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Editor’s Note: This article by Ryan Connors, originally titled “Pop Culture Lacrosse References” was originally published on December 19, 2011, at 11:25 a.m. ET. It has been updated with minor edits and reorganized to include other lacrosse pop culture references. Given the current situation with the coronavirus, there’s a lot more time on everyone’s hands to watch a lot more television. Have a marathon to find all of these references! Is there a lacrosse pop culture reference that we missed? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media (@LaxAllStars).

Lacrosse Pop Culture References

The Backstory

I was going for a run the other night. While listening to my iPod, Sam Adams, the rapper, came up on shuffle.  Adams is from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and went to college at Hobart and William Smith Colleges for two years. It was while he was at Hobart where he recorded his first single “I Hate College (Remix)”. Now, you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with lacrosse?”

I will tell you.

In the song “I Hate College (Remix)”, Adams says, “I felt lost saw some herbs all wearin’ Lacoste, couple dudes in pinnies musta played lacrosse”.

That inspired me to write this article about all the pop culture references that deal with lacrosse.

Everyone can agree that lacrosse has grown a ton over the last decade or two and the larger media world is even starting to pick up on this. The movie “Crooked Arrows” was one of the first major motion picture that was fully centered around lacrosse.

So, let’s dive into the list of other major lacrosse pop culture references.

Crooked Arrows lacrosse chewy
“Chewy” in Crooked Arrows.

Movie References

Sean Parker: Facebook, Napster, Lacrosse?

In 2010, David Fincher’s film “The Social Network” was released. The movie is about the creation of Facebook. There is a particular scene in the movie where Sean Parker (Justin Timberlake) and Mark Zuckerberg (Jessie Eisenberg) are talking about Napster. Sean Parker explains that he created Napster to impress the girlfriend of the varsity lacrosse captain so that he could win her over. I checked the validity of that story and couldn’t find how true it was, but nonetheless, even if Arron Sorkin made that part up, it is pretty cool that he chose to use lacrosse.

American Pie

My final reference is both the most famous and probably the most classic lacrosse movie reference “American Pie”. The 1999 comedy is about a group of seniors in their final months of high school.  What is the sport that they all play? You guessed it, lacrosse! A very old school version of early 1990s brand of lacrosse that is, but classic nonetheless. Chris Klein and Sean William Scott are both stars on the team, and the movie includes some good lacrosse scenes. Whenever movie buffs and lacrosse fanatics are on the same topic, “American Pie” always comes up.

I’d also like to point out that the goalie in the movie is a Mercyhurst alum.  Sorry, but I had to get that plug for Mercyhurst in. Although, now you have some extra trivia to impress your friends with.

Mean Girls: Leaving It All Out On The Field

The fictional North Shore High School Lady Lions Lacrosse team is featured at the end of the movie “Mean Girls”, when one of the main characters, Regina George, is shown to have joined the team based on the advice from her therapist that she should take up sports in order to let her anger out on the field. It’s safe to say she did just that.

Just to clarify, we’re not sure what version of the high school rule book they were playing by, but is probably based on a localized version of how athletes in the Midwest tend to play lacrosse (the story of the movie is based in Illinois).

TV References


Lacrosse has made casual appearances on shows like “NCIS”, “Modern Family” (where Alex Dunphy plays lacrosse and is also considered to be the family nerd) and “Weeds”.

Archer: Growing The Game, Even Among Pirates

From a major motion picture all the way to a TV mini-series, I found lacrosse references. The main character, Sterling Archer, from the hit TV show “Archer” is a lacrosse fanatic. Archer is the top agent at a secret United States spy agency. He went to a very private and prestigious prep school and was an all-star in lacrosse while there. In years past, prep schools and lacrosse were synonymous with one another. Throughout the two seasons of the show that have been aired thus far, there have been a number of references to the sport of lacrosse. One of these was when Archer becomes a captain of a group of rebel pirates and establishes an intramural lacrosse league.

Teen Wolf: Two Cases Of A Double-Edged Sword

This past summer MTV even produced a new series called “Teen Wolf”.The premise of the series was about a young kid in high school who gets bitten and eventually turns into a werewolf. The big sports team that the main character is trying out for is the lacrosse team. Traditionally, the hero goes out for the football or basketball team to impress the girl. This time it’s the lacrosse team.

The Simpsons: Pointing Out The Obvious By Ignoring It

“The Simpsons” episode called “There Will Be Buds” aired on November 6, 2016. In this episode of “The Simpsons”, Milhouse’s dad, Kirk Van Houten, suggests that the local youth take up lacrosse in place of football after the football season is suspended due to concerns over concussions. Nobody wants to hear it, but eventually, everyone agrees to support the idea even though lacrosse also has a pretty high rate of its athletes sustaining concussions.

Also, Paul and Gary Gait get a shoutout in the show, which Casey Powell wrote about for LaxAllStars.

A youth team is formed, and chaos ensues. You’ll have to watch the episode to see what happens!

Seinfeld: Stirred, Only Slightly Shaken

Were you aware of this one? In the “Seinfeld” episode called “The Hot Tub”, Cosmo Kramer installs a hot tub in his apartment that leads to a whole slew of ridiculous consequences. During the episode, Newman stirs the hot tub with a wooden lacrosse stick.

The Daily Show: Real Recognizes Real

“The Daily Show”, which was hosted by Jon Stewart at the time, had an episode a number of years ago that actually saw lacrosse legend Oren Lyons make an appearance. The show included a climate change rally that was taking place in New York City and Oren Lyons was seen at the event standing next to celebrities like Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton.

Blue Mountain State

Don’t. Just don’t.

Other Lacrosse References In Pop Culture

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning” is a popular YouTube channel that has over 16 million subscribers. It featured a pair of STX gloves in one of its episodes.

Find Out More!

Take a look at our series called “Spotted” that has featured lacrosse being referenced in different advertisements, TV shows or is found in other places like Bill Belicheck wearing a Warrior Lacrosse sweatshirt. You can find that series by clicking here.


Can You Find This Lacrosse Pop Culture Reference In This Song?

I found another musical lacrosse reference, but I am not going to share it with you.  Instead, I’m going to challenge you to find it and tell me what song it is, and what the lyric is.  I’ll give you a hint. There are two performers with one of them being from Canada. Leave a comment with your guesses. Good luck!

Let us know any references we have missed in the comments! Or, tag us on social media using our handle (@LaxAllStars).

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Mamba Mentality

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Mamba Mentality

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Keeping Youth Athletes Active | US Lacrosse

At this point in our national reaction to the threat of the COVID-19 virus, the impact on daily routines is everywhere. Schools, restaurants, community centers and many businesses have all closed temporarily. Distance learning, remote work and social distancing are the new norms.

Sadly, the disruption to youth sports, including the traditional spring lacrosse season, is also upon us.

That doesn’t mean, however, that kids should cease all physical activities.

Recommendations from The Aspen Institute’s Project Play encourages parents to facilitate opportunities for children to move in order to ensure physical and mental well-being. 

According to Sara Poehlman, a care expert who works on emergency education and parent programs, this is especially important if kids are now engaged in distance learning via computer.

“Movement in between periods of study is essential to ensure focus, concentration, and sustained attention,” she said.

Physical activities recommended by Poehlman include running around the block, jumping jacks, yoga, or a dance party. Screen time may seem like a solution to keep children occupied, but it can be detrimental to their mood and energy when used for a prolonged period of time, she said. Poehlman recommends short intervals of screen time (no binge watching) and selecting content that motivates physical activity.

“Boys and girls need free, unstructured time for play,” Poehlman said. “If they do have worries, play can be a strategy to work them out.”

Project Play recommends individual activities such as running, riding bikes, or in the case of lacrosse players, wall ball or shooting practice. The focus should be on playing in an isolated environment and avoiding settings where equipment is shared, including gyms and playground installations.

Many of Project Play’s movement recommendations are consistent with US Lacrosse’s Athlete Development Model, including some of the free play activities and exercises highlighted in 60 Ways to Play

The current shutdown of youth sports, while painful, could yield a positive benefit in the future.

“In the long term, I hope this shutdown sparks the return of free play for more kids,” said Jon Solomon of the Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised in my neighborhood to see so many kids outside riding bikes and scooters, shooting baskets, and going for walks – while keeping appropriate social distancing. With no organized sports taking up their time and energy, they’re playing on their terms. The key will be parents recognizing this happening and allowing it to continue in the future.”  

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(Philadelphia, March 18, 2020)- The National Lacrosse League today unveiled a new logo to honor all constituencies during these challenging times. The logo contains images from all areas connected to the league and will be updated periodically as fans, players, and other interested parties send in new images.

The copy accompanying the image that was posted on the NLL social platforms and communicated to their email database was:
“We cannot celebrate our games, but we can celebrate our fans, our players, and our sport. Thanks to all in lacrosse and beyond; together we will keep growing!  Stay safe, stay smart, stay engaged with us.  Cannot find yourself in our new look? Send us a picture and we will add you to our team. Just tag #NLL and stay tuned.”



The NLL is providing original content from players and teams during the current stoppage of the season, all of which can be viewed on NLL Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as its YouTube channel.

For More Information Contact: Katie Lavin (klavin@nll.com)

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UMBC Lacrosse Custom Award Sticks

umbc lacrosse wood lacrosse sticks justin skaggs

I’m Justin Skaggs, lead stick maker at Skaggs Wood Works and curator of WoodLacrosseSticks.com. Today, I want to showcase this really awesome order that UMBC asked me to build for them. It’s a pretty cool order because it has some TWIGs as well as some full-size sticks, and I think it’s a really cool showcase.

UMBC Lacrosse Custom Award Sticks

umbc lacrosse wood lacrosse sticks justin skaggs

UMBC actually decided to give these out as thank you gifts for the families that have supported the team. So, a lot of what I do is to create stick around celebrating the end of their playing cycle, or them moving on to another stage. These are actually going to families to commemorate the families that supported the culture at UMBC Lacrosse. I thought that was really special.

umbc lacrosse wood lacrosse sticks justin skaggs

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County is coached by Ryan Moran. The Retrievers are an NCAA Division I team playing in the American East Conference, and it’s just kind of cool that even at that level, the families of the players still have a lot of influence on both the happiness and the productivity of the team.

umbc lacrosse wood lacrosse sticks justin skaggs

We got the UMBC Retriever logo on on here, and there’s a lot of variety in all of the engravings here because we actually had to repair and change the laser midway through this order. Some of the engravings are very heavy in soot, some of them are very deep, but either way, they are going to be a great commemorative piece for all the families. Every project gives you its own little hiccups, but we got through this one. I hope that you guys all love them, and go UMBC Lacrosse. Until next time, take care. Keep LAXin’.

umbc lacrosse wood lacrosse sticks justin skaggs

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LacrosseTrending News

Teen Lacrosse Player: Sam Rothman.

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview teen lacrosse player Sam Rothman. 

Same has a pretty cool Instagram page that features other teen lacrosse players as well. If you are a teen lacrosse player hoping to be featured somewhere definitely hit her up. 

Sam currently has 5.5k followers on her instagram page. If you get a chance make sure you checkout her page. 

How old are you?

I am 16 years old. 

How is your lax career going so far?

I have been playing lacrosse since I was eight years old, and so far it has been going decently. I am committing D2 in the spring, so I am excited for that. 

Who are some of the people you look up to in women’s lax and why?

Some of my lacrosse idols are Taylor Cummings and Kylie Ohlmiller, two icons of the sport to this day. Taylor has a grit and determination that cannot he matched, and she inspires me to push through whatever it is I am doing.

Kylie inspires me to be unique and try to have my own style and finesse to make my skills stand out from the crowd. 

What do you love most about Lacrosse?

I love the adrenaline that comes with playing lacrosse. The feeling that comes after you finish a successful shot or a play you’ve been working on is an unmatched feeling.

What are you plans for the future?

I am planning on attending a D2 school in the fall of 2021 to play lacrosse and possibly field hockey as well. I am planning to major in Physical Therapy with a minor in some type of Social Media Marketing.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My best words of advice are to always stay true to yourself. No matter what happens, or what you’re going through, or even what other people say about you—you know yourself better than any of them.

You know how hard you work, and how hard you’re willing to push yourself to get what you want. That is the key to success, that is the key to life in a way. Keeping a positive mindset and reminding yourself that anything is possible will take you where you want to go.

If you liked this article make sure you checkout our recent interview with: Teen Volleyball Player & TikTok Maker: Katlynn Gill.

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Greg Gurenlian Retires: Thanks For Shaping Lacrosse

Faceoff legend Greg Gurenlian announced his retirement today from the Premier Lacrosse League, playing in the inaugural PLL season after coming out of retirement from leaving Major League Lacrosse in 2017.

Greg Gurenlian Retires From PLL

About His Career

The seemingly ageless 30-something that seemed to get better the older he got, has been one of the most dominant faceoff midfielders to ever play the sport of lacrosse. Gurenlian was notorious for wiping the floor with the opposition throughout his pro lacrosse career, particularly during his time in Major League Lacrosse.

Gurenlian spent the last 8 years of his MLL career with the current New York Lizards franchise, where he set the MLL record for most groundballs in a season in 2015, most faceoff wins in a season and for the highest-ever faceoff win percentage in a season. Gurenlian was named the league-MVP as the Lizards took home the MLL championship that year. He made the MLL All-Pro team six times and was an all-star five times.

During his career with the Premier Lacrosse League, Gurenlian was named a 2019 PLL All-Star, representing Redwoods LC.

Gurenlian also was a major figure on the international level, having won the gold medal at the 2018 World Games and setting the record for faceoff win percentage in a world game at 81%.

Greg Gurenlian is the co-founder of the Faceoff Academy, and has mentored some of the top faceoff men in the game today including Trevor Baptiste.

Gurenlian is largely credited with revolutionizing the faceoff position and setting a standard for dominant faceoff men to have followed him. He is currently the only player to be named MVP of the MLL at the faceoff position.

Thank You From Lacrosse

While Greg has changed the sport of lacrosse from a faceoff perspective — his dominance and subsequent similar players have shaped a discussion about changing faceoff rules or eliminating the draw completely — Gurenlian has been known to be one of the most incredible people. I have never met Greg personally but have heard great things. In an article by Andrew Bracy — a former star faceoff midfielder at the Division III level and former MLL player — for Lacrosse All Stars, he had this to say about Gurenlian:

After going out to the field and shaking hands with one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met in my life, I then partook in what was my favorite lacrosse experience ever from the player-at-a-clinic perspective under Gurelian’s Face Off Academy tutelage. From the get-go, Gurenlian was both incredibly friendly, personable and just a flat-out fun guy for all of the players there but also very straightforward with what the expectations were:

Andrew Bracy, as seen on Lacrosse All Stars

Although Bracy had only met Gurenlian once at this point, I know there are countless others in pro lacrosse that share similar sentiments.

Reactions To Greg’s Retirement

From me, personally, it has been incredibly enjoyable to watch Gurenian play over the years. I believe that his dominance at the faceoff-X has been one of the more interesting storylines in not only lacrosse but in pro sports in general over the last number of years. In an age of versatility in sports, there are few positions left that are that specialized that can have that same impact on the outcome of a game that I am aware of. For the amount of time that most faceoff midfielders spend on the field compared to other positions in any other sport, their impact can be incredible and can dominate a game’s result depending on their performance. Greg was one of the best and his legacy will certainly be remembered. Enjoy retirement, Greg!

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