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Teen Football Star: Jordan Morant

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview teen football star Jordan Morant. Being the teen football star that he is it may seem like a lot of pressure but it’s normal for him.

Jordan is the #1 safety in the country and has commited to play football at the University Of Michigan. We even joked with him about being state fans and he just laughed he’s a pretty cool kid.

He currently has 11.8k followers on instagram. Make sure you checkout his page. Check out his highlights can be found at the end of the article.

How old are you?

I am 18 years old 

You had the chance to play football at the highest level. How do you feel going into the next chapter which is college?

I feel great about it. It’s truly a blessing and I never thought when I was younger I would make it this far into football. I just can’t wait to be part of Michigan and to represent my home state.

What are some of the things you like to do off of the field?

Some of the things I like to do off the field is I like to help out kids learning how to play football and the game and to teach them the basics of it . I also like to edit videos and just use my camera to catch whatever content is out there, especially when I travel.

What are some of the things your wish to accomplish in the game of football?

Some of the things I wish to accomplish in football is to help my team win each game , and to than winning a B1G Ten Title and than to go to the national championship. Some of the things individually I would like to accomplish is winning some awards and being an All American.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

Some advice I would wanna give to any teens looking to play football or to anyone in general is that don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and always push yourself no matter how hard the obstacles.

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The Super Bowl Is the Biggest Art Show in Miami Right Now

The Super Bowl is back in Miami this year, and the organizers are giving a bear hug to the bold, exuberant street art that is a hallmark of the host city.

Some of the brightest stars of street art — former skateboarders, surfers, break dancers and survivors of midnight raids on subway cars — have created fanciful murals to celebrate Super Bowl LIV.

One nearly covers a side of a 34-story bank building. A painted, two-story bouquet of 32 balloons — one for each team in the league — commands a wall in the Miami Beach Convention Center. The game tickets and the Super Bowl program cover are an explosion of tropical colors, with a sparkling silver Vince Lombardi Trophy rising in the path of a galloping ball carrier.

This explosion of art is, in part, thanks to Jessica Goldman Srebnick, the chief executive of the real estate development firm Goldman Properties and a member of the Super Bowl host committee. She shepherded the installation of 18 supersized murals into the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium and lined up the artists to create pieces ahead of the big game, which will be played at the stadium on Sunday.

The N.F.L.’s embrace of rambunctious street art is a shift away from the classic graphic designs it usually favors — and might help the organization broaden its appeal.

“This does take us into a world that is not mainstream,” said Mollie Wilkie, one of the league’s creative directors. “But we think there are things to learn from street art. It is youthful, modern and bold and I think that is something we need to explore as we finish our 100th season.”

Street art has evolved, too. Cities and businesses around the world are now paying street artists — rather than trying to arrest them — and Miami is one of the exemplars.

“Street art is part of the soul of Miami,” Ms. Wilkie added. “We wanted to capture that. We try to capture the spirit of the host city.”

Here are the artists who put their mark on Miami for Super Bowl Sunday.

The Los Angeles-based artist Tristan Eaton has been painting mostly with spray cans since his teenage hit-and-run graffiti attacks in Detroit and New York. But he designed the Super Bowl tickets and game program on his computer, wrapping a century of N.F.L. highlights around a gleaming Lombardi Trophy.

“The look and the spirit of street art is there,” he said. “The computer is just another tool.” Mr. Eaton, 41, went back to spray cans to turn a 9-foot tall, fiberglass model of the Lombardi into a dazzling collage of aquas, pinks, purples, oranges and greens, art deco, palm trees and N.F.L. milestones. It will be outside the stadium as fans arrive on game day.

Mr. Eaton’s father coached high school football: “Me doing art for the Super Bowl would have made him flip through the roof.”

Dasic Fernandez likes to work big. The Chilean artist’s mural nearly covers one side of the 34-story Citigroup bank building in downtown Miami, overlooking Bayfront Park. It shows the hallowed Lombardi Trophy mobbed by joyous fans — black, white, Latino and Asian, young and old. The building’s many windows made painting impossible. So Mr. Fernandez, 33, went digital. He created a canvas painting, worked on the image with his computer and emailed it to Miami for printing on big vinyl-like panels. “The spray can is my main tool,” he said. “But without digital tools, I couldn’t have done this piece.”

The 52-year-old artist Kelly Graval, known as RISK, painted his mélange of N.F.L. team colors, installed in Bayfront Park, with the kind of spray cans he used in graffiti raids on his Los Angeles high school in the ’80s. But he also used a high-pressure spray gun and sculpted the Super Bowl letters with his computer.

His early years were wild. He stole a motorcycle, was shot in an ankle and was stabbed twice. He began making money by spraying graffiti at filming locations for $100, $200 a shot. Then came a Michael Jackson video, gallery shows and museum exhibitions. “My color palette was very dark,” he said. “Now it’s very bright.”

In the renegade days, graffiti artists used single stencils for quick hits. Now Joe Iurato, 47, from Cedar Grove, N.J., uses six layers of stencils to get detail, depth and tone. He is the rare street artist who works in black and white and creates his own portable billboard-like platforms. For the Super Bowl he’s painted murals of 10 striking moments in N.F.L. history, like the founding meeting of team owners in 1920 and the Miami Dolphins’ perfect season in 1972. Mr. Iurato’s work is on display near an entrance of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“I like creating something that people can walk into and become a part of,” said Kelsey Montague, who grew up near Denver. Her creation in the Miami Beach Convention Center of a two-story bouquet of balloons is a perfect stage set for selfies and friend photos. Ms. Montague, 34, paints quickly. She says she has done more than 300 murals around the world since her first try at street art six years ago — a giant pair of angel wings on the side of a Manhattan restaurant with the hashtag, #whatliftsyou. From there, her career took off.

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Defensive coordinator Zach Arnett spurns Syracuse for same position with Mississippi State

Less than two weeks after accepting the defensive coordinator position at Syracuse, Zach Arnett is on the move again as Mississippi State announced Arnett as its new defensive coordinator on Wednesday. Arnett was formally announced as the Orange defensive coordinator on Jan. 11, but the move to join Leach’s new Bulldogs staff in the SEC was an opportunity the former San Diego State assistant felt he couldn’t let slip past him. 

“I couldn’t pass up the chance to join an SEC program like Mississippi State,” Arnett said in a school announcement. “I am grateful to Coach Leach and John Cohen for the opportunity to be a part of this first-class institution. Mississippi State has a history of great defenses. The staff Coach Leach has assembled is tremendous, and I can’t wait to get down there and get to work.”

Meanwhile, Syracuse released a statement of its own on Wednesday pointing out the obvious disappointment in the sudden transition. 

“We are disappointed that Zach Arnett has decided not to honor the commitment he made to Syracuse University,” Syracuse athletic director John Wildhack said. “We will continue to work diligently to find the best defensive coach for our program.”

For new Mississippi State coach Leach, the hire of Arnett answers one of the biggest questions about the offensive-minded coach’s transition to the SEC West: what would he do defensively? Arnett is known for his 3-3-5 defensive alignment, which is a relatively uncommon scheme. It worked for Arnett at San Diego State, though, where his defense gave up just 12.7 points per game in 2019 in his second season serving as defensive coordinator. It was Arnett’s ninth season overall on staff at SDSU, all spent under head coach Rocky Long, who resigned earlier this month after a 10-3 season.

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Teen Football Player / TikToker: Perlongo

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview teen football player Perlongo. 

Besides Perlongo being a teen football player he is big on TikTok was well. Make sure you checkout his page for some quality content.

He currently has 16.5k followers on Instagram. Make sure you checkout his page. 

How old are you?

I am 17 years old turning 18 the 24th 

You’re pretty talented at football. How has your game progressed as you’ve gotten older?

When I was younger I was always told I was to small or would never be as good as everyone else I wasn’t ever noticed by anyone when I first started playing football but it all changed my senior year starting with one game where I had 4 touchdowns and 202 receiving yards.

Who’s is your favorite tiktoker besides yourself and why?

My favorite tiktoker is  Addison Rae bc she’s a really good dancer and goofy at times

What are some of the things you’d like to accomplish 10 years from now?

Some things I’d like to accomplish is to graduate college have a steady job win another football championship and to be successful.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

I would tell teens in my my field to prove those who believe in you right then prove other wrong bc it’s pointless if no one believes in you it’s better to make those happy then get them more mad when ur successful.

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The 49ers Run (and Run and Run) Over Green Bay and Into the Super Bowl

They won their first eight games behind a snarling defense that, on Sunday, had three sacks and three takeaways. When their defense, pummeled by injuries, sagged in the final month of the season, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo steered the 49ers to critical victories against New Orleans, Seattle and the Rams. And when Kyle Shanahan determined that San Francisco would be best served reducing Garoppolo to an automaton, handing the ball off again and again and again, the 49ers demolished both playoff opponents, Minnesota and Green Bay, on the ground.

Garoppolo threw two passes in the second half; he almost used his right arm more after the game, when Garoppolo signed tight end George Kittle’s white T-shirt featuring his shirtless image, than he did during it.

“When we have all our weapons, it’s really, really hard to beat us,” right tackle Mike McGlinchey said. “The last two weeks, it’s really hard to even stay with us.”

Even in 17-point routs, N.F.L. games hinge on tiny moments, and the Packers’ decision to punt on their opening series, facing 4th-and-1 at midfield, turbocharged their demise. The conservative call almost offended the 49ers, who all week had heard the rhetoric emanating from Green Bay that after winning six straight since losing here by 37-8 in Week 12, in a game televised nationally, the Packers were now healthier, stronger, and better.

“You weren’t ready the first time,” cornerback Richard Sherman said, “and that was in front of the whole country.”

And so however much Shanahan professed that every game is self-contained, that throttling Green Bay in November would not portend throttling Green Bay in January, his players believed otherwise. McGlinchey said he watched the film of that victory six or seven times “just to keep feeling what we felt that night.”

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Super Bowl 54 preview, Joe Burrow thoughts, Packers problems and more

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are colliding in Super Bowl LIV. It should be an offensive showcase and coaching clinic.

Last year’s Super Bowl set back offensive football 25 years. This one might thrust it forward by 50.

Kansas City and San Francisco are two of the most innovative offenses in the league, a fact on full display this Sunday in the conference title games.

The Chiefs hung 35 points on a quality Tennessee Titans defense, churning out 404 total yards and 27 first downs. In the nightcap, the 49ers barely needed to throw against the Green Bay Packers, with Raheem Mostert rushing for 220 yards in a 37-20 romp.

Both offenses are brutally effective and yet built differently. However, they both have one important theme: pre-snap motion.

No teams are better than the 49ers and Chiefs at stressing defenses before the ball is in motion. San Francisco runs more motion than anybody, while Kansas City loves to run jet-sweep and orbit action, forcing defenses to often honor ghosts. It’s diabolical when considering the speed of Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman, combined with the skills of wunderkind Patrick Mahomes.

GOING DEEP: Chiefs and their fans deserve this moment

The 49ers open up rushing lanes in a variety of ways, showcasing head coach Kyle Shanahan’s understanding of angles and tendencies. Watch San Francisco and you’ll see massive holes with one of its myriad running backs gashing the opposition. This week, it was Mostert’s turn.

The next two weeks will be filled with thinkpieces on skill-position players and the blinding speed both teams possess. What should really fill columns is the genius of Andy Reid, Shanahan and their staffs. Both have assistants who could easily have been offered head-coaching positions in 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The two going against each other will be a fascinating chess match.

If you’re looking for a matchup to watch, stare into the trenches. If the 49ers are going to slow down the Chiefs, it starts with their phenomenal front four. San Francisco has a host of pass-rushers in Nick Bosa, DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead and Dee Ford. They’ll be tasked with beating one of the league’s top pass-blocking lines, headlined by tackles Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz.

Should Mahomes be given time, he’ll score points. If he’s under constant duress, even novice football fans understand the implications.

For now, two weeks separate us from one of the more intriguing Super Bowls in recent memory. The 49ers haven’t won a title since 1994. The Chiefs haven’t been in or won the Super Bowl since the year of Woodstock and the moon landing. For once, this isn’t about the New England Patriots and some NFC team trying to dethrone them. It’s new blood, and blood that could be around for some time.

In two weeks, it’s Kansas City and San Francisco bringing their galaxy-brain offenses to Miami for a winner-take-all. It could be one for the ages.

Power rankings

Ranking all 10 Super Bowls played in Miami

1. Super Bowl III – Joe Namath delivers on his guarantee
2. Super Bowl XXIII – Joe Montana pulls off epic final drive against Bengals
3. Super Bowl XIII – Steelers beat Cowboys on field of Hall of Famers
4. Super Bowl X – Lynn Swann gives us two catches for the ages
5. Super Bowl V – Turnover-filled, but a game-winner from Jim O’Brien
6. Super Bowl XLIX – The Saints get their title, and Tracy Porter gets his pick
7. Super Bowl II – The Packers give Vince Lombardi one final ride
8. Super Bowl XLI – Pouring rain, Rex Grossman and Peyton Manning’s first title
9. Super Bowl XXXIII – The Falcons were overwhelmed by Denver immediately
10. Super Bowl XXIX – The real title game was two weeks earlier with 49ers-Cowboys


“We’re the best defense in the world right now. “They come in here, they say they’re gonna run the ball. I know exactly what they were gonna do, you watching that film, you know what they’re going to do. … Over 200 yards each game. I knew damn well we wasn’t going to win the game if we let that happen. They come in here, he runs for 70 yards, they call him the best rusher in the league. We sendin’ his a– home early.”

– Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark on how Kansas City shut down Derrick Henry

Henry carried 19 times for 69 yards against Kansas City, barely making an impact after becoming the storyline of the playoffs. In the days leading into the game, Clark talked about his indifference to Henry’s abilities. The Chiefs more than backed up his talk, with Clark fittingly ending the game on a sack of Ryan Tannehill.


Random stat

The Cincinnati Bengals are the only AFC team not played in a postseason game by the New England Patriots.

Info learned this week

1. Titans offseason full of major, expensive decisions

The Titans deserve ample credit for a Cinderella season. Now, general manager Jon Robinson needs to make choices on Tannehill, Henry, cornerback Logan Ryan and right tackle Jack Conklin.

While the Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for usage of the franchise and transition tags, using both would be very costly. Putting both on Tannehill and Henry would eat up approximately $36 million, leaving Tennessee with approximately $24 million to use on Conklin, Ryan, other free agents and a draft class. Not easy.

If Robinson is hellbent on keeping the group together, he’ll need to sign Henry or Tannehill to a long-term deal, lowering their 2020 cap hit. Doing so with either is fraught with risk. Henry plays a position known for quick burnout, while Tannehill was never seen as a franchise quarterback until the latter half of this season.

The Titans made huge strides. Now they have to build with constraints.

2. Draft’s intrigue begins after Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow is going to be a Bengal. Don’t waste your time.

While the Carolina Panthers would love to get their hands on him — especially after hiring former LSU offensive coordinator Joe Brady — that’s a pipe dream. Carolina would need to give up picks for years, and second-year head coach Zac Taylor isn’t losing out on the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck.

This draft really begins when the second pick goes on the clock. The Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and New York Giants round out the top four selections. None need a quarterback. However, the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers and Panthers all do, and they have the next three choices, respectively.

Should Justin Herbert fly up the board, or Tua Tagovailoa proves healthy, they could well go in the. second slot. The question is which team makes the move with Washington? Smart money says Miami, as the Dolphins have three first-round picks.

The hidden gem there? Detroit would finally catch some luck and land Ohio State edge-rushing extraordinaire Chase Young.

3. Garrett hire a smart one for Giants’ Judge

The New York Giants needed experience. Enter Jason Garrett.

Garrett proved a mediocre head coach for the Cowboys, but he’s a terrific hire for New York as its offensive coordinator. Joe Judge is in his first year as head coach at any level, so getting Garrett’s level of experience is an important piece of cultivating his staff.

Despite the Cowboys being incredibly underwhelming this season, they had the top-ranked offense in football. With quarterback Daniel Jones entering his second year, the Giants need a steady hand overseeing his development alongside the progressions of running back Saquon Barkley, tight end Evan Engram and receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton.

The hire isn’t sexy, but it’s a wise move for Judge.

4. Gruden would be great hire for Minshew, Jaguars

Jay Gruden is interviewing for the Jacksonville offensive coordinator vacancy. The Jaguars would be wise to hire him.

Gruden has a history of working with young quarterbacks and getting good results, ranging from Andy Dalton to Kirk Cousins. Under Gruden, Dalton led the Bengals to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons, throwing for 80 touchdowns in that span while earning a Pro Bowl berth.

In Washington, the Redskins won the division with Kirk Cousins, who left for the Vikings and a fully-guaranteed $84 million deal. In Gruden’s three years with Cousins as a full-time starter, the former Michigan State star threw for 81 touchdowns against 36 interceptions.

Should the Jaguars decide to go with Gardner Minshew instead of Nick Foles next year, Gruden is the perfect fit to bring the youngster along in Duval.

5. Packers have to start building up their offense 

Aaron Rodgers needs help. Lots of help.

Green Bay was blown out in the NFC Championship Game, and not having enough weapons was a prime reason. Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are terrific, but good defenses can limit the run and double Adams. The incoming rookie class is one of the best receiver crops in some time. General manager Brian Gutekunst should dip into it a few times.

Rodgers remains good enough to win a Super Bowl with, but the days of him carrying a flaw roster  are over. Green Bay’s defense was vastly improved with the signings of Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith and Adrian Amos, but the offense was always a stumbling block.

Credit Rodgers and head coach Matt LaFleur for dragging that group to a 13-3 mark, but weaknesses get exposed in January.

History lesson

The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings are the only teams to reach four Super Bowls and never win.

For both, the pain remains. Ironically, each took a somewhat similar path to the torture.

Minnesota reached the Super Bowl in 1969 as an overwhelming favorite over the American Football League’s Chiefs in Super Bowl IV. Shockingly, the Vikings were blown out 23-7. From 1973-76, Minnesota went to Super Sunday three times as the underdog. It was easily handled all three times.

For Buffalo, the first of four consecutive Super Bowl losses came in 1990. The Bills were heavy favorites to beat the Giants, only to watch Scott Norwood’s last-second field goal sail wide in a 20-19 defeat. After that? Three more trips, all as the underdog. None of the games were close.

Hopefully better days are ahead for both franchises and their fans.

Parting shot

The Seattle Seahawks need to change.

Seattle reached the Divisional round before getting bounced by the Packers. The Seahawks advanced a round further than the prior year, but there’s a clear, obvious problem brewing in the Emerald City.

Russell Wilson is treated as a last resort instead of the first option.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is the gatekeeper of establishing the run. At one point against Green Bay, Seattle ran three straight times before punting. In 2020, that should never happen, especially with a top-five quarterback on the roster.

Wasting Wilson’s prime years while paying him $35 million per season is a cardinal sin. If the Seahawks continue to do so, they’ll slide down the standings. The Los Angeles Rams will retool this offseason, the Arizona Cardinals will improve in year two of the Kliff Kingsbury-Kyler Murray marriage, the 49ers are loaded for years to come. The NFC West is only getting tougher.

If Schottenheimer is unwilling to take the shackles off Wilson, general manager John Schneider should force head coach Pete Carroll to relieve him of the decision.

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5 teams that need to tank for Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence

Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With a year to plan, these five NFL teams need to consider tanking for Trevor Lawrence and draft the Clemson quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The National Championship Game featured a fantastic performance from LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, and he will likely be the top player taken in the 2020 NFL Draft. But since we always think way ahead, what about the 2021 NFL Draft? The top guy for that draft is the signal-caller on the team Burrow just beat, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Lawrence had a slow start to the 2019 season after a brilliant finish to his freshman season, a season that ended with him and the Clemson Tigers winning the National Championship. He started with 14 touchdowns and eight interceptions in the first half of the season but dominated down the stretch with 20 touchdowns and no picks up until the playoff.

As a prospect, Lawrence does so many things well. He’s got plenty of arm strength to throw outside the hashes with ease and can push the football down the field. Lawrence has great accuracy to all levels of the field and can really thrive among the chaos in front of him to deliver a good throw. We’ve also seen what he can do as a runner, as he ran for a 67-yard touchdown in the semifinal game against Ohio State.

There are some who believe that Lawrence is the best NFL Draft prospect at the quarterback position since John Elway all the way back in 1983. While there’s a chance it’s hyperbole or recency bias, Lawrence does so many things well at such a young age.

The “Tank for Tua” became a movement in 2019, and we could see that become a thing for Lawrence as well. What teams could “tank” for him in 2020? Let’s take a look.

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How to watch LSU vs. Clemson: Live stream, TV channel, start time for Monday’s NCAA Football game

Who’s Playing

Clemson @ LSU

Current Records: Clemson 14-0; LSU 14-0

What to Know

The LSU Tigers and the Clemson Tigers have had some time off and are no doubt ready to hit the field. LSU and Clemson will play for all the marbles in the CFP Championship on Monday at Mercedes-Benz Superdome at 8 p.m. ET. Whoever wins takes the crown and caps off a perfect 15-0 season.

When you finish with 381 more yards than your opponent like LSU did two weeks ago, a favorable outcome is almost sure to follow. They took their contest with ease, bagging a 63-28 win over the Oklahoma Sooners. QB Joe Burrow was a one-man wrecking crew for LSU, passing for seven TDs and 493 yards on 39 attempts in addition to punching in one rushing touchdown. Burrow’s 62-yard touchdown toss to TE Thaddeus Moss in the second quarter made for one of the most memorable moments of the evening.

Meanwhile, Clemson received the perfect holiday gift two weeks ago. They managed a 29-23 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes. QB Trevor Lawrence had a stellar game for Clemson as he passed for two TDs and 259 yards on 33 attempts in addition to rushing for one TD and 107 yards. This was the first time Lawrence has racked up 100+ rushing yards all year.

LSU is now 14-0 while Clemson sits at 14-0. LSU and Clemson are both 13-0 after wins this season, but that symmetry won’t hold for long.

How To Watch

  • When: Monday at 8 p.m. ET
  • Where: Mercedes-Benz Superdome — New Orleans, Louisiana
  • TV: ESPN
  • Follow: CBS Sports App


The Tigers are a solid 5.5-point favorite against the Tigers, according to the latest college football odds.

Vegas had a good feel for the line for this one, as the game opened with the Tigers as a 5-point favorite.

Over/Under: 68

See college football picks for every single game, including this one, from SportsLine’s advanced computer model. Get picks now.

Series History

This is the first time these teams have played each other within the last five years.

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NFL Playoffs 2020: 49ers vs. Vikings odds, picks, optimal bracket predictions from expert who’s 10-1

Teams with strong running games collide on Saturday in the 2020 NFL Playoffs when the San Francisco 49ers square off with the Minnesota Vikings. The 49ers (13-3) have the NFL‘s second-best ground game, averaging 144.1 rushing yards per contest. Meanwhile, the Vikings (11-6) rank sixth in the league in rushing at 133.3 yards a game. Facing New Orleans’ stout run defense last week, Minnesota generated for 136 yards on the ground in a 26-20 overtime win.

The Vikings are 4-1 against the spread in their last five games, and kickoff from Santa Clara is set for 4:35 p.m. ET. San Francisco is a seven-point favorite in the latest 49ers vs. Vikings odds, while the over-under for total points scored is 44.5, down one from the opening line. Before you make any Vikings vs. 49ers picks, make sure you check out the NFL predictions from SportsLine’s resident Niners expert, Tom Fornelli.

The CBS Sports national writer has gone a wallet-fattening 31-21 this season on his NFL best bets. What’s more, he has demonstrated a particularly sharp eye for the tendencies of the 49ers. In fact, Fornelli is 10-1 all-time on his NFL picks against the spread involving San Francisco, and anybody who has been following him is way up.

Now Fornelli has dialed in on 49ers vs. Vikings in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs 2020 and released another confident against-the-spread pick. You can head to SportsLine to see it. Here are the NFL lines and trends for Vikings vs. Niners:

  • 49ers vs. Vikings spread: San Francisco -7
  • 49ers vs. Vikings over-under: 44.5 points
  • 49ers vs. Vikings money line: San Francisco -316, Minnesota +254
  • SF: No. 2 in total defense (281.8 yards per game) during the regular season
  • MIN: No. 5 in sacks (48) during the regular season

Why the 49ers can cover

Fornelli knows that George Kittle is a game-changing tight end. This season, Kittle ranked fourth among tight ends in receptions (85), third in receiving yards (1,053) and seventh in touchdowns (five). In last season’s game against Minnesota, Kittle burned the Vikings for five catches and 90 receiving yards. 

In addition, Fornelli has factored in that Dee Ford is set to return to the defensive line rotation. The former first round pick missed the last three games of the regular season with a hamstring injury, but still finished fourth on the team in sacks (6.5) and sixth in tackles for loss (7.5). If he’s healthy, his availability would only strengthen an already formidable defensive line that already includes Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner

Why the Vikings can cover

Minnesota’s passing game got a huge lift with the return of receiver Adam Thielen. After missing five of the team’s last seven games with a hamstring injury, Thielen returned for the wild card game against New Orleans and made seven catches for 129 yards in the win. His 43-yard catch down to the Saints‘ 2-yard line set up the Vikings’ game-winning touchdown in overtime. He’s been hobbled by an ankle injury this week, but is expected to suit up for Saturday’s game.

In addition, Minnesota safety Anthony Harris has a knack of making interceptions. The fifth-year player from Virginia has nine interceptions in 24 starts since he became a regular starter in Week 8 of 2018. That’s the second best per start interception rate in the NFL. Four of his picks have come against three of the league’s best quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees

How to make 49ers vs. Vikings picks

We can tell you Fornelli is leaning under, but he also says a critical x-factor makes one side of the spread a must-back. He’s sharing what it is, and which side to back, only at SportsLine.

Who wins Vikings vs. Niners in the NFL Playoffs 2020? And what critical x-factor makes one side a must-back? Visit SportsLine now to see which side of the Vikings vs. 49ers spread you should be all over Saturday, all from the expert who’s 10-1 on picks involving San Francisco.

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LSU vs. Clemson predictions, picks, odds, line for college football national championship 2020

NEW ORLEANS — No. 1 LSU will play a pseudo-home game on Monday night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome when it squares off with No. 3 Clemson in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship. The game will tie a bow on a wild season that has seen LSU rise up as a power in the SEC West thanks in large part to the play of Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow. All this as Clemson — the reigning and now defending national champions — cruised through the ACC en route to another conference title and a 29-game winning streak. It’s a new twist to a four-team even that has been dominated by Alabama and Clemson over the past four seasons. 

It will be a hell of a matchup between the two top quarterbacks in college football. Burrow, who has 55 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 204.60, has a chance to put together the most prolific season in college football history. Meanwhile, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence hasn’t lost a game through two seasons nor thrown an interception since Oct. 19, 2019. Those two stars will be up against two defensive coordinators — Clemson’s Brent Venables and LSU’s Dave Aranda, respectively — who have been gifted two weeks to draw up something special for the game’s biggest stage.

Clemson has won two of the last three national championships, while LSU is looking for its first national title since Les Miles led them to the crown — in the same building — after the 2007 season. The Bayou Bengals would be the first team to win a national title in their home state since Florida did so following the 2008 season.

Here’s what our CBS Sports panel of college football experts believes will go down on Monday night. Keep on scrolling for their individual national championship game predictions.

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2020 CFP National Championship predictions

Dennis Dodd, senior college football insider: There is too much momentum, too much firepower, too much New Orleans, too much — gumbo — for LSU to lose now. For the fourth time in the BCS/CFP era, LSU will play a de facto home game for the national championship. You’ve got to like the LSU Tigers’ chances with the nation’s best player, the national coach of the year and the entire state of Louisiana behind them. (Saints fans suddenly have money to spend.) OK, so LSU is only 2-1 in those Superdome games, but it isn’t playing Jordan Jefferson at quarterback like in the 2012 BCS Championship Game. Clemson won’t go down easily. Venables will have something for Burrow & Co. Dabo Swinney crossed up Ohio State by making Lawrence a runner and running back Travis Etienne a receiver. The winner in this game will have 32-35 points. Both teams have the ability to reach it. It sounds cliche, but LSU playing at “home” pushes them over the top. In a classic of a natty, let’s call it … LSU 32, Clemson 29

Jerry Palm, playoff and bowls expert: LSU looks like it has everything going for it.  A Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback. A homeish game in New Orleans. All the mojo in the world is on the Tigers’ back. There is just one problem — Clemson. Those Tigers not only have their own mojo going, they have the one thing that LSU doesn’t have: championship pedigree. Clemson knows how to win this thing. It knows how to do it facing adversity, and it knows how to do it facing long odds. These Tigers revel in those situations, and they will do so again.  Burrow may have the better statistical day, but Lawrence will make the big plays needed to pull out a tough win. Again. Clemson 34, LSU 31

Tom Fornelli, college football writer and SportsLine expert: When it comes to making picks, I try to be as logical and analytical as possible. I use numbers and matchups to help determine the smart play. Well, I’m done doing that with this LSU team. All the numbers say that LSU and Clemson are just about even heading into this game, but LSU has been throwing those numbers out the window all season long. The Tigers are a team of destiny. The entire 2019 college football season just won’t make any sense if Clemson ends up winning the national title. LSU has been the story all season long, and it will get its storybook finish at home in New Orleans. LSU 37, Clemson 30

Barrett Sallee, college football writer and SportsLine expert: It’s hard to imagine that a team with 29 straight wins and the national championship in hand can legitimately play the disrespect card, but Clemson has been for most of the season. Not only is it the underdog, but the pseudo-home game will play right into Clemson’s “Us Against the World” mentality. Furthermore, the unsung hero of the team this year has been an offensive line that has been stellar all season. That will be the key. Lawrence will stay in rhythm and Etienne will find room in the middle of the field with Clemson’s offense keeping Burrow and the Bayou Bengals the sideline more than expected. This won’t be the high-scoring shootout that many expect, and Clemson will repeat as national champions. Clemson 35, LSU 31

Chip Patterson, college football writer and Cover 3 Podcast host: Games of this magnitude rarely play out in a perfect manner, and it’s in a dogfight of a contest that I expect Clemson to win its third national championship in four years. Isaiah Simmons doesn’t need to fill the stat sheet to have an impact as the most important player on the field against LSU’s historic offense, and with him on the field and Venables on the sideline — more specifically, barely on the sideline being physically restrained from the field — I think Clemson can Joe Burrow to under 35 points. Lawrence and Etienne can get Clemson to 35, but they need the defense to take down the home field favorites. Clemson 35, LSU 31 

Barton Simmons, 247Sports director of scouting and Cover 3 Podcast host: This LSU team has felt like a team of destiny all year long. The confidence that it’s playing with is unprecedented. Burrow is having the best quarterback season in college football history. The defense is clicking at the right time. I do think that Venables, with the help of Simmons, will pose the toughest test defensively that LSU has seen all season. There will be some back and forth and plenty of momentum swings but the collective offensive firepower that LSU brings to the game is going to put together one more big play or one more big drive than Clemson will be able to muster. LSU 37, Clemson 31

Ben Kercheval, college football writer: This is the hardest national championship pick since the playoff format began. Clemson is playing its best football right now — at a higher clip than a year ago — while LSU is at its healthiest defensively. The theme of the 2019 season has been blue-blood offenses, and I don’t see any reason for that to change now. Ultimately, LSU has been tested time and time again and come out on top. I’ll ride that theme one more time. LSU 37, Clemson 33

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