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Netflix now lets you share a favorite title directly to Instagram Stories – TechCrunch

Having reached critical mass, Netflix shows are now influencing culture — whether that’s prompting everyone to “tidy up” or causing chaos with “Bird Box”-inspired challenges. For good or bad, what happens on Netflix is talked about, memed and shared across the social media landscape. Today, Netflix is launching a new feature aimed at better inserting its brand into those online conversations: Instagram Story integration.

Launching first on iOS, Netflix users will be able to share their favorite movies and shows to their Instagram Story right from the Netflix mobile app.

The feature will add the title’s custom art to a users’ Instagram Story, where it remains visible for 24 hours. The Story can also be customized with other options, like a user poll, for example.

If the viewer has the Netflix app installed on their iPhone, they’ll see a “watch on Netflix” link in the Story that takes them to the show’s or movie’s page in the Netflix app when tapped.

This isn’t the first time you could share a show from Netflix’s app to a social platform — that’s been supported for some time. However, the existing experience will pull up iOS’s “share sheet” (the built-in sharing function in the iOS operating system).

According to a screenshot provided by Netflix, however, the new sharing feature is now a part of the Netflix app itself.

After tapping “share,” a screen appears with various options, including WhatsApp, Messages, Messenger, Twitter, Line and more, in addition to the newly added “Instagram Stories.”

The launch follows Facebook’s introduction of an option last year that allows third-party apps to share their in-app content to Instagram Stories. The idea was to provide users with an alternative to screenshotting what they wanted to share from other apps — like a song, a video, a playlist, etc. — to Instagram Stories. It’s also meant to provide a more seamless experience for the Story’s viewers, as they’re able to tap the Story to engage with the shared content — while also giving the brand more control over the look-and-feel of what’s being shared.

In Netflix’s case, it’s branding shared title art with the name of the show or film, as well as a teaser or slogan, and the words “Netflix Original,” where relevant. (The feature works with all titles, not just originals.)

The feature could prompt more word-of-mouth recommendations between friends and followers on Instagram, whose Stories platform alone is bigger than Snapchat, reaching more than 400 million users. And it could help content go viral within a certain fan base or demographic — like teen girl viewers or sci-fi fans, for instance — as prominent Instagram accounts shared the Netflix show.

“We’re always on the lookout for ways to make it easier for members to share the Netflix titles they’re obsessing about and help them discover something new to watch,” said Netflix in a statement about the launch.

Instagram Stories integration is launching today on iOS to Netflix users worldwide. An Android version is in the works.

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Anthem’s Producer Outlines What To Expect From The Demo

Screenshot of colossal wildlife in Anthem.

It feels odd to actually be so close to a new Bioware release, as I remember literally counting down days and seeding the ground with my college professors to fake sick in the days leading up to Mass Effect 2’s release. Before we get Anthem next month, though, we’ll have a demo to play through so players can get a feeling for the multiplayer game before release. The demo you play will be a little different from the final game, though.

In a series of tweets, Anthem producer Mark Darrah talked a bit about how you can expect the demo to not just be the first few hours of the game.

In later tweets, Darrah says the PC controls will be less nuanced, there will only be one story arc, some things have been renamed for the final release, the mission/stronghold/free play balance will be off a bit, and outright says that the demo is easier than the final release. The demo’s contents were locked weeks ago and Bioware has not been sitting on its laurels in the meantime, continuing to work on and tinker with the game, which means things like these get changed.

If you pre-ordered the game or you’re subscribed to EA Access, you can play the demo in a few days on January 25 through January 27. For everyone else, you can access it on February 1 through February 3, just be aware that neither demo is 100 percent identical to the final game.

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