acid, which the body uses as fuel and as a means to reduce exercise stress. The strain reduces inflammation in the intestinal tract, which usually occurs during and after extreme workouts.

Exercise itself ups Veillonella, so the question is: Do people with naturally high Veillonella end up being elite athletes, or does training alter the gut microbe composition? As NIH researchers answer that, they’re also looking into a probiotic supplement—good news for anyone still yearning to stand atop a podium.

Can Ultramarathons and Endurance Sports Harm Your Health?

The post Would You Take a Gut-Bacteria Supplement If it Could Help You Run Faster? appeared first on Men's Journal.

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Research Shows Why Cycling Can Benefit Women

Did you know that cycling can improve your body and mind in more ways than just physical fitness? According to new research by Iowa State University, cycling does more than help keeps you fit. It reduces the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and a host of other diseases. The study also revealed that over 80% of those who ride a bicycle to work say their health has improved. In fact, more research tells us that cycling on the road, given the right equipment, is better than stationary cycling. So, how beneficial is cycling for women?


Helps promote happy endorphins 

Studies show that a positive mood promotes higher productivity, reduces stress, and strengthens the brain.  Research from Iowa State University claims that participants reported feeling relaxed after 20 minutes of cycling. For those who involved themselves with intense cycling, the positive impact was substantial. In fact, cycling triggers the release of endorphins, increasing health and fitness to a generally happier outlook on life.


Boosts your metabolism 

Medical studies have proved that individuals with a slow metabolic rate are more likely to gain weight compared to those with fast metabolic rates. The new study on cycling by IA State University scientists also reveals that cycling can help boost your metabolic rate. Obese subjects found that cycling for an hour a day for five days reduced their weight by as much as 10%. While it may not be much at first look, it produced instant benefit compared to other exercise types. Not to mention, having the right gear makes cycling a great opportunity to commute wherever you need to go. You can lock your bike without the worries of your ride getting stolen, losing your car keys or spending too much on gas.


Enhances your immune system 

Research at the University of Cape Town also revealed that cycling for at least an hour a day can increase the ability of your immune system to fight off infections. It established this as researchers found out those who ride bicycles for an hour each day are 40% less likely to be sick from other common illnesses. This means you can fight off cold and other common sicknesses by getting out of that couch and riding your bicycle. Regular cycling also helps you tone your body. Since the activity requires a lot of energy, it burns fat and promotes muscle growth. It also improves your endurance, strength and cardio capacity.

Cycling helps the physical aspect of your body, along with its mental and psychological aspects. As recent studies show, cycling improves your mood and behavior. Do not forget though that to achieve the best results, you need to have the right cycling equipment. With all the positive results you can get from cycling, perhaps it’s now time for you to get a bike and start pedaling away.

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The Best Battle Ropes Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Endurance

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John Krasinski’s ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2 Shoulders Workout

The return of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan sees its titular character uncovering a far-reaching conspiracy while chasing down illegal arms in the jungles of Venezuela. The second season has it all: black hawks, black ops missions, and heart-pounding foot chases. The action is bigger than ever for Season 2, and lead actor John Krasinski went through a dynamic training program to make sure his body was up to the task.

Before flying to set in South America, Krasinski spent five days a week at his fitness sanctuary, Drive 495, with performance coach Don Saladino. “There is no one more dedicated or more knowledgeable than Don,” Krasinski tells Mens Journal. “His enthusiasm is contagious and his support is unwavering. He understands that along the way to looking camera-ready for a shoot, the most important part of the process is building up my strength and athleticism so that I not only look good, but feel good.”

Feeling good was important, as Krasinski regularly opts to do the stunts in Jack Ryan when possible, including jumping along rooftops in London. Their training built on Krasinski’s existing physicality for those moments, while packing on muscle so he fit into flak jackets like an action hero.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' Season 2
‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 2 starring John Krasinski is now available to stream on Amazon. Courtesy Amazon

“John loves to go heavy when we workout,” says Saladino.

Their days started off with agility work, then alternated between strength and power lifting sessions, capped off with energy systems work on the VersaClimber or Airdyne bike. The pair pushed each other while still having fun, and for a two-week period leading up to filming, they got into a streak where Krasinski lifted personal records almost every session.

“I have never seen anything like it,” Saladino says, laughing. “It became a running joke where he would walk into the gym and say, ‘Feeling like a PR today.’ But I also made sure that we didn’t push it too hard if he was coming off a stressful day. It’s important to listen to the body.”

Jack Ryan looks a whole lot less cool with a tweaked hammy or a stiff back.

Krasinski, who also serves as an executive producer on the series, also appreciated avoiding injury during their heavy production schedule. “Jack Ryan looks a whole lot less cool with a tweaked hammy or a stiff back,” he says. Being healthy also means he can get back to work on the next season as soon as possible.


Workout courtesy of Don Saladino, Performance Coach and Celebrity Trainer at Drive 495


Foam Rolling: 5 minutes

Complete three rounds of these exercises in order.

Box Jump: 10 reps

Medicine Ball Slam (15 pounds): 10 reps

Suitcase Kettlebell Carry: 30 seconds


1. Military Press (weight: go heavy, but don’t max out): 4 sets of 5 reps

2. Savickas Press (weight: go heavy): 3 sets of 12 reps

Superset (4 sets of the following two moves):

3A. Dumbbell Side Raise: 10 reps

3B. Dumbbell Bent-Over Standing Raise: 10 reps

4. Farm Carries (weight: go heavy): 3 sets of 25 yards

Get more training from Don Saladino by checking out his website.

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Benefits of Liquid Supplements To Your Overall Health

If you are a mother or a millennial woman who’s looking to achieve boosted health and vitality, then you would benefit from liquid supplements. In recent years, supplements in liquid form have surged in popularity and may have also captured your attention. They are essential for individuals who have a hard time eating solid foods and swallowing tablets or pills.

Aside from being easily found in Tropicaloasis.com and other places online, them being simple to swallow and super convenient are the main reasons why liquid supplements are on a trend. But what are the benefits of liquid supplements to your overall health exactly? Read on below to discover to learn more about them.


They Do Not Require Digestion

In liquid supplements, what’s medicinal from its plant components have already been extracted for you. This means that your body can immediately absorb more medicinal properties into your system. Here’s how pills and liquids differ in terms of absorbability:

  • The body must break down pills and capsules into liquid form first before it starts absorption.
  • The assimilation of liquids only takes 1-4 minutes while tablets and capsules take 20-30 minutes just for the body to break them down.
  • The body absorbs more nutrients from liquids into your body than pills.


The Body Makes Use of 98% of the Liquid Components

This utilization rate is almost double the rate found in capsules and tablets. Here are some of the processes that supplements undergo before reaching the cells of the body:

  • The body digests the supplements to extract the medicinal properties or nutritional components from it.
  • The nutrients from the supplements must be suspended in a solution first before it can be fully absorbed.
  • Once converted into liquid, the body can now start assimilating the nutrients and allow them to reach the cells.

The above mentioned processes indicate that the body has a higher chance to completely utilize the nutrients from liquids compared to pills. Since the nearer the supplement preparation to its liquid form, the quicker the effect takes place in your body.


Supplement Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are always the top concerns in the manufacturing of liquid supplements. Manufacturers examine the components of liquid at the molecular level to maximize effectiveness while ensuring that each element does not go beyond the safe concentration level.

Liquid supplements undergo the following processes held to rigorous standards before being put on the market:

  • Manufacturing of the supplements using the best technology to extract all medicinal and nutritional properties from plant sources.
  • Testing the supplements to ensure that they are safe to use by the consumers.
  • Nutrition potency testing to guarantee its effectiveness in boosting the health of an individual.


Extracts are more Powerful in Liquid Supplements

Since liquids allow for complex combinations of different formulas, it does not need fillers, coatings, stabilizers, and binders. So, you can expect it to be more powerful and potent compared to pills.

While the powerful effect of liquid supplements can provide benefits to most people, they are not for everyone. Liquid supplements are not for you if you are one of the following:

  • A breastfeeding mom or pregnant.
  • Taking aspirin, blood thinners, water pills, and heart medications
  • Preparing to undergo a surgery
  • Suffering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment.


Saving Yourself from the Side Effects of Synthetic Supplement Compositions

Unlike most supplements that come in the form of pills, liquids come from natural sources, commonly botanicals like roots and leaves. There is no need to worry about harmful side effects because the nutritional and medicinal properties of botanicals are purely extracted to the liquid without the need for synthetic materials.

In addition to being sourced from plants, here are other reasons why liquid are your all-natural choice for supplements:

  • Liquids are obtained from certified hormone-free, non-GMO, organic products, and whole foods.
  • Contain natural sweeteners to make it palatable, including sorbitol and xylitol.
  • Allergen-free as they do not contain yeasts, nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, or gluten.

It is important to consult your doctor first if you fall into one of the categories mentioned above before deciding to take a liquid supplement. With liquids being easy to control and adjust doses compared to pills, it would be easier for you to follow the recommendations of your physician.



Say you already are living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet, taking liquid supplements would be an excellent addition to stay healthy. Aside from helping you achieve a well-balanced and happy life, supplements will also help you reduce the risk of developing diseases.

From women’s health to men’s health, liquid supplements are crucial to helping the body function properly and achieve its full, healthy potential.

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Easy Meditation and Breathing Techniques to Do Before a Workout

You’ve got an hour at the gym, but instead of focusing on reps, your brain is grinding on that big work project or a tiff with your partner. Your inclination may be to pick a workout so hard that the discomfort will drown out the noise. But there’s another antidote: meditation and mindfulness. These practices aren’t new to sports. “Pro athletes know the power of pregame routines,” says Corey Phelps, a Washington, D.C.–based trainer who does meditation with clients. Phil Jackson led team meditations as L.A. Lakers coach in 2009; coach Pete Carroll employed it in 2015 when his Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl; and U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team members Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Christen Press, and Kelley O’Hara all credit meditation techniques for their success.

Tons of research touts meditation, and some specifically center on athletics. A study involving junior elites in Norway found that after 12 weeks of consistent mindfulness practices, athletes had better focus, performance, and recovery. And University of Miami football players who meditated 12 minutes a day for a month had improved concentration. Plus, distance runners doing a mindfulness regime showed higher self-confidence and lower anxiety before a big race, a study in the Journal of Clinical Sports Psychology finds.

For the average gymgoer, mindful meditation—a practice to focus on the present with no judgment—is a way to become more engaged during workouts, stay focused longer, and push harder. “In every workout, we’re faced with moments of physical discomfort when the brain tells the body to quit,” Phelps says.

It’s something that New York City–based Nike trainer Ariel Foxie does with his athletes. “Demanding workouts place stress on the body, and that can be on top of emotional stress people bring into a session,” he says. Depending on how someone is feeling that day, Foxie may have them do a visualization of the workout or breathing exercises. Then they warm up with repetitive cardio—like jump rope or a treadmill jog—which becomes a moving meditation to get them to focus on the present and get out of their heads. To him, the point is to use the training to build mental strength and slow the brain from grinding on other issues.

Try it out for yourself. Find a quiet corner of the gym, throw on noise-canceling headphones, and take a seat. A simple technique is square breathing: 3-second inhale, 3-second pause, 3-second exhale, 3-second pause. Or kneel in child’s pose and take long, slow breaths for 2 minutes, which helps turn off the fight-or-flight mode you may have come in with. And it doesn’t just work at the gym. You can do this before that big work presentation, too.

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Questions To Ask Before Buying The Best Mattress For Back Pain

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the leading cause of limited mobility and activity is low back pain, which affects people of all age groups. It’s a frequent reason why people seek medical consultation. Thus, back pain is one of the top ten injuries and diseases worldwide. 

In industrialized countries, the lifetime prevalence of low back pain is 60 to70 percent. As people get older, there’s an increased risk of low back pain because of the deterioration of the intervertebral discs. One of the best ways to address low back pain is choosing the best mattress that has enough back and spine support.

In this post, you’ll learn the best questions to ask before shopping for a new mattress for back pain. In that way, you’ll have a better rest and good night’s sleep, reduced back pains, and improved quality of life.


What’s the Best Mattress Type for Back Pain?

There are many types of mattresses available on the market today. However, the most in-demand types are latex and memory foam mattresses. Even if these two types of mattresses gain the highest customer rating, it still pays off understanding all the different types of mattresses, including innerspring and hybrid mattresses. 

By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of the different mattress options that are available for you and your loved ones. Because pain is a subjective symptom, different people have different preferences when it comes to mattress firmness levels, layer thickness, and materials, which determines how well a mattress prevents and reduces back pain. 

Whatever type of mattress you prefer, make sure to always take into account important features. Prevent discomfort by choosing a softer mattress with enough cushioning, zone support technology, and adequate contouring, such as Australia’s Best Mattress for Back Pain

Here are the different types of mattresses and their roles in back pain management: 

  • Memory Foam: Because this mattress type offers the most cushioning and contouring, it is one of the best mattresses for pain relief. It means that whatever your body type is, this mattress adapts and molds to your body – the wider body parts tend to sink, such as your shoulders and hips. On the other hand, the narrow-body parts lay on top of a memory foam mattress, like your waist, hands, and feet.

Make sure to choose a mattress that’s made of plant-based material. It’ll help avoid overheating and contact with harmful chemicals.

  • Latex Foam: There isn’t a lot of contouring like memory foam, but it’s adaptable and still molds to the body to some degree. It’s also more responsive as compared to memory foam. It keeps you lifted, which means that you feel “on top of the bed” in terms of mattress firmness. 


Take note that some sleepers report latex foam as firmer than what they initially expected. 

  • Hybrid: Choosing a high-quality mattress, a hybrid mattress is ideal for pain relief. It’s because the pressure-relieving foam layers have zoned pocketed coils, creating a responsive and cushioning bed. 


Hybrid beds are perfect for those who want to experience the bounciness of innerspring mattresses with the comfort that foam layers bring for pain relief. 

  • Innerspring: This type of mattress doesn’t conform to the body and aren’t cushioning at all. The flat surface forces the spine to arch for back sleepers, leaving the knee unsupported and preventing decompression of the lower back, leading to pains and strains. 


What’s the Ideal Mattress Firmness Level for Back Pain?

Sleeping on a bad or wrong mattress usually worsen back pain. On the other hand, an ergonomic or right mattress relaxes muscles, promotes good sleeping posture, and provides healthy and better sleep. While there’s no perfect mattress, it’s essential to choose one that fits a natural sleeping posture.

According to a study, a medium-firm mattress level improves pain among patients who are suffering from chronic low-back pain. In the said study, patients who slept in medium-firm mattresses showed better outcomes for disability and pain as compared to those who slept on firm mattresses. Low back pain at daytime among patients who slept on medium-firm mattresses was reduced than those with firm mattresses. 

Here are good-to-know facts about medium-firm mattresses:

  • Composition: Medium-firm mattresses either consist of a comfort layer that comes with medium firmness mattress support, a firm comfort layer having soft support, or a soft comfort layer that comes with firm support.
  • Medium-firm Feel: When averaging the different layers, a medium-firm mattress feels medium-firm. This mattress firmness level provides abundant support. It doesn’t compromise comfort. 


It also offers more firmness as compared to a medium mattress, which is too firm to provide comfort.

  • Sleep Positions: Stomach and back sleepers tend to find medium-firm mattresses better for their sleeping needs. For side sleepers, they feel more comfortable with medium or medium mattresses because they need enough contouring and support to keep the spine properly aligned.
  • Sleeper Location: If you live in a country with a warm climate, it’s best to sleep on a firm or medium-firm mattress because of less heat, less sinking, and a night of more comfortable sleep. 


What Are the Features to Look for in a Mattress for Back Pain? 

Different brands of mattresses have varying features that claim to provide the utmost comfort for people who are suffering from acute or chronic back pain. While the type of mattress alone is not enough to treat back pain, it plays a critical role in preventing the worsening, duration, or severity of pain. That’s why it’s important to choose the best features if you’re planning to buy a new mattress to help manage your back pain, like Australia’s best mattresses for back pain.


Here are the important features you need to look for in a mattress for back pain:

  • High Motion Isolation: Most sleepers sleep with different positions, which leads to a lot of bed movement. That’s why you need to buy a memory foam mattresses that come with a high motion isolation feature. This feature is ideal for multi-position sleepers to enjoy the support of a soft but still comfortably firm mattress.
  • Enough Support: A mattress that’s too stiff pushes against the spine. On the other hand, a mattress that’s too soft doesn’t offer enough support. That’s why a medium-firm mattress is highly recommended.
  • Slight Softness: For side sleepers, the shoulders and hips need cushioning, so you need a mattress type with slight softness. Many people who have lower back pain sleep on their stomachs because this position relieves the pain. 


For stomach sleepers, they’ll need a firmer mattress. In that way, they won’t sink but remain afloat. 

  • Copper Infused Foam: Copper is considered a natural element with excellent antimicrobial properties. Choosing a mattress with this feature will help you sleep in a clean, bacteria-free, virus-free, and odor-free bed. It has wicking ability and absorbs moisture for optimum cooling performance. 


Most often than not, people who have back pains tend to sleep hot and sweating at night, so a copper-infused foam is a great feature to reduce these discomforts.

  • Gel Infused Foam: Like copper-infused foam, the gel-infused foam provides cooling to avoid night sweats and discomfort. This feature promises enhanced air circulation, balanced support, pressure relief, and suitable spinal positioning to help ease back pain. 


What’s the Best Bed Frame for Back Pain?

Living with back pain is not easy. Aside from choosing the best mattress, you also need to buy the best bed frame that complements the mattress to be effective in relieving back pain.

Adjustable bed frames are highly recognized as one of the ways to experience a more comfortable and pain-free night’s sleep. An adjustable bed frame can help alleviate back pain and other health problems, such as sleep apnea, asthma flare-ups and other respiratory problems, and poor blood circulation. 

Here are some tips when choosing the best bed frame for back pain:

  • Supportive Box Spring: It provides a solid foundation and good support for your mattress. With modern-day bed frames, they don’t usually come with box spring anymore. But that’s still okay without it.
  • Consider Your Room’s Size: Make sure that you measure the space intended for the bed. There should be enough walking space between the bed and your side table, wardrobe, and other things inside the room.
  • Slats: Always check the slats under your mattress. Always check the width, which should always be greater to prevent easy wear and tear of your mattress. 


Sprung flats make the bed base quite firm, thus strengthening the support. Choose sprung slats because they’re thicker than wooden ones.

  • Strength of Material: Buy a solid bed frame with premium quality. Don’t choose a cheap board, but rather solid wood so you can use it for many years to come.



When buying a new mattress for your back pain, it’s important to ask the questions mentioned above. You need to know the best type of mattress for your body size, weight, mattress firmness preference, sleeping position, and any medical condition, such as spine or muscle, joint, and bone problems. In that way, you can choose the best features to promote the utmost comfort and convenience for better rest and sleep and back pain relief.

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The Top Celebrity Workouts and Training Routines of 2019

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5 Tips to Mentally and Physically Prepare Patients for Breast Implant Surgery

While most women opt for breast implant surgery on their own, typically for cosmetic reasons, it still requires quite a bit of preparation. After all, you are going “under the knife” which doesn’t just take a toll on you physically but also mentally. 

The last thing you want is to stress too much before the surgery. The pressure that you put on your body won’t be good for it. The only way you can avoid that is by taking the right measures by preparing yourself. We have the tips for you to do just that.


Choose the right surgeon

When it comes to any form of surgery, you want to pick a surgeon that has knowledge and experience. When it comes to breast implants, you need to look out for these specifications in your chosen surgeon:

  • The surgeon should be certified by an institution that provides certification for plastic or cosmetic surgery in the country for the operation. 
  • Has years of experience performing breast implant surgery, so you know you are in good hands.
  • Works with a medical facility that is accredited for plastic and cosmetic surgery. 
  • Explains the procedure to you clearly beforehand.

Have your breasts examined for abnormalities

Before you go for the surgery, you need to make sure your breasts are in good health. Otherwise, there can be complications post-surgery especially when it comes to breast cancer. The simplest way to do that is to examine them yourself to look for lumps. But you also want to get it scanned by a CT scanner. If your regular practitioner doesn’t have a CT scanner then you can recommend they request a mobile CT scanner. This way any internal abnormality can be detected. Surgeons typically don’t operate on unhealthy breasts because the implants may potentially cause more problems. Consult your doctor before and after the scan is completed so they can examine it for any abnormalities.


Consult your surgeon and friends

Getting breast implants is stressful no matter how big or small the surgery. As stated previously, you will need to speak with a surgeon who can clearly explain the procedure to you. Consult your chosen surgeon and have them explain every detail such as the different types of implants and possible side-effects. With a clearer image of the surgery, your mind can be more at ease.

Speaking to a friend about the whole procedure can also be cathartic. You can be open about the surgery and let all of your concerns out. Friends can be the voice you need to help rid you of your worries, going into the surgery with a lot less stress.


Watch what you consume

There are certain things that patients should stop consuming before any surgery: 

  • The consumption of any type of recreational drug should be stopped a month before the surgery.
  • If you smoke, then you need to stop at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery.
  • Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs should also not be consumed a month prior to the surgery. 

Such precautionary measures are important as failure to observe them can result in serious issues during surgery. For example, many patients that disregard these measures tend to have blood clotting problems post-surgery. 


Make arrangements for post-surgery

Typically, there is no way you can drive back home after surgery. Make arrangements for a friend or family member to be there post-surgery to take you home. You won’t be fully conscious to drive on your own. You may also want them to stay with you for at least a day after the surgery just so there aren’t any complications and for assistance around the home. 


Author’s Bio:

Scott has been working in the radiology field for over 30 years. He finds the biological phenomenons found in humankind fascinating and appreciates the incredible use that diagnostic imagery has to save lives. Other than acting as the President for Catalina Imaging, Scott enjoys spreading the word on new insights and breakthroughs in the radiology field, specifically the impact that mobile imaging has for patient care.

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