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The End Is Here With Avengers Endgame

OH SNAP! Avengers Endgame

That is what the ending to Infinity War had us saying and what Thanos did to (Spoiler Alert!!!) terminate half the universe. Let’s now breakdown Avengers EndGame.

It has almost been a full year since the snap and still we have not figured out how the Avengers are going to beat Thanos.

Many theories and speculations have swirled ever since that movie came out.

I for one am very excited to see Avengers Endgame. I know I have made many many theories that I will share with all of you shortly.

Starting about a month after Infinity War many people tried to predict the title name of Avengers 4.

The Russo Brothers said it’s not Infinity Gauntlet or Endgame. Come around August there was a huge spoiler that the name is Avengers Annihilation.

People didnt seem thrilled with the name and thought it was very disappointing. Kevin Feige and the Russo Brothers did say that they thought everyone would be disappointed with the name for Avengers 4.

Come August through November most of the fans started to get anxious for a trailer. Many people believed it would hit YouTube and Yivster in mid November but still were still left disappointed.

Then a very close source to Marvel said that the trailer would drop at the beginning of December.

Well he was right and the trailer was suppose to drop on the day Presidents Bush funeral was, but since it was a national day of mourning they decided not too.

Finally on December 7, 2018 we got the trailer everyone has been waiting for. It was 2 minutes of glory and broke the record for most views in 24 hours with over 80 million.

Low and behold the name of the actual film was giving to us in the trailer…. Avengers: Endgame.

The rumors took off about who would die and what the plot was about and how thanos would be defeated.

I think most people including myself believe Captain America will die at the hand of Thanos. A lot of people also believe that Iron Man has a very likely chance of dying.

In the first trailer it showed him adrift in space about to run out of oxygen in his space shuttle.

A later trailer revealed he escapes space and meets back up with the avengers.

I believe Iron Man will die still because he wants to retire but anytime he tries to retire and their is a cry for help he has to help and the only possible ending for him is death.

Rocket is the only remaining Guardian and it makes me believe that he is all but gone also.

Someone like Rocket dying makes me upset thinking about him not being in GOTG 3 and Groot not being with him anymore.

Nebula is also an Avenger most people believe will be a sacrifice for Tony Stark escaping space and if not will die trying to defeat Thanos.

The Hulk is safe after being confirmed to be in future MCU movies. Thor is a name I have had to think a lot about and make fans think about. He really hasn’t had any theories about death, but I believe that he will die because the thought of Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Thor all versing Thanos is just unfair.

Since Hulk has been confirmed for future movies and Captain Marvel was just introduced to us that leaves Thor.

Thor is another good candidate to die because in a trailer her and Thor seem like they will form a strong relationship and seeing him die would really give Captain Marvel a strong motive.

It also is plausible that either Black Widow or Hawkeye will die. It seems more likely Black Widow will because she really does not have a super power except having to get close to Thanos and fight him and she doesn’t really have a purpose to hanging up her suit.

Hawkeye on the other hand has a family and children who he will want to retire and live the rest of his life with.

War Machine is most likely dead since he really isn’t a huge piece of Avengers and Ant Man is more than safe with at least one more movie coming out in the future.

It has also been confirmed that most people who were dusted in the snap will come back with Marvel confirming multiple movies like Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, Spider Man: Far From Home, and GOTG 3.

All we know is that on April 26 all our questions will be answered and the most anticipated movie that is on pace for $4 Billion Dollars will be nothing short of incredible as it concludes the Infinity Saga.

Written By AH

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