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US Lacrosse Convention Memorable Moments

The 2020 US Lacrosse Convention has come and gone. That means another year before lacrosse lovers can attend LaxCon 2021. Those who enjoy the event will have to endure the wait, but in the meantime, we can look back at some of the best moments from previous US Lacrosse Conventions in the past to build excitement for the next time the sport hosts a weekend.

Wings Host Game During LaxCon 2019

In 2019, the Philadelphia Wings and US Lacrosse formed a partnership to help promote and improve LaxCon that year. For $23, fans could buy a general admission ticket to the convention’s fan fest and a reserved seat at the Wings game against the Georgia Swarm on Jan. 12, the middle of the weekend when Philadelphia would welcome the lacrosse world for the event. This was a bit of a momentous occasion as it was the first season that the popular Wings franchise had been reestablished in Philadelphia since the franchise left for New England in 2014.

The Wings had a big presence at the event, with one of the team’s stars Trevor Baptiste seemingly showing up all over the place.

And if getting a deal on a ticket for an NLL game wasn’t enough, attendees of the 2019 US Lacrosse Convention also got to enjoy the local delicacies.

Snow Takes Over 2016 Edition

LaxCon 2016 took place in Baltimore, and the weather was not friendly.

A snowstorm ravaged through the city and much of the Northeast United States. The late-January storm made history, dropping 29.2 inches of snow on Baltimore and LaxCon, the most single snowfall the city ever recorded. In fact, the storm was so damaging, the federal government paid the state of Maryland more than $25 million to help with emergency work and repairs caused by the snow.

Do you think a little bit of snow stopped LaxCon, though? Of course not!

Sure, it may have made getting to and from Baltimore a bit more challenging, not to mention navigating the city during the weekend of the convention. But for lacrosse people passionate about their sport, not even record-breaking storms can stop them.

The snow was all anyone could talk about, and with good reason. But the 2016 US Lacrosse Convention still went on as a success and kept the annual weekend tradition going.

Duke and US Men’s National Team Coach John Danowski Speaks at LaxCon

John Danowski, the long-time men’s head coach at Duke and the boss of the US Men’s National Team, has been a feature at multiple LaxCons. He is the winningest coach in NCAA Men’s Division I history, boasts three national championships, and helped the United States bring home the title at the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships.

Needless to say: when he talks lacrosse, people listen.

In 2014, Lax All Stars cut together a video of some of Danowski’s most insightful and telling nuggets of wisdom for fellow coaches, from keeping your assistants on even footing to having team standards, not rules, and more.

Danowski has shared his knowledge at plenty of other LaxCons, like in 2015 when he talked to lacrosse lovers about his priorities as coach, among many other topics.

The coach was at LaxCon 2020, too, and you can bet he will be at future conventions as well. If he is someone you admire and you want a chance to hear from one of the best, you might have a decent chance at LaxCon 2021 or any future event.

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The Oldest Lacrosse Stick: Lacrosse History

Editor’s Note: This article, originally titled, “The Oldest Lacrosse Stick: LAX History” was first published on April 24, 2019, at 1:08 p.m. ET. We’re giving the team at Wood Lacrosse Sticks a break this week after they attended the US Lacrosse Convention. Take a look at the video they created of the top 5 booths at LaxCon.

I’m Justin Skaggs and I am a stick maker out of Philadelphia. I’ve been working on my craft and going through my journey for some time now, and as part of my journey, I’ve made it a point to do my homework and do research on the origin of sticks from all around the world. Now, it’s time to spread my knowledge to you. This is Lacrosse History.

The Oldest Lacrosse Stick: Lacrosse History


Today, I want to discuss the world’s oldest existing lacrosse stick. To be clear, this isn’t me saying that this is the oldest lacrosse sticks in terms of what was used throughout history, but rather that this is the oldest surviving lacrosse stick in terms of something that you can go see in a museum today.

oldest lacrosse stick

The oldest known stick is roughly 200 years old, dating back to 1823. You may think this stick is located somewhere in North America, but it is not. In actuality, the stick is located in Italy. The stick was taken by an Italian explorer name Giacomo Costantino Beltrami. He brought it back to his hometown of Bergamo, Italy, where it is still located today. In fact, the stick is often referred to as The Beltrami Stick. This stick is a Great Lakes-style stick, so it is very similar to the sticks currently made by Minnesota-based lacrosse stick maker Max Kelsey.

oldest lacrosse stick

This is a game with deep origins from generations past, so I fully recognize that this is likely not the oldest lacrosse stick in existence, but so many of these antique items are difficult to time-stamp. Seeing as museums and archaeologists are so particular about when things are and can be dated, the Beltrami Stick gets this accolade.

oldest lacrosse stick

Until next time, make sure to let me know if you’d like to learn about anything in particular, and I’ll take a look into our archives. There are many more sources about this stick and other books (such as Minnesota Lacrosse: A History and North Country: The Making of Minnesota Lacrosse Legends of the First Americans) that I’ve pulled facts from. Until next time, take care, and keep LAXin’.

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Some Of The Best Box Lacrosse: The Galactic Games

Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. I reach for my phone to pull up Google. I start typing and ask the question that I lose sleep over, “Where is the best box lacrosse near me?”

Why Playing Box Lacrosse Is A Good Idea

OK, so that may be a bit dramatized, but feeding your box lacrosse addiction is a real thing. It’s not a version of the sport that a lot of lacrosse players in the U.S. play frequently, but it is growing. And, it is incredibly fun. When I first started playing a few box lacrosse leagues when I was growing up, including high school,  I almost had even more fun on the floor than on the field. I loved field lacrosse, but there was something about the novelty to me of suiting up in the big goalie pads and having a naturally-higher save percentage. And, I have to admit, the shots you would get hit by were like getting brutally beaten with a piece of cotton candy by comparison with the amount of padding you’d wear. In my opinion, the players on the floor had it a lot rougher having to soak slashes and take checks all of the time.

What’s also been really fun has been watching the highest levels of box lacrosse in the National Lacrosse League and other great box tournaments that feature players from the league. It’s incredibly fast-paced and there’s never a dull moment. Plus, with the success of the NLL over the last few years, now is a great time for young lacrosse players to hone their box skills if they have any aspirations of playing lacrosse professionally. The reality of the pro lacrosse scene is that a lot of players play in both the men’s professional field leagues and the NLL in order to earn enough money. I hope that changes, but for now kids that are really wanting to go pro would be wise to have a box skillset as well. It’s certainly not easy to play professionally and a small percentage of total lacrosse players are able to do it, but for those that are trying to do it, having box ability is a really smart move.

Where Can I Find The Best Box Lacrosse Near Me?

I would get out to as many box tournaments as one can. There’s a lot of great tournaments out there, and the Galactic Games hosted by PrimeTime Lacrosse this February 22-23 is aiming to be one of those. This is the first year PrimeTime will be hosting the event, and given what we’ve experienced at PrimeTime events, it’s pretty much a sure thing that this event will be fantastic, too.

The tournament will be held at the Seacoast United Indoor Arena, but if you trust Google reviews it has very high ratings with 4.7 stars for people’s experience. I’ve never been there before and can’t vouch for it myself, but it seems like a top-notch facility and I have heard good things. If you’re in the Northeast, and even at all close to New Hampshire, this would be a great tournament to go.

The tournament is targeted for 2020-2029 age groups and is sanctioned by USBOXLA. If it’s sanctioned by USBOXLA you can be sure that it will be a great experience as USBOXLA is the top box lacrosse organization in the United States and is focused on “properly establish(ing) and grow(ing) the sport of box lacrosse in America,” according to their website.

How Can I Register?

This is definitely a can’t-miss event. It will be worth the effort to be there. If you’d like to register for the Galactic Games, click the button below to visit the tournament page and register by clicking the green “Register Now” button on that page.

Galactic Games Info & Registration

I Need To Help My Box Lacrosse Addiction!

As I said, if you’ve never been played box lacrosse before, now is a great time to get involved. And, if you’ve already been hooked, the Galactic Games are a great way to have a really fantastic box lacrosse experience.

Below is a highlight video featuring the Penguins Select Lacrosse program playing box lacrosse. PrimeTime Lacrosse is partnered with the Penguins Select Lacrosse team, so this can get you ready for the Galactic Games in February.

Box Lacrosse With Penguins Select Lacrosse

PrimeTime’s Great List of 2020 Events

PrimeTime released its 2020 schedule, which we featured on the site last Friday. There’s a lot of other really great tournaments it will be hosting throughout the summer and fall. Take a look at the schedule and sign-up for one today.


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Matt Rambo, Devan Kaney, Pat Gregoire: Lax Class

This week on the Lacrosse Classified podcast, we have not two, but three guests on the lineup. Pat Gregoire, Matt Rambo and Devan Kaney all join the show.

Pat Gregoire, Matt Rambo, Devan Kaney: Lacrosse Classified, Ep. 62

First up is the color commentator for the Halifax Thunderbirds and contributor to Lacrosse Flash, Smokin’ Pat Gregoire. We talk about the success of the Thunderbirds, what it takes to get his hair in place, and has his man-crush changed from Bradley Kri to Graeme Hossack?

Secondly, we speak with Matt Rambo of the Philadelphia Wings and Whipsnakes of the PLL. We speak about the recent success of the Wings, the transition of his game to the box game, the growth of the US men’s box lacrosse team and scoring the overtime winner in the PLL championship.

Finally, this week we have Devan Kaney of the NLL and field reporter for the Philadelphia Wings. Devan produces a number of segments for the NLL every week including The Rundown and Huddle Up. We talk about her recent trips to LaxCon and San Diego, who her memorable player interviews were with and who is her favorite analyst to talk to.

As always we go Under Review, brought to you by G Wilson Construction and this week we explain the Alterna Cup. Plus we’ve got Stampede Tack‘s #WhoYaGott where Evan takes his accustomed spot on top of the standings with eight games to pick from this week. And we have our first-ever female winner of Who Ya Gott!

As always a big thank you to our sponsors for the podcast Pure Vita Labs, the Vancouver Warriors, Associated Labels and Packaging, Stampede Tack and G Wilson Construction.

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Canton Youth Lacrosse Club (MBYLL)

Canton Youth Lacrosse Club (MBYLL) – Lacrosse All Stars

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Leaders In Lacrosse: Here Are The NLL’s Owners

The NLL is arguably the biggest lacrosse league in professional sports right now. With 13 teams, an average attendance of 9,596 fans at every game and what seems like an announcement every week or so of some new corporate partnership, it would seem that the NLL is doing quite well from a business standpoint under the guidance of current league commissioner Nick Sakiewicz.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at who some of the leaders in lacrosse are — current owners of NLL franchises — and provide some info about their ownership history, their professional life as well as other interesting information about them.

There are some pretty big names in business and sports that also act as owners for NLL franchises. There’s Comcast Spectacor that owns the Philadelphia Wings (as well as the Flyers of the NHL and the Philadelphia 76ers), Terry and Kim Pegula, who own the Buffalo Bandits and Rochester Knighthawks, as well as the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, and Joe Tsai, who owns the San Diego Seals, the Brooklyn Nets and has been an investor in the Premier Lacrosse League.

We’ll be doing a profile on each of the owners for the various NLL franchises over the next few weeks. Below is a list of all of the current owners and their respective franchises. We’ll update this info with hyperlinks once these articles are published.

Hopefully, this series will be informative and will provide a little glimpse into the pro sports industry including how it relates to lacrosse. Our goal will be to do similar profiles on major players in the WPLL, PLL and MLL.

For now, here’s the list!

toronto rock nll national lacrosse league box lacrosse pro lacrosse
Screenshot, Toronto Rock

Leaders In Lacrosse: List of NLL Owners

Current Owners

Terry & Kim Pegula – Buffalo Bandits, Rochester Knighthawks

Brief Summary

When Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Sabres in 2011, the Buffalo Bandits came along as part of the deal. In 2018, Terry reached an agreement to purchase the Rochester Knighthawks from Curt Styles who now owns the Halifax Thunderbirds. Terry also owns other franchises like the Buffalo Bills along with his wife and successful businesswoman Kim Pegula, who is the president of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, a company that manages their pro sports franchises.

nll power rankings bandits swarm
Photo courtesy of the National Lacrosse League

John Arlotta, Andy Arlotta – Georgia Swarm

John Arlotta originally purchased what was then the Minnesota Swarm in 2008. John is a Notre Dame alumnus and was actually the lead donor for Arlotta Stadium at the university. His son, Andy, is a co-owner and current president of the Swarm, entering 12th season. John is a retired Captain in the US Army Reserves and has been a CEO and managed a diverse array of companies. Both he and his son Andy have experience in the healthcare industry as well.

Mohegan Tribe, Brad Brewster – New England Black Wolves

The New England Black Wolves are partially-owned by both the Mohegan Tribe, a federally-recognized tribe and sovereign nation, and Brad Brewster, who has worked in public affairs and various law and political capacities. The Black Wolves were actually relocated from Philadelphia and were the former Wings franchise that existed in Philadelphia from 1987 to 2014. The Black Wolves began league play during the 2014-2015 season.

chris cloutier
TORONTO, ON – JANUARY 4: National Lacrosse League game between the Philadelphia Wings vs Toronto Rock on January 4, 2019 at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
(Photo by Ryan McCullough / National Lacrosse League)

Comcast Spectacor – Philadelphia Wings

Comcast Spectacor — a sports group owned by Comcast — currently owns the Philadelphia Wings, as well as the Philadelphia 76ers and Philadelphia Flyers. David Scott currently serves as Chairman and CEO of the company, and also acts as Governor of the Philadelphia Flyers for the National Hockey League.

Jamie Dawick – Toronto Rock

Jamie Dawick is the current owner for the Toronto Rock which was purchased after the 2009 season. Dawick has also served as general manager for the team since 2014. Dawick was helped complete the privately-financed $20 million dollar Toronto Rock Athletic Centre, which has hosted NLL games, the NLL draft and NLL combine.

dane dobbie calgary roughnecks nll national lacrosse league
Screenshot, Calgary Roughnecks

Calgary Flames – Calgary Roughnecks

The Calgary Flames purchased the Calgary Roughnecks in 2011, which was the third NLL team to be owned by a group that also included hockey franchises. N. Murray Edwards is the current chairman, director and co-owner of the Calgary Flames and has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts. Alvin G. Libin, Allan P. Markin and Jeffrey J. McCaig are also all listed on owners on the Roughnecks website.

Stan Kroenke – Colorado Mammoth

Stan Kroenke bought the Mammoth in 2004 and owns a plethora of other sports franchises such as the Los Angeles Rams, the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, the Colorado Rapids and the English Premier League football club Arsenal. Fun fact: the Colorado Mammoth were awarded the honor of hosting the league’s one-millionth fan of the 2006 season, which was the first time the NLL had reached over a million fans during the season.

Joe Tsai – San Diego Seals

Joe Tsai is the co-founder and executive vice-chairman of the Alibaba Corporation and current owner of the San Diego Seals, Brooklyn Nets and is an investor in the Premier Lacrosse League. Joe played lacrosse at Yale University, graduating with his undergraduate in 1986 and a doctorate from Yale Law School in 1990. The Seals made the playoffs in their first season as an expansion franchise. He is quickly emerging as one of the leaders in lacrosse.

Saskatchewan Rush NLL 2018 NLL Championship NLL Cup
Photo: NLL

Bruce Urban – Saskatchewan Rush

The Rush franchise was purchased by Bruce Urban back in 2005 and has been one of the NLL’s most successful franchises, having won three championships within the last five seasons and are hoping to compete for their fourth this year. Urban is the owner and operator of the Western RV Group of Companies, the largest RV dealer in Western Canada.

Canucks Sports & Entertainment – Vancouver Warriors

The Warriors were sold to Canucks Sports & Entertainment in 2018 and were relocated to Rogers Arena from the Langley Events Centre. The team was rebranded as well. Canucks Sports & Entertainment is owned by the Aquilini Investment Group, whose managing director is Francesco Aquilini, a Canadian businessman.


That’s the complete list with a bit of brief information about the ownership situation of each team. We’ll take a deeper dive into each of these leaders in lacrosse in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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2020 PLL Expansion Draft Projections

With the announcement of the seventh PLL team this month, and the 2020 PLL expansion draft soon to come, it’s a perfect time to discuss how this draft will affect the league. A full list of the expansion draft rules can be found here. I’ve included the most important details below:

  1. On January 13th, 2020, the original six lacrosse clubs will be required to submit a roster of 11 protected players to the PLL League Office (one goalie and 10 positional players).”

  2. “The seventh Lacrosse Club will draft a total of 18 players in the Expansion Draft.”

  3. “No more than four players can be selected from a single existing lacrosse club in the Expansion Draft.”

Given these rules, Jack Smith and I went over each roster and picked 10 field players and one goalie to protect. We then identified 18 players we think would fit well together for the expansion team. Players in bold were voted as a top-50 player by the PLL players.

2020 PLL Expansion Draft Projections

Our Mock Draft


A-Will Manny

A-Marcus Holman

M-Ben McIntosh

M-Dominique Alexander

M-Tom Schreiber

M-Dan Eipp

M-Mark McNeill

D-Matt McMahon

D-Scott Ratliff

D-Jackson Place

G-Adam Ghitelman


Archers LC finished 5-5 in the regular season showcasing an exciting style of offense that took advantage of the transition game. Manny and Holman stay onboard to hold down an attack unit that may welcome Pat Spencer — assuming his basketball career ends at graduation and chooses the PLL over the MLL. McIntosh and Schreiber will continue to shine on the offensive end, while Eipp, McNeill, Alexander and Ratliff dominate on defense and in transition. McMahon and Place remain down low to protect Ghitelman, who edges Adams. Archers goaltenders — Ghitelman and Adams — came in third in the league in terms of goals prevented in our PLL By The Numbers series. Given that Ghitelman played approximately 68% of the time, it’s not an unreasonable assumption that Ghitelman played a large role in that.


A-Eric Law

A-Ryan Brown

A-Kieran McCardle

M-Connor Buczek

M-Kevin Unterstein

M-Paul Rabil

FO-Trevor Baptiste

D-Cade Van Raaphorst

D-Tucker Durkin

D-Kyle Hartzell

G-Jack Concannon


It will be interesting to see how a new coach addresses the roster without much lead time but we believe that the three strong attackmen and four midfielders on the protected list lead a solid group of scorers to build on. The defense will have three returning poles to protect Concannon. Baptiste is a must protect at the faceoff-X, as he clearly made the largest impact in the league from a faceoff perspective, and arguably of any player based on our PLL By The Numbers series produced by NBA sports analytics guru Wayne Winston and his son Greg. In an expansion draft, you’re going to lose someone talented and it seems like this time it’s likely to be Joel Tinney or John Crawley.


A-Connor Fields

A-Miles Thompson

A-Josh Byrne

M-Myles Jones

M-Deemer Class

M-Jake Froccaro

DM-Kyle McClancy

D-Brodie Merrill

D-Jack Rowlette

D-Jarrod Neumann 

G-Blaze Riorden


Chaos LC brings back their fun and dynamic style of play that helped them to a 7-3 record. Offensively, Chaos has to keep Fields and Byrne at attack and Jones, Class and Froccaro at midfield. We are hoping that Miles Thompson can stay healthy next year. Defensively, they return the defensive captain in Merrill with the underrated Rowlette and rising star Jarrod Neumann, who took the league by storm last year. They’ll cross their fingers that their defensive midfielders survive the expansion draft. Blaze Riorden is a must-protect, considering that he averaged the most goals prevented per game by almost double than the next goalkeeping squad according to our PLL By The Numbers end of season statistics (technically, the goals prevented stat measured a goalkeeping unit, but since we estimate that Riorden played 98% of the time it’s realistic to assume that it was largely him that generated that number).


A-Justin Guterding

A-Jordan Wolf

A-Matt Danowski

M-Jordan MacIntosh

M-Ned Crotty

M-John Ranagan

FO-Connor Farrell

D-Joe Fletcher

D-Chris Sabia

D-Joel White

G-John Galloway


John Galloway returns in net to lead a defense that had the worst goal differential in the league. Guterding, Wolf and Danowski — aka the Duke attack line — stay intact and looks to build on last year’s performances. The midfield will be led by Crotty and MacIntosh, while rising star Connor Farrell hopes to continue 2019 success and what may have been the most impressive rookie campaign in the league. 


A-Matt Kavanagh

A-Jules Heningburg

A-Ryder Garnsey

M-Brent Adams

M-Pat Harbeson

M-Sergio Perkovic

M-Sergio Salcido

D-Eddy Glazener

D-Matt Landis

D-Garrett Epple

G-Tim Troutner


Two teams had the ability to keep 11 top 50 players, but we are deciding to make things interesting. Although Gurenlian is still a faceoff icon, the thought is that he may retire in the next few years. If the Redwoods don’t protect Gurenlian and are able to trade for a draft pick that would let them take Ierlan, the chance to potentially have another faceoff legend on the team — one that would be more likely to have more years ahead of him in his career — might be too good to pass up. It’s unlikely that if Gurenlian is not protected that he wouldn’t be drafted by the Waterdogs as he is a great piece to have. The best-case scenario for Redwoods is for Gurenlian to go undrafted in the expansion draft and then have a chance to stay and continue playing in addition to mentoring Ierlan until he retires (the chances that Ierlan is going to the PLL over the MLL seems likely simply based on the fact that a Twitter account that appears to be his has a picture of him taking in the sights at a PLL game last summer). However, provided that the Redwoods are able to ensure that they get Ierlan, in my mind, it would be worth the risk to make that move happen. It’s tough to say if Redwoods can guarantee a good enough draft pick by the time the 2020 PLL Expansion Draft happens, but it would be great for them if they could. The protected players allow the team to keep their identity without losing a long term talent. The toughest decision was to protect Glazener or Sexton, with Glazener narrowly winning out.


A-Matt Rambo

A-Ryan Drenner

M-Jake Bernhardt

M-Tyler Warner

M-Mike Chanenchuk

M-Connor Kelly

FO-Joseph Nardella

D-Bryce Young

D-Michael Ehrhardt

D-Matt Dunn

G-Kyle Bernlohr


The reigning PLL champions had the 12 top 50 players (not a surprise) but they’re only able to keep 11 of them. For us, it came down to Drew Snider or Ryan Drenner and we believed keeping the Rambo-Drenner connection was imperative. With Nardella proving himself not only as a premier face-off athlete but also as a threat in transition, he’s a must protect. Bernlohr returns behind Young, Dunn, and Ehrhardt with Warner helping at both ends and in transition. The ridiculous offense lead by all-everything Rambo and Mr. Clutch (Ryan Drenner), will be supported by Kelly, Bernhardt and the human two-bomb Mike Chanenchuk. 


Note: When picking this team there were too many options to consider so we decided to give you an idea of what kind of talent would be available and how it could be used. It is completely hypothetical and just goes to show the kind of talent that exists in the league. Enjoy!

A-Christian Cuccinello (Archers)

A-Chris Cloutier (Atlas)

A-Ben Reeves (Whipsnakes)

FO-Greg Gurenlian (Redwoods)

M-Joe Walters (Redwoods)

M-Drew Snider (Whipsnakes)

M-Ian MacKay (Archers)

M-John Crawley (Atlas)

M-Dhane Smith (Chaos)

M-Romar Dennis (Chrome)

DM-Mark Glicini (Chaos)

D-Larken Kemp (Redwoods)

D-BJ Grill (Chrome)

D-Austin Pifani (Atlas)

D-Matt Rees (Chaos)

D-John Sexton (Redwoods)

D-Michael Manley (Chrome)

G-Drew Adams (Archers)

Summary: Cuccinello, Cloutier and Reeves give you a little bit of everything. A healthy Gurenlian immediately gives you a boost at the faceoff X and his leadership and experience will go a long way. This assumes that Gurenlian gets picked up by the Waterdogs due to the scenario we mentioned above in the Redwoods LC section. The midfield is full of guys who displayed clear ability but were stuck behind ridiculous talent on their old club. The defense is a perfect mixture of youth, experience and ability to move the ball in transition. There’s no shortage of talent but plenty of guys hungry to prove they can be “the guy”.

Who would you take for the Waterdogs in the 2020 PLL expansion draft?

Authors: Nick Zoroya @nicholaszoroya, Jack Smith @jack_smiff1

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PrimeTime Lacrosse 2020 Schedule Debuts

PrimeTime Lacrosse 2020 Schedule Debuts – Lacrosse All Stars

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Things To Do In Philly: WLS Presents

What’s up, lacrosse fans?! #LAXCON2020 is back in my home city of Philadelphia this year, so let me guys share a few fun things you can do while visiting the City of Brotherly Love.

Things To Do In Philly: WLS Presents


things to do in philly #laxcon2020 justin skaggs wood lacrosse sticks

Okay, so everyone always wants to know what the best cheesesteak in the city is, and it’s not Pat’s and Geno’s. Don’t get tricked into going there. Trust me. What you’re looking for is a place like John’s Roast Pork in South Philly. To me, it’s the No. 1 undisputed king of cheesesteaks here in the city. Also, give Woodrow’s a try. It’s a really cool place in South Street. There’s also a lot to do in the area. Try Max’s in North Philly as well. It may take a bit of time, but the food is great and it’s an excellent place to check out.


things to do in philly #laxcon2020 justin skaggs wood lacrosse sticks

If you’re into public art or just art galleries in general, Philly has a lot to offer. There are gorgeous murals all over the city, and plenty of different types of galleries to explore. Fishtown, Northern Liberties and Old City are great places to take in some local art. Also, if you happen to come back to the city on First Friday, be sure to walk around and check out the free galleries! Be sure to check out the Center for Art in Wood. Naturally, it’s one of my favorite places in the city.


things to do in philly #laxcon2020 justin skaggs wood lacrosse sticksFor some local culture, as well as more incredible food, check out The Italian Market. It’s a legendary Philly staple. It’s an open-air parker that goes for about 10 locks in South Philadelphia. If I were to go through all the history associated with the Italian Market, it would take all day, so let me just say that you’ve got to check it out. There are so many things down there that you won’t find anywhere else.


things to do in philly #laxcon2020 justin skaggs wood lacrosse sticks

If you guys wanna do something a little bit touristy, you should check out the One Liberty Observation Deck. I know that it may sound a bit basic but trust me. It’s a fun and incredible resource for information about this great city, complete with a breath-taking 360-degree view of the city. If you can, check it out at night for a beautiful, colorful view of Philadelphia.


things to do in philly #laxcon2020 justin skaggs wood lacrosse sticks

Now, if you’re just looking to pack as much lacrosse into your weekend as you can, be sure to get tickets to the Wings’ NLL home opener against Vancouver this weekend. It should be a really great game. Also, on Saturday, the Wood Lacrosse Sticks woodshop is holding an open house. We’ll be open to the public between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. before FanFest. You can literally fill your day with lacrosse from sunrise to sunset.

Personally, I can’t wait to see some of my out-of-town friends and colleagues at the convention again this year, and I’ll definitely be sharing more sweet spots in the city with them. I hope to see you there as well. Until then, take care. Keep LAXin’. And welcome to Philadelphia.

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DI Men’s Lacrosse Conference Discussion: Ivy League

Lacrosse All Stars

Connecting the worldwide lacrosse community with authentic storytelling, news coverage, reviews, broadcasts and original video content by players, for players. We’re on a mission to grow the game® on a global scale and inspire the next generation of passionate lacrosse players.

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