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Is Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix The Best Actor Oscar Frontrunner?

Joaquin Phoenix just won the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Drama for his riveting performance in Joker, and while people care, at least mildly about the Golden Globes, his win will mostly lead to questions about how this may or may not affect his Oscar chances. Let’s dive in and discuss.

First, to be clear, there is technically no overlap between those who vote for the Golden Globes (the Hollywood Foreign Press) and those who vote for the Oscars (the Academy). The Oscar nominees are set to be announced next Monday, and what happened here will not alter who is on that initial nominations list. That being said, pretending like the Golden Globes exist in a vacuum is not a fair representation either.

The members of the Hollywood Foreign Press share multiple Venn Diagram circles with Oscar voters: they live in Hollywood and are deeply obsessed with movies. They are at some of the same parties, mingling with some of the same people. They hear the same buzz and see the same box office numbers. They’re living in the same community and occupying the same industry.

So, is Joaquin Phoenix the frontrunner? That could change based on some other ceremonies that are still outstanding, but right now, you would have to say yes. He’s picked up basically all of the important early nominations. Joker has grossed more than a billion dollars and is widely loved by fans, and while there was some hand-wringing prior to the movie’s release about whether or not the film was promoting violence, all of those concerns have largely fallen away.

I think Joaquin Phoenix’s speech will also potentially work in his favor too. I’m not talking about the climate change stuff. Plenty of celebrities took that approach tonight. I’m talking about how happy he seemed to be at the ceremony and how much he appreciated the whole thing. Whether fair or not, Phoenix has developed a reputation in the past for being a bit aloof at times. That shouldn’t factor into whether or not you vote for someone for an award, but at least 30% of winning an Oscar is a popularity contest.

The Best Actor field this year is absolutely stacked. Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Driver seem like sure bets, along with Phoenix, for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Marriage Story respectively. Beyond that, we will likely get 2 among the following group: Adam Sandler, Robert DeNiro, Eddie Murphy, Christian Bale, Taron Egerton and Jonathan Pryce, all of whom gave solid A or better performances. It’s one of the toughest groups in years, but it’s hard to make a case that anyone else but Phoenix is emerging as the man to beat. Fittingly, he’s now the odds on favorite over at Gold Derby, as well.

Joaquin Phoenix is wonderful in Joker. Taking the part was a risk, given the up and down history of the role, and it’s his fully committed performance that ties the movie together. He’s the centerpiece of every single scene, and whether he wins or not, it won’t take away his brilliance. That being said, his win could also be a feather in the cap for an Academy Awards ceremony that is often criticized for not featuring enough films people have actually seen.

What do you think? Will Joaquin Phoenix win the Oscar for Best Actor? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

Will Phoenix Win An Oscar For Joker?

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Spider-Man’s Iron Spider Suit Could Have Looked Way Different

As the role of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker started to solidify in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans quickly understood that it would only be a matter of time before a version of the Iron Spider costume from the comics made it to the big screen. Not only did the character’s entrance into the franchise coincide with an adaptation of the same arc where the special armor first appeared, but from moment one a close relationship was created between Peter and Tony Stark – the creator of the suit.

After it was briefly teased at the end of Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Iron Spider costume finally made its real debut in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War (as seen above), but what you may not know is that development of the blockbuster almost saw the design look much more faithful to the original comic book look:

Ryan Meinerding is the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios – the group that designs the look of the costumed characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and he routinely posts concept art that shows us versions of our favorite films via social media that we never got to see in theaters. Recently he posted the above piece of the Iron Spider suit on Instagram, and comic book readers will immediately recognize that it’s almost identical to the armor that Iron Man created for Spider-Man during the massive 2005 crossover event Civil War.

For reference, here is the costume as it was drawn by Michael Turner for a variant cover of Civil War #3:

If I’m being perfectly honest, with all due respect to the creators of the costume – J. Michael Straczynski and Ron Garney – and Ryan Meinerding’s opinion, I never really loved the original Iron Spider design, and the look that we ultimately see adapted in Avengers: Infinity War makes more sense for the context in which its portrayed. The prominence of red and gold in the comics was meant to illustrate Tony Stark’s control over Peter Parker, as the billionaire was using the teenage hero as a propaganda tool supporting Superhero Registration during Civil War. It made sense that the costume would prominently feature feature the colors associated with Iron Man instead of Spider-Man.

That isn’t the case in Avengers: Infinity War, though. While it’s still true that it’s a suit designed by Tony Stark, Peter is operating as an independent hero when he hitches a ride to Thanos’ home planet in the blockbuster, so it’s much more fitting that he is in his normal red and blue colors.

Do you disagree? Do you think it would have been better to see this concept art version of Spider-Man in the finished film? Hit the comments section below with your thoughts, and stay tuned for a whole lot more Marvel news and behind-the-scenes updates as we get deeper into 2020.

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Yikes, The Grudge Got A Rare F CinemaScore, Joining This Sad List

The Grudge hit theaters this weekend, to the excitement of basically no one. While it may not seem much different than any of the other horror franchise remakes out there, it’s just earned a unique distinction: it’s one of the few films to earn an F rating on CinemaScore. Yeah. Apparently it’s that bad.

CinemaScore is a market research firm that specializes in gathering data from moviegoers. Since 1979, they’ve been surveying film audiences all over the country and asking them to give letter grades to the movies they see. It’s basically like a movie report card. To date, just 20 films have held the unfortunate distinction of receiving an F — the lowest grade possible.

In general, it seems like horror films tend to be the most likely to be leveled with this score by audiences. The Grudge joins other horror films Lost Souls, Darkness, Fear Dot Com, Alone in the Dark, Wolf Creek, Bug, The Wicker Man, Silent House, and The Devil Inside in the F-rating hall of shame.

The first film to earn an F rating was 1999’s Eye of the Beholder. Since then, Dr. T and the Women, Lucky Numbers, Solaris, In the Cut, I Know Who Killed Me, Disaster Movie, The Box, and Killing Them Softly also rounded out the list.

The last movie to earn an F rating before The Grudge was Darren Aronofsky’s wildly controversial Mother! The CinemaScore rating for the Jennifer Lawrence-led psychological thriller was particularly intriguing, since the divisive film was championed by some film critics. The same can’t be said for The Grudge. It’s been largely eviscerated by critics, who have complained that the film is so not scary that it’s funny. It currently holds just 19% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Grudge wasn’t a huge hit with audiences. Nicolas Pesce’s reboot of Takashi Shimizu’s 2004 remake of his own 2002 horror film Ju-On: The Grudge wasn’t really something that anyone asked for. January isn’t usually a time when the average moviegoer seeks out a horror movie to begin with. Even some of the people involved with the series weren’t excited about The Grudge hitting theaters. It was held from theaters for over a year after the producer of the original The Grudge filed a lawsuit after he alleged that he’d been denied a producer credit.

But it’s one thing for a movie to be poorly received by audiences, and entirely for it to be universally disliked on such a level that it seems like no one likes it. Given the lack of a positive response, it’s unlikely that The Grudge will usher in a new era for the franchise. That is, unless they’re looking to make the most unliked series in cinema history.

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Buy The Right Spies In Disguise Ticket

Spies In Disguise Walter and Lance walking away from a room full of henchmen

It’s a bird, it’s a man, it’s… a movie where a man is turned into a bird, but desperately wants to be a man again! The espionage excitement of Spies In Disguise is the sort of thing you need to see to believe, as this is the sort of action you’d only see in the world of animation.

Which means that there’s another good question to ask yourself when weighing the ticket price of a ticket to see Will Smith and Tom Holland flock together into their mission of peril: To 3D or Not To 3D? If you’re looking to see what we thought of Spies In Disguise as a movie experience, you should head over to our official review and get those details.

However, if you want to know if this movies’ worth the extra 3D ticket money, or if you’re better off buying bird seed in bulk, we’re about to learn that lesson together. Let’s spread our wings, and fly into the third dimension!

When you put together the sort of lush visual landscapes and action/adventure thrills that Spies In Disguise promises its audience, it’s hard for 3D fans to not wonder what those moments would look like in an enhanced presentation. But it’s clear that directors Troy Quane and Nick Bruno have crafted a film that would take full advantage of the 3D landscape, were it given the chance; especially in the moments where the action really picks up on screen.

Planning & Effort Score


The level of planning and effort that went into Spies In Disguise’s enhancements for 3D presentation is pretty impressive, especially when taking into account that computer animation has a distinct advantage in how the image is manipulated for the format. With the exception of the brightness levels involved, this is a really good example of a film using the format to a superb extent; and even in that lone factor, the overall experience isn’t ruined.

Before the Window Score


Visual aspects that look like they’ve popped off of the screen, and flown out into the crowd are always interesting to observe in a 3D movie. When done right, they add a fantastic level of detail to a movie like Spies In Disguise; but when executed incorrectly, they tend to fall into the usual thresholds of too much or too little.

Thankfully, this particular adventure is more than comfortable with flinging things at the audience, as atmospheric effects like snow, feathers, and glitter (you read that right) brighten up the images you see on screen when things aren’t exploding or hands and weapons aren’t being aimed at your face. It’s a consistent effect throughout the film, and it enhances rather than distracts.

Beyond the Window Score


Much like assets that pass before the window, and into the audience, images beyond the window can draw a field of vision with great depth and clarity. Spies In Disguise impresses in this respect as well, as the images shown on screen exhibit an endless level of clarity, on top of excellent spatial reasoning between characters and their environments.

The most amazing example of how well this film does its job in terms of depth are when it decides to take to the skies, as the depth of picture is reflected both in terms of height and distance, fully realizing a 3D environment horizontally as well as vertically.

As the factor of brightness is typically contentious when it comes to seeing a 3D movie, it’s a good time to remind you all that this particular field isn’t fully determined by the filmmakers behind the premium format treatment. Your mileage may vary with any 3D experience, as theaters don’t always maintain their projectors at the highest quality to present a film in this method.

Judging by the screening observed for Spies In Disguise’s 3D evaluation, there was only a slight dimming in terms of the picture’s brightness, which lead to some of the brighter moments of the film coming off as sort of grey in the worst case scenario. However, scenes of low lighting or nighttime conditions are still crisp and clear, with color details still being presented in a rich manner.

One of the most important rules of turning a 2D film into a 3D adventure happens to be that you have to blur the image to a certain extent. That level of manipulation can determine just how much any particular moment of a movie can stick out, as well as how deep the picture will go into its background.

With Spies In Disguise, there is a glorious amount of blur that is showcased all over the screen, and not just in the background. This is reflected in both how well the movie showcases objects flying off the screen, while also mining the depths of its environments for maximum effect. The standard 2D touch points are naturally in place, but the film doesn’t linger too long on any given aspect included to heighten the sensation of 3D sight.

Audience Health Score


There is a lot of action in Spies In Disguise. So much that you could consider this one of the most action packed animated films of the year that also gave us How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and even Toy Story 4, both of which also had their share of 3D theatrics on display. And yet, when you watch this fact paced spy chase in 3D, it’s a smooth ride that all can enjoy, with only slight moments of visual lag present to break the hypnotic spell of this enchanting format.

3D Fit Score 5
Planning & Effort Score 4
Before the Window Score 5
Beyond the Window Score 5
Brightness Score 4
Glasses Off Score 5
Audience Health Score 4

Should you want to start the new year off with a 3D thrill that’s well worth the ticket price, Spies In Disguise is the sort of movie you want to flock towards. With a majority of conversion work in 3D coming off as moderately exciting at best, and downright useless at worst. But much like Dreamworks Animation’s Abominable before it, this is another animated gem that feels like gourmet junk food for your eyes. If you’re seeing Spies In Disguise, you have to experience it in 3D.

How Will You See Spies In Disguise?

Be sure to visit our full To 3D Or Not To 3D Archive.

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Fans Are Obsessed With Cillian Murphy In A Quiet Place 2’s Trailer

Yes, that was Cillian Murphy in the official trailer for A Quiet Place‘s sequel, titled A Quiet Place: Part II. The first part of the trailer, which just came out on New Year’s Day, is basically a full scene from “Day 1” before the world went to crap. Later, we get another sneak peek scene set in the aftermath, with Cillian Murphy’s character covering Evelyn Abbott’s (Emily Blunt) mouth. The A Quiet Place 2 trailer shows several scenes with Murphy’s new character, including when he sees that Evelyn has a baby. We also see more with fellow newbie Djimon Hounsou, who replaced another great actor for that role.

Cillian Murphy gets the final line of the A Quiet Place 2 trailer: “The people that are left are not the kind of people worth saving.”

Since John Krasinski’s character won’t exactly be featured in A Quiet Place 2 — save through any further flashbacks to BEFORE — Cillian Murphy might have the lead supporting role. This is clearly Emily Blunt’s film, along with the remaining Abbott family, but Murphy’s fans were delighted to see him in the trailer — and appreciated his gritty new look:

Cillian Murphy got himself trending after the trailer came out, and not just here in the U.S.:

Cillian Murphy getting dirty was apparently a major draw…

… which maybe isn’t so surprising considering how much The Walking Dead fan base, for example, appreciates guys like dirty Daryl Dixon.

However, this Cillian Murphy fan broke out photos from his past projects like Peaky Blinders, Peacock, and Broken to illustrate the actor’s range:

Here’s more appreciation for his acting, as opposed to just his looks:

Part of why Cillian Murphy fans are losing their minds over his appearance in A Quiet Place 2‘s trailer is because he doesn’t make that many major movies, not anymore at any rate. He’s still part of the Peaky Blinders series but he’s been making smaller movies for the past few years.

Dunkirk came out in 2017, and that was his last major movie, a reunion with director Christopher Nolan after The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. Most of his eclectic filmography is filmed with roles in indie films like Breakfast on Pluto or dramas like The Wind That Shakes the Barley. But he’s pretty dang good in a thriller, as anyone who watched Red Eye could tell you.

If you haven’t seen A Quiet Place: Part II‘s official trailer, check it out:

I’m sure we’ll get at least one other trailer from writer/director John Krasinski before the movie’s release date. In addition to Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, A Quiet Place‘s sequel also stars Millicent Simmonds as Regan Abbott and Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott.

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‘Cats’ could lose $100 million at the box office

The big-screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Cats could be set to lose in excess of $100million after a dismal debut at the global box office.

Tom Hooper’s musical, which stars the likes of Taylor Swift, James Corden and Judi Dench, has taken just $38million (£28 million) after two weeks in theatres.

It is currently sitting in eighth place at the US Box Office with $4.8million, but now overall losses could be heading towards the $100 million mark.

According to Variety, the film will lose about $71 million if it fails to make $100 million worldwide ($40 million domestic, $60 million abroad), which is thought to be an increasingly unlikely feat.

The film’s chances of awards success have also been diminished, after Universal removed the controversial film from its ‘For Your Consideration’ page.

Director Tom Hooper also revealed that a hugely critical response to the film’s first trailer made Hooper and his team go back to the drawing board and largely remake the film.

In a three-star review, NME said that Cats “stops short of disaster”, but admitted that the film still had its faults.

“There’s plenty to scoff at. One recurring moment sees the cats brushing their faces together in a show of affection, but it’s delivered with all the warmth of a hook-up at a furry convention,” our review stated.

“Elsewhere, the plot is often nonsensical and occasionally unbelievable – seasoned haters of musical theatre will find little to change their mind.”

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Star Wars’ John Boyega Ended 2019 Fighting With Rey And Kylo Fans On Two Fronts

It’s now 2020 and John Boyega has completely run out of fucks to give. The Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker actor spent them all fighting with fans of Rey (Daisy Ridley) — and, specifically, Rey and Kylo (Adam Driver) — at the end of 2019. Boyega (Finn) got himself and “Reylos” trending after squabbles on two fronts.

First, John Boyega made a “lays the pipe” joke about sex with Rey that struck some fans as sexist or at least insensitive; not only did he defend that joke, he further upset Reylo fans who want Rey and Kylo to be together by pointing out the violence of the Reylo “romance” across the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

SPOILERS AHEAD from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

It all started with a fan joking on social media that, now that Kylo Ren is dead after his one kiss with Rey at the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Finn can date Rey. Some fans even thought Finn wanted to tell Rey he loved her, although that was not the thing he kept trying to get out. John Boyega responded to the fan with a laying pipe joke:

A lot of fans replied to John Boyega with surprise that he would make such a crude and insensitive joke about Rey, who is played by his friend Daisy Ridley. But he fought back, and most of the time his arguments took issue with how seriously fans taken this fictional world and the fictional characters:

He also replied to other fans who didn’t care for the joke; some of those fans brought up Urban Dictionary definitions of laying pipe, including “fucking the hell out of a girl.”

John Boyega replied to such tweets again:

After a while, the second fight started, based on John Boyega’s selection of photos, sarcastically showing Kylo and Ren’s “romance” with violent images of their clashes:

Some Star Wars fans agreed that Reylo is problematic from all the violence, while others felt like John Boyega was trying to distract from his crude Rey joke. Sometimes, the fights got nasty:

Other Star Wars fans supported John Boyega, in part because they don’t like Reylo fans and in some cases just because they find it refreshing when actors don’t back down. Since Boyega is done with Star Wars, maybe he feels more free to speak out. Same with Oscar Isaac, who has been more vocal than ever about wishing Finn and Poe had gotten their own romance. Some Star Wars fans just laughed at how much Boyega got in Reylo fans’ heads. He keeps baiting them and they respond.

However, some of these Rey fans who look up to John Boyega are very young, and others just love Rey and Kylo together, which isn’t exactly a sin. Mocking them seems cheap and easy. It’s nothing to be proud of to take shots at people whose crime is to care too much and feel heartbroken by how the Reylo story ended in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s not like other Star Wars fans haven’t spent plenty of time airing their own grievances for years now.

Like all actors in major franchises, John Boyega is held to a high standard because he’s seen as a hero by fans of all ages. But, as he pointed out, Star Wars is fiction not a documentary. It’s not worth taking too seriously, and if Boyega wants to make crude jokes and you don’t like them? Just unfollow him.

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Another New Mutants Trailer Is Finally On The Way

For the latter half of 2019, there was basically no news about The New Mutants, the delayed and troubled final Fox X-Men film from director Josh Boone. Then last week we got our first positive sign that not only does this movie still exist, but a new trailer is on the way in January of 2020. We know exactly when we should expect it, because another New Mutants trailer is finally on the way and it’s coming in less than a week. Take a look:

There you have it, the second trailer for The New Mutants will arrive on January 6, over two years since the first trailer dropped all the way back on October 13 of 2017. This isn’t speculation or a report either, this news comes from director Josh Boone’s verified Instagram account, so it doesn’t get much more official than that. We are finally going to get another look at The New Mutants in a little less than a week’s time on Monday, January 6, 2020.

That puts the arrival of the second trailer about three months in advance of The New Mutants’ theatrical release date on April 3. Josh Boone affirms that release date here, indicating that yes, The New Mutants will actually be playing in movie theaters. That’s notable because one of the many stories surrounding the film during its troubled road to the big screen has been whether it may wind up on a streaming service like Hulu or Disney+ instead.

There were signs positive signs over the last year that The New Mutants would get a theatrical release, but this movie has been such a rollercoaster that it would have been foolish to assume anything for certain. But it seems that as was initially intended, The New Mutants will play in theaters, making it, not Dark Phoenix, the last of the Fox X-Men films.

Josh Boone also made sure to note that the creative team behind The New Mutants were involved in the creation of this second trailer, it wasn’t just the work of the studio or some trailer house. Director Josh Boone supervised the trailer, with the help of his co-writer Knate Lee and cinematographer Peter Deming. There has been a lot of talk about the creative vision that’s driving The New Mutants and it’s clear that the filmmaker stands behind this upcoming trailer.

That is also encouraging because one of the narratives around The New Mutants has been that the studio (Disney) was reportedly unimpressed with the film, and had a difference of opinion with director Josh Boone about the tone and creative direction of the movie. There were allegedly test screenings over the summer with a cut of the film that more closely adhered to Josh Boone’s vision of a horror comic book movie and they were apparently fairly well received.

So we’ll have to wait till Monday to find out what two years of delays and tinkering has done to the look and feel of The New Mutants that we saw in the first trailer. Will it be a drastic departure from the first trailer? Will it still feel like a horror movie? Will it be R-rated?

Artist Bill Sienkiewicz, who illustrated the New Mutants in Marvel comics, says that he saw the trailer and called it phenomenal and that the horror elements remain intact. At least we don’t have long to wait to see it for ourselves.

The New Mutants opens in theaters on April 3, 2020. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to keep track of all of the new year’s biggest movies.

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Eddie Murphy “cringes” at his homophobic jokes from old stand-up routines

Eddie Murphy has admitted that he now “cringes” at some of his older stand-up material, which repeatedly took aim at gay people.

The comedy icon, who returned to Saturday Night Live earlier this month, makes a number of slurs in 1983’s ‘Delirious’ – his first ever stand-up special.

In one routine, Murphy jokes: “I have nightmares about gay people… I kid the homosexuals a lot ‘cause they’re homosexuals.’”

Reflecting on the jokes in a new interview with CBS, Murphy said: “Some of it I cringe when I watch it. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I said that’”

After clips of his offensive jokes were shown, Murphy replied: “I’ve seen stuff that I’ll go, like, oh, that’s, ooh, yeah, you’ll get a joke that’s cringey.”

But he stopped short of entirely apologising for the gags, and said that they should be viewed within the context of the day.

“That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate it. I still appreciate it,” he said.

“And I’m looking at it within the context of the times, you know. And I’m going, okay, I’m a kid, saying that.”

His comments come days after Kevin Hart addressed how he stepped down from hosting the 2019 Oscars after he used homophobic language in a series of old tweets.

After several attempts to court sympathy with public television appearances, Hart said he “just couldn’t do it anymore” when he made an appearance on Good Morning America.

“I got on there and I just gave a very direct answer to the question I knew I was going to get,” the comedian said.

“I missed an opportunity to say simply that I don’t condone any type of violence in any way, shape or form to anyone for being who they are,” he explained.

“I fucked up… Instead I said, ‘I addressed it.’ I said, ‘I apologized.’ I said, ‘I talked about this already.’ I was just immature.”

Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy has confirmed he is planning to make Beverly Hills Cop 4 once work on Coming To America 2 is complete.

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Frozen II Led To An Unexpected Honor For The Cast

In addition to generally favorable critical reviews and a positive reception from audiences, Disney’s Frozen II has been getting the best kind of accolade at the box office, where the long-anticipated sequel has made well over $1 billion worldwide and counting. If you’re Disney or the filmmakers, cast and crew behind the film, there’s really not much more you could ask for. Yet, while that’s all great, Frozen II has also led to an unexpected honor for the cast. Take a look:

A highly successful movie is cool and all, but this honor from the people of Norway is something special. In a show of gratitude to Frozen II and Disney for using Norway and Sámi culture as inspiration for Frozen II, the Sámi people of Alta, Norway (who inspired the Northuldra) have named a group of reindeer calves after the film’s stars. Specifically, Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff all have baby reindeer sporting their names in Norway right now.

The reindeer calves in this video from Visit Norway are absolutely gorgeous and incredibly cute and they were even named based on how their personalities matched up with the cast of Frozen II. The goofy reindeer calf was named after Josh Gad, while the shy snow white reindeer was named after Kristen Bell.

Appropriately, the reindeer that loves the cold and is lying in the snow is named after Elsa herself, Idina Menzel, while the energetic reindeer was named after Jonathan Groff, who voices Kristoff in Frozen II. I presume the rest of the reindeer in Norway are all named Sven.

It’s a kind gesture and unexpected honor that the Official Tourism Board of Norway hopes will convince the cast of Frozen II to come visit their reindeer twins, and see the beautiful environment that inspired the film in Sámi Siida in Alta, Norway. I imagine the hope is that their visit can be part of a larger tourism campaign for the country.

Norway a very happy country, and contains many beautiful natural wonders like the Northern Lights, which can be viewed in all its splendor from Alta. Plus the opportunity to hang out with some cute reindeer, not to mention ones named after you, while experiencing an indigenous culture, I don’t know how you turn this down.

It is worth noting that Frozen II is not the only film this year that drew inspiration from the Sámi people of Scandinavia. Netflix’s positively wonderful, instant Christmas classic Klaus features Sámi characters that wear their own traditional garb and speak their own language, with an actual Sami girl voicing the young Márgu in the film. Maybe cast members J.K. Simmons, Jason Schwartzman and Rashida Jones should see if they can get their own reindeer.

Frozen II is now playing. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to keep track of all of the biggest movies heading to theaters in the new year.

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