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Black Friday deals you can still get: Nintendo Switch Lite, Sony 1000XM3 headphones, and more

It’s no longer Black Friday, which means that some of the deals have been swept away with the night. However, there are still plenty (and by that, I mean a lot) of deals available to you to shop. For those remaining deals, Saturday is likely to be the last day you’ll be able to take advantage of them. Cyber Monday is coming on Monday, December 2nd, and that Black Friday deal you may have missed out on just might make another appearance — but you’ll be rolling the dice if you count on it.

Here are a few of our favorite deals that are still active.

Laptops and tablets

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge


Image: Samsung


Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales


  • Sony’s WH-1000XM3 are $278 (usually $349.99) at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target
  • Beats Studio 3 noise-canceling headphones are $199.99 (usually $349.99) at Best Buy
  • Apple’s second-generation AirPods with the standard charging case are $134.99 ($25 off) at Amazon.
  • If you want the AirPods model that come with a wireless charging-ready case, that’s $159.99 ($40 off) at B&H Photo.
  • The Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless earbuds are $99 ($30 off) at Amazon.
  • Beats Powerbeats Pro truly wireless headphones are $199.99 at Amazon ($50 off)

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge


Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge


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Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite deal: get a $25 GameStop gift card when you buy one

Nintendo’s Switch Lite likely won’t be dropping in price any time soon, so the best deals we have to work with in the meantime are the rare promos, much like GameStop’s Black Friday sale happening right now. Until Sunday night, on the eve of Cyber Monday, GameStop will include a $25 gift card with the $199.99 Switch Lite.

This deal works with any color (turquoise, yellow, grey), as well as with Nintendo’s limited edition Pokémon Sword and Shield edition model that’s grey with red and blue colored face buttons and sticks. All models are available online, and if you choose to buy one from GameStop’s site, the gift card will be emailed to you. Check your local store’s inventory before you head out, and when you pick it up, GameStop will hand over the gift card when you buy the console.

If you’re thinking about getting the Switch Lite, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that, unlike the regular Switch with detachable Joy-Cons, the Lite cannot be docked and displayed on your TV. That’s because it can’t output video through its USB-C charging port. otherwise, the experiences mirror each other exactly, aside from the size differences.

One other thing to note: Samsung’s 512GB microSD card is $64.99 at Amazon. It has never been cheaper, and it’s a hefty amount of storage for your new Switch Lite.

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Black Friday Walmart deals: Apple Watch, iPad, Xbox One and more

Walmart’s Black Friday sale are happening in-store and online all over the country. Like other retailers, there are impressive deals on the seventh-generation iPad, PS4 Slim, and more. It hosted the best deal on the Apple Watch Series 3 that we had ever seen (for $129), but unsurprisingly, it sold out quickly. You’ll be able to take advantage of any of the deals below right now, and in the cases when competing retailers offer a better deal, we’ll let you know.

Computers and tablets

Apple’s new seventh-generation iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB) is $249 (usually $329). We’re seeing similar deals happening at other retailers, but it’s still hard not to emphasize how big of a deal this is. This model just released a few months ago, and while it has the same processor as the previous model, it has a bigger screen, an extra gigabyte of RAM, and a Smart Connector port, adding support for the Smart Keyboard.

HP’s Chromebook 15 (with a 15.6-inch display, 8th Gen Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, 128GB of storage) is $299 (usually $469). This model has a backlit keyboard, and for the money, looks better than most options at this price range.

HP’s Pavilion gaming desktop costs $579 and will be down to $499 on Black Friday, and for the money, it has some very decent specs. Inside, you’ll find a 9th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, and 256GB of SSD storage. This package includes a keyboard and mouse with purchase.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge


The second-generation Apple AirPods truly wireless headphones are $129, down from their $144 sale price. This is the best price that we’ve seen from a major retailer. It’s worth noting that this model doesn’t include a wireless charging case, so you’ll need to power it via its Lightning port. Still, that’s not bad at all for the latest AirPods.

Phone and smartwatches

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) is $129. You can get it on Amazon for $169.99 and Best Buy is selling it for $189. We’ve only just started to see the third-generation Apple Watch drop below its $199 retail price, but this is by far the largest price drop yet. If you want the bigger 42mm model, Walmart will have limited quantities of it for $159.

Walmart is offering up to $700 in gift cards when you activate certain iPhones and Samsung phones with an installment plan on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, and trade in your old phone. As for how much you’ll get in return for your old phone, it varies on the model (you don’t need to trade in a phone to get the gift card), and how big of a gift card you get depends on the phone you’re interested in buying. Here’s the breakdown:

  • $450 gift card for the iPhone XS
  • $400 gift card for the iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR
  • $300 gift card for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max
  • $450 gift card for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, or Note 10 Plus
  • $300 gift card for the Galaxy S10E or Note 9

The Fitbit Versa Lite smartwatch will be $99 (usually $159) during Black Friday at Walmart. If you don’t need a watch that has built-in Wi-Fi or the ability to track runs via GPS, this model will cost what Fitbit’s more limited trackers usually sell for.

Smart home

Several Google products are discounted right now at Walmart, including the Google Nest Hub smart display for $79 It usually costs $129, so this is a small but welcome discount. The Google Home smart speaker that regularly costs $100 is down to $49.


Sony’s PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB console is $199 (originally $299), and it includes three games with purchase: The Last of Us Remastered, God of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Best Buy already has a similar deal and Target will also host this deal in case you strike out trying to find one at Walmart.

If you’re hunting for an Xbox One at Walmart, you’ll find most of the same great deals that you’ll also find at other retailers. All Xbox One X consoles are $349 (usually $499). The Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital console (without a disc drive) is $149 (usually $249). The Xbox One S bundle that includes the new Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is $199.

When Walmart’s Black Friday deals start, the Nintendo Switch will cost $299 (its regular price), and will include a free download code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Almost all major retailers will host this deal, too. (Note that this is the launch version of the console, not the newer, improved model with better battery life in portable mode.)

Image: Roku

Home entertainment

Roku’s Ultra streaming device that’s capable of 4K HDR resolution is $48 (usually $99). Compared to the Chromecast Ultra, or the Apple TV 4K, this one stands out with its expansive app store and its capable voice remote, which has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can watch TV privately.

A Philips 65-inch 4K TV with Android TV software built-in is $278 (usually $499) on Black Friday. You don’t need me to tell you that this is a lot of TV for the money, and this option won’t require an extra streaming device to watch content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and more.

Google’s Smart TV kit that includes a Google Home Mini and Chromecast is $35, which is the usual price for the Chromecast by itself. It comes with a $10 Vudu credit, which you can use to buy a few movies or TV shows.

  • 65-inch Samsung Q70 series QLED 4K HDR: $1,197 at Walmart, $1,199.99 at Best Buy
  • 55-inch Samsung Q60 series QLED 4K HDR TV: $697.99 at Amazon, Walmart

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Best Black Friday PC gaming deals: AMD CPUs, Ryzen SSDs, and more

Console refreshes happen every few years, but for PC gamers, there’s always a tantalizing potential upgrade that could make your gaming machine just that much better. And with Black Friday now here, and Cyber Monday right around the corner, there are a lot of great deals to consider to find that perfect missing part. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals we could find from a variety of popular retailers, like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and more. Hopefully, there’s one among them that will bring you another great year of gaming.

Graphics cards



CPUs and motherboards

Memory and power supplies

PC Cases

Gaming headsets

Gaming mice

Gaming keyboards


Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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Cards Against Humanity writers are battling an AI on Black Friday to keep their jobs

The creators of Cards Against Humanity are back for their annual Black Friday stunt, and this one is delightfully dystopian. Starting at 11AM ET today and lasting for the next 16 hours, the human writers on the CAH team are facing off against an artificial intelligence to see who can create the most popular new pack of cards, based on how many people pay for more $5 packs. You can upvote or downvote your favorite cards for each side on CAH’s website before buying, and you can also watch the humans struggle to come up with new iterations in real time over live stream.

On the line are $5,000 bonuses for every employee if team human comes up victorious, or heartless termination in the event the AI takes the top spot. We don’t think CAH actually plans to fire their writers if they lose, but it is a clever stunt nonetheless to drum up the human vs. machine narrative at a time when automation may pose a very real threat to millions of jobs in the coming decade, writing included.

It follows the company’s tradition of pulling Nathan For You-style capitalism parodies on the most commercial day of the American calendar year. Last year, CAH held a 99 percent off sale on a series of outlandish items like a 17th-century halberd and a 2015 Ford Fiesta with just 25,000 miles on it. (The company reportedly did ship some of the items in the sale, at least those that were sourced from its own office.) In 2013, the company raised the price of its card packs by 100 percent, just because it could.

“Black Friday probably represents the worst things about our culture,” Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin said in a statement last year. “It’s this really repulsive consumerist frenzy right after a day about being thankful for what you have. So it’s always seemed like a really good subject for parody to us.”

This year, CAH is both live streaming the human writers room and updating a live list of the most popular AI-generated and human-written cards that will make it into the eventual physical card packs, which will be shipped out next month. (You can buy both if you so choose.) Some of my AI favorites include “Some sort of giant son of a bitch who lives in the internet” and “Sitting in the back of the plane, smoking a cigar and reading the Flickr privacy policy,” the latter of which settles the age-old debate of whether a malevolent AI bent on destroying humanity is for or against the Oxford comma.

And in keeping with CAH’s absurd commitment to the gag, the AI isn’t just some random text generator. It’s a legitimate neural network, borrowed from the open source GPT-2 model created by AI research company OpenAI and trained specifically to write CAH cards. The GPT-2 model is already trained on roughly 40,000 books worth of internet text to ensure it can reliably predict and fill out the next word or punctuation mark in a sentence with realistic effect. But then CAH went further and trained it using tens of thousands of its own cards.

“This was done by taking that pre-trained network and then training it further on the text of 44,000 white cards. That includes all (roughly) 2,000 cards in the official game, another 25,000 internal brainstorming cards that never made it into the game, and 17,000 unofficial cards from fan-curated lists,” reads the in-depth explanation of the AI on CAH’s website.

“We stopped the training once it could “consistently” produce cards matching the grammar and tone of the game,” it goes on. “We did this so it didn’t draw too much from already-written cards while still leveraging as much cultural information as possible.” After that, CAH ran a straightforward filtering algorithm to ensure it could pluck out AI-generated cards that matched its standard format and to avoid ones that were too similar to existing cards.

As it stands right now, the human team is narrowly beating out the AI by just $700 or so, with some gems like “Sucking all the oil out of the planet and fucking off to Mars” and “That whole Jeffrey Epstein thing.”

Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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China makes it a criminal offense to publish deepfakes or fake news without disclosure

China has released a new government policy designed to prevent the spread of fake news and misleading videos created using artificial intelligence, otherwise known as deepfakes. The new rule, reported earlier today by Reuters, bans the publishing of false information or deepfakes online without proper disclosure that the post in question was created with AI or VR technology. Failure to disclose this is now a criminal offense, the Chinese government says.

The rules go into effect on January 1st, 2020, and will be enforced by the Cyberspace Administration of China. “With the adoption of new technologies, such as deepfake, in online video and audio industries, there have been risks in using such content to disrupt social order and violate people’s interests, creating political risks and bringing a negative impact to national security and social stability,” the CAC said in a notice to online video hosting websites on Friday, according to the South China Morning Post.

China’s stance is a broad one, and it appears the Chinese government is reserving the right to prosecute both users and image and video hosting services for failing to abide by the rules. But it does mirror similar legislation introduced in the US that is designed to combat deepfakes.

Last month, California became the first US state to criminalize the use of deepfakes in political campaign promotion and advertising. The law, called AB 730 and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, makes it a crime to publish audio, imagery, or video that gives a false, damaging impression of a politician’s words or actions. California’s law does not use the word deepfake, but it’s clear the AI-manufactured fakes are the primary culprit, along with videos misleadingly edited to frame someone in a negative light.

California’s approach does exclude news media, as well as parody and satire, with the sole aim for now being to prevent the potential damage that deepfake attack ads could cause when used in the run-up to an election. The law applies to candidates within 60 days of an election and it’s designed to expire by 2023 unless explicitly reenacted.

Congress is also in the process of analyzing the potential harm of deepfakes and how best to combat their influence in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. The House Intelligence Committee held a hearing on the subject after convening a panel of experts from universities and think tanks to come up with a deepfake strategy with regard to election integrity and security. There are also numerous pieces of legislation moving through Congress at the moment that would require special watermarks over or disclosures around fake or misleading media, as well as criminalization of the creation and distribution of such video.

On the US platform side, Facebook and Twitter are in the process of creating better tools for detecting deepfakes and helping reduce the spread of those videos and imagery across the respective platforms. Twitter this month said it was drafting deepfake policy after a number of high-profile incidents, including a misleadingly edited video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi going viral, that have highlighted how vulnerable the company’s platform is to misinformation of this variety.

Facebook, which also faced criticism for failing to stop the spread of the Pelosi video, has begun developing technology to detect deepfakes, but it notably has refused to remove such videos in line with its policy on speech. Similarly, Facebook has come under fire for allowing politicians to knowingly lie in advertisements, opening up the future possibility of deepfake political ads in the absence of federal legislation. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said his company does not want to regulate speech on the platform. Twitter took the opposite stance and announced an outright ban on all political advertising last month.

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Black Friday Apple Watch deal: the cheapest Series 3 and Series 5 watches

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your Apple Watch, or you’re a first-time buyer, Black Friday 2019 has been ripe with big deals on Apple’s lineup of smartwatches. Eagle-eyed shoppers might have quickly swept up Walmart’s doorbuster sale that had the Apple Watch Series 3 down to $129 — its lowest price by a cool $70 — which we featured in our larger guide to Apple’s Black Friday deals. But there are still some opportunities to save, whether you’re interested in Apple’s more affordable Series 3 watch, or its more capable Series 5.

Where you can still buy a discounted Apple Watch Series 3

Walmart has sold through its inventory of Apple’s 38mm and 42mm Series 3 watches with GPS capability, which were sold earlier today for $129 and $149, respectively. As far as what else Walmart does have in stock, you can buy the Series 3 38mm watch with GPS and cellular capabilities for $229.

Target has limited stock of the 38mm Series 3 watch with GPS, but not at Walmart’s low price. It’s $169, and is currently only available for pick-up at certain stores. Still, that’s $30-$60 cheaper than it sold for last year at Black Friday. And if you are able to find this watch at Target (or make any other purchase over $50 today), you’ll get a 20-percent off coupon for you to use on a future purchase. If you’re dead-set on the Series 3, there’s currently not much else to choose from at Target.

Best Buy is also offering the 38mm Series 3 watch, though its starting price is the highest at $189. It currently doesn’t offer the 42mm version of this model, and its prices for the GPS and cellular version of the watch is oddly in the $500 range.

B&H Photo is offering the Series 3 in the 38mm size for $189, like Best Buy. It is also selling the 42mm size at $219 (it’s backordered, but B&H is still taking orders). Neither are the best prices we’ve seen during Black Friday, but they’re not so bad if you really wanted to pick this one up today.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Where you can still find a discounted Apple Watch Series 5

While Walmart had the best deal on the Series 3, the newer Series 5 was at its cheapest-ever price at Amazon and Costco. Granted, that discount was no more than $30 off of its usual sale price, but it brings this close enough to the price of Apple’s Series 4 watches that they’re easier to recommend splurging on, if only for the always-on display that, somehow, doesn’t have much of a negative impact on its battery life.

If you’re looking for these watches, you won’t have to jump around from retailer-to-retailer as much. These deals started before Black Friday, and both retailers have shown no sign of running out of stock. The GPS version of the 40mm Series 5 smartwatch is down to $354.99 (Amazon and Costco), which is $24 off of its usual price. The 44mm version Series 5 is $384.99 (Amazon and Costco), which is also $24 cheaper than usual.

It’s worth noting that for the Amazon deal, you’ll need to add the Series 5 watch to your cart to see the discount reflected in the total. If you’re buying from Costco, you don’t need to be member, but you’ll need to pay a five percent fee when you check out.

Other retailers like Best Buy and Target sell this model, but they’re currently around $40-50 more expensive than the ones listed above.

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Black Friday deals on our favorite new games for PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC

Black Friday is the best time of the year for the gaming fans who’ve felt like they didn’t have the budget or the time to pick up every new hit title on release day. I find myself in that category, as someone who played Insomniac’s excellent Spider-Man a year late (currently on Black Friday sale for $14.99 at Best Buy) and still has quite a few 2019 game of the year contenders sitting in my backlog.

Thankfully, this weekend is the time of the year when you can pull together between $50 and $100 and pick up a truly great collection of four or five games on the cheap.

While Black Friday is a great time to pick up old games for as little as the cost of a Fortnite battle pass (please play Bloodborne and God of War if you haven’t already, they’re currently $10 each), it’s also a good opportunity to pick up some of the year’s newest releases at a heavy discount. Sometimes, you can a find a game that is just a few months old for up to 50 percent off.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the year’s top reviewed titles that are on sale through the weekend for Black Friday, many of which just so happen to be on our own Best Games of 2019 list. You can’t go wrong with any of these purchases.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

  • Collection of Mana is $19.99 at Best Buy
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is $19.99 at Target and $24.99 at Amazon and Best Buy
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is on $49 at Amazon and Walmart
  • Overwatch Legendary Edition is $24.99 at Walmart and Best Buy
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts is $12.99 at Amazon (digital)
  • Wargroove is $14 at Amazon (digital)
  • Yoshi’s Crafted World is $39.99 at Amazon


  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is $24.99 on Steam
  • Borderlands 3 is $40.19 at Epic
  • Resident Evil 2 is $19.79 on Steam
  • The Outer Worlds is $44.99 at Epic

Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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Black Friday USB-C battery deal: $100 to fully charge your 15-inch MacBook Pro

In May, we introduced you to high-wattage USB-C PD external batteries that can charge a full-size laptop on the go — not just a phone — and the $150 Zendure SuperTank was one of our top picks thanks to its (relatively) compact size and price. But for Black Friday, the SuperTank is now more affordable than it’s been since its Kickstarter campaign — just $100.99 after coupon code at Amazon.

For the price, you’ll get a 27,000mAh (roughly 100Wh) capacity — enough to fully charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and most of the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s larger battery too — and the ability to charge several gadgets at once with one 100W USB-C port, one 60W USB-C port, one 18W USB-A port, and one 15W USB-A port.

If you’re looking for a battery that’s a little longer and less stout, you might also take a look at Sanho / Hyper’s similar HyperJuice battery, which I personally use myself to give my Dell XPS 15 many additional hours of life — it’s currently on sale for $174.99 ($75 off) including the 100W USB-C PD charger that you’ll need to charge it up one of these giant batteries in a reasonable length of time. You can use any USB-C charger for either of these batteries — like, say, the 87W one that comes with a 15-inch MacBook Pro — but if you try to use a USB-C phone charger to top up the battery, you may be waiting quite a while.

Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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The Best Black Friday phone deal might be this LG G8 ThinQ for $400

The LG G8 ThinQ isn’t the most amazing phone in the whole wide world, but it might just be the best bang for the buck this Black Friday. In April, we wrote that “you’ll get a lot of phone for your money” if you managed to find it at $699 — but today, you can snap up the unlocked version for just $400 at Amazon! That’s $450 off the original price.

For that money, you’ll be getting a sharp 6.1-inch OLED-screened handset that works on any GSM or CDMA carrier and comes with flagship specs, including a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a large 3,500 mAh battery, twin rear cameras (including wide angle before wide angle was cool), a rear fingerprint sensor and an honest-to-goodness 3.5mm headphone jack with a high fidelity quad-DAC. If you’re still kicking around with wired headphones, LG is consistently one of the best brands to plug them into.

As a $850 phone, it felt pretty gimmicky, and the company doesn’t have the best track record with timely software updates. Plus, the G8X is now out with its dual screens at $700 on sale. But $400 for the G8 is a solid deal.

Still, you may want to check out our guide to all the best Black Friday phone deals before you commit — because $300 for a Pixel 3A or Razer Phone 2 is also solid savings for an amazing camera or speedy screen, and you can find the brand-new Pixel 4 and excellent Galaxy S10e at around the $600 mark.

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