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Why The Mandalorian’s Penultimate Episode 7 Is Arriving Early On Disney+

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While it seems like The Mandalorian just started its run on Disney+, Season 1 is already coming to a close. There are only eight episodes to the 2019 season, and the penultimate Chapter 7 airs this week, before the Chapter 8 season finale on December 27, 2019. Then there will be no more Baby Yoda content until (the toys finally show up) Season 2 arrives sometime in 2020.

The good news is that The Mandalorian Season 1’s penultimate Episode 7 is arriving on Disney+ this Wednesday, December 18 instead of its usual Friday drop. Why? Well, as you can imagine, it’s tied to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which opens in theaters on Friday, December 20. Star Wars wants to reserve that Friday for Episode IX’s end of the Skywalker Saga.

Lucasfilm is not missing this opportunity for some Star Wars cross-promotion. The Mandalorian Chapter 7/Episode 7 will include an exclusive sneak peek at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. So if you are among those fans that think Star Wars has been revealing too much in Rise of Skywalker trailers, you have been warned.

You have also been warned that an early Mandalorian drop means early spoilers will be floating around on the web. Take care. As for what happens in the episode itself? Here’s The Mandalorian Episode 7 synopsis from Disney+:

The streamer’s email was accompanied by a small photo of Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) as Moff Gideon, described by EW as a former governor under the Empire whose life changed after the Rebels destroyed the second Death Star.

Disney+ hasn’t revealed any information yet on The Mandalorian Episode 8 season finale. Each episode leaves us with a lot of questions, including several after the most recent Episode 6, which premiered December 13. I’m sure we will have many questions left hanging long into 2020 after the Season 1 finale.

I wonder how the Star Wars galaxy will continue the Baby Yoda obsession during The Mandalorian‘s hiatus. The toys will eventually show up (perhaps to Anthony Daniels’ dismay), but other than that sipping meme being used over and over, will fans just move on to a new fad? Hope not. Maybe Disneyland can continue to add Baby Yoda in adorable ways.

If you haven’t watch The Mandalorian yet, or you know someone who is on the fence, here are the only things you need to know before watching the new live-action show. If you know someone who doesn’t have Disney+ yet, you can give them this link for a free 7-day trial. Here’s what the streamer is adding in December 2019 — including Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but only after Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters. Because Netflix. We should hear later this month about the new Disney+ offerings for January 2020.

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‘SNL’ parodies ‘Marriage Story’ with Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway

Looking for a new drama-meets-politics Netflix movie? “Saturday Night Live” is dreaming up just the film for you.

The film, titled “A Conway Marriage Story” (a play on the Golden Globes-nominated Netflix divorce drama “Marriage Story”) follows the marriage of President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband, lawyer and outspoken Trump critic George Conway.

In the skit, a therapist (host Scarlett Johansson, who stars in the real “Marriage Story”) guides Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne and Beck Bennett’s George in an exercise.

“I’m familiar with some of the differences of opinion you’ve had publicly. I want to know what you love about each other, so why don’t you two read your list,” Johansson begins. 

Bennett started things off, reading, “She works so hard for her boss even though I hate his guts.”

Then McKinnon chimed in. “What I love about George, he always leaves his coffee mugs around,” she said, as the camera shows an “Impeach Trump” mug crash to the floor.

“He always says what he thinks about me to my face,” McKinnon’s voiceover continues as she and Bennett are seen having dinner.

“George, am I a demon?” McKinnon asks while holding up her phone, showing a tweet from George that reads: “Anyone who works for Trump is a demon.”

“What? I can’t tell – I can’t see in here, it’s kind of dark,” Bennett responds, avoiding a real answer.

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11 ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Memes & Tweets Keeping Us Laughing Until Season 6 – TV Insider

Oh, Schitt, it’s almost time to say goodbye to Moira, Johnny, David, and Alexis Rose. Schitt’s Creek’s sixth and final season premieres on January 7. (And you’d better not RSVP as “pending.”)

We’ve scoured the web for funny Schitt’s Creek memes and tweets, so stop acting like a disgruntled pelican and scroll down to keep the laughter going until Season 6 premieres next month.


Schitt’s Creek, Season 6 Premiere, Tuesday, January 7, 10/9c, Pop TV

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After Hallmark Pulls ‘Distracting’ Lesbian Wedding Ads, Zola Cuts Ties To Network

Hallmark is always a big deal in the Christmas season — from cards to movies — but now it’s stuck in the middle of two boycotts.

Long story short — Hallmark Channel was airing six Zola ads, with most featuring a same-sex couple along with heterosexual couples; one ad just featured a lesbian couple getting married and showed them kiss. There were protests, including from One Million Moms, which petitioned Hallmark to stop airing LGBTQ-related content. Hallmark responded by continuing to air Zola commercials, but not the four that included a same-sex wedding. That led to Zola pulling all of its ads and #BoycottHallmark turning into a trending topic.

While it’s true that many of the people now posting #BoycottHallmark probably weren’t watching the Hallmark Channel, several did say they usually buy Hallmark cards for Christmas but won’t this year.

Here’s the statement by a Hallmark spokesperson to THR, explaining the choice to pull the same-sex ads:

Here’s the response from Mike Chi, Zola’s chief marketing officer:

The initial complaints were made by conservative group One Million Moms and Life Petitions, which has 45,000 signatures for a petition titled “Tell Hallmark No LGBT Christmas movies!”

Now GLAAD is involved on the other side, with president Sarah Kate Ellis sharing a statement with THR:

Here’s the Zola ad that just featured two women getting married, one of the set that Hallmark pulled:

Now Zola is no longer airing any ads on Hallmark Channel, but that ad is still airing elsewhere. Speaking of Hallmark, the channel also got a new spoof on Saturday Night Live last night with Scarlett Johansson:

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Kate McKinnon crashes cold open as Trump-warning Greta Thunberg

After scenes of families debating the impeachment inquiry over their holiday dinners, Kate McKinnon hilariously crashed the “Saturday Night Live” cold open as Greta Thunberg.

As Aidy Bryant (dressed as a snowman) was wrapping up the segment with jokes about the families’ debates, McKinnon appeared onscreen dressed as the Swedish climate-activist teenager, who said she also had a “Christmas message.”

“In 10 years, this snowman won’t exist,” McKinnon warned, gesturing to Bryant’s character. “Santa, reindeer, the north pole, all of it, gone. The ice caps will melt and the elves will drown.”

She continued, “So, merry maybe our last Christmas to all. And Donald Trump, step to me, and I’ll come at you like a plastic straw comes at a turtle. I can’t believe I”m saying this to a 70-year-old man, but grow up!”

The skit comes after Thunberg made headlines this week for being named Time magazine’s “Person of The Year,” which prompted a negative reaction from President Donald Trump.

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10 Best GIFs & Memes from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ – TV Insider


RuPaul’s Drag Race has been putting on a show for millions of fans since its debut in 2009. This year, the reality competition series reached its 10th anniversary, and we would be remiss not to celebrate it!

We have seen over 154 drag queens rise to the top over the course of 11 seasons, throughout the many quirky photo shoots, make-or-break impersonations, and all of those wiggy attitudes — not to mention all of those punchy lip-syncs and the lippy punchlines over the decade.

After a tumult of fierce wig-snatching and tea-spilling, the reality competition has certainly become a bona fide spectacle of raw comedy. Ru and her queens have undeniably “werked” hard and served us with some of the most iconic moments in television history.

Now, it’s time to serve you with the 10 best GIFs/memes from the show that’ll absolutely have you gagging:


via MEME






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Yes, Vikings Star Alexander Ludwig Agrees With Fans’ Floki Theory

As any super-involved Vikings viewer knows, there are a lot of fan theories about the series. Given the deep mythos that Vikings possesses, that is not where the potential for fan theories ends. Could Floki actually be a god, specifically the god of mischief? Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn, agrees it is possible!

Alexander Ludwig was giving his thoughts on Vikings fan theories when he arrived at one that he seemed to agree is entirely possible. That brings us to none other than Floki, whose current whereabouts remain a mystery after the cave he was in collapsed. If you believe Floki is still somehow alive, there could be a reason. Is he a god?

The fan theory goes that Floki is actually the god of mischief, aka Loki. As you can tell from his name, Floki’s is only a letter off from that. A nod to his true origins? Asked if he thinks there is any truth to the Vikings theory, Alexander Ludwig told TV Guide:

Interesting! If this Vikings fan theory is correct, it would explain a lot. I am confused about if Floki knows he is Loki or not. Floki does believe in the gods fervently, which is what led to his spelunking expedition to find them. If he knows he is one, why did he need to go looking?

Vikings’ Floki has historical ties. However, he has remained at the core of the show’s spiritual realm with respect to the Vikings’ beliefs. If Floki is actually Loki, it is interesting that he was searching for the gods when the cave collapsed. Could the big Vikings twist be that Floki brought a god into it with his own presence?

Either way, Alexander Ludwig is definitely on-board with this Vikings theory and he points to the show for some evidence that supports it. The Floki scene in question occurred during the Season 4 episode entitled “Yol,” and Ludwig explained its significance, saying:

After getting their “reading,” the person would then lick the Seer’s hand. In the Vikings scene that Alexander Ludwig referenced, the Seer licked Floki’s. Did the Seer know Floki’s real identity as Loki and show his reverence for him by licking his hand instead? It seems to fit the situation.

If Floki is unaware of being a god, it would explain his constant frustration with the world around him. The mystery of if Floki is a god has been momentarily overshadowed by his status among the living. Vikings’ creator has given an update about where that storyline is headed, and it involves Ubbe searching for answers.

He has had to temporarily forego his mission to find Floki while Bjorn set out to rescue Harald. Bjorn left Ubbe in charge of Kattegat in his stead. After the way Vikingslatest episode played out, Ubbe may be ruling Kattegat for a while. A development that means the wait for answers about Floki will wear on in the meantime.

Find out what happens next in the Floki mystery when new episodes of Vikings air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on History. The historical drama’s return is part of this winter’s premieres.

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‘SNL’ imagines ‘Marriage Story’ movie about Kellyanne Conway, husband

Looking for a new drama-meets-politics Netflix movie? “Saturday Night Live” is dreaming up just the film for you.

The film, titled “A Conway Marriage Story” (a play on the Golden Globes-nominated Netflix divorce drama “Marriage Story”) follows the marriage of President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband, lawyer and outspoken Trump critic George Conway.

In the skit, a therapist (host Scarlett Johansson, who stars in the real “Marriage Story”) guides Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne and Beck Bennett’s George in an exercise.

“I’m familiar with some of the differences of opinion you’ve had publicly. I want to know what you love about each other, so why don’t you two read your list,” Johansson begins. 

Bennett started things off, reading, “she works so hard for her boss even though I hate his guts.”

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Bob Gets Stuck With Returning Guest Megan Mullally as Gayle & the In-Laws (VIDEO) – TV Insider

As the holiday season carries on, families gather to celebrate, and such is the case for the Belchers of Bob’s Burgers who receive a visit from Linda’s (John Roberts) clan while she’s not around.

In the December 15 episode “Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas,” Linda will be working a temp post office job to make some extra cash for the time of the year. But when a package goes undelivered, she takes it upon herself to break protocol and be a hero by delivering it.

As for Bob (H. Jon Benjamin)? He and Tina (Dan Mintz) will be left to tend to Linda’s family, including returning guest star Megan Mullally as younger sister Gayle. Linda’s parents (voiced by Sam Seder and Renee Taylor) are also in tow, and things get off to a rough start when they arrive.

Thankfully we have the exclusive clip from the night’s episode — don’t miss it above.

Gayle says that she would have brought her parents to her place first, but that she was having a few bathrooms removed from her “rich person” home. She goes with the fib that she’s a world famous internet doctor, pegging that as her reasoning for being rich — none of which she is.

(Credit: FOX)

But the hilarity continues when Grandpa has a coughing fit and Bob mutters, “Oh, god,” under his breath. Tim Meadows also guest stars in the brand new episode which will see the rest of the Belchers get into shenanigans.

Can Bob and Tina survive without Linda around while the family is visiting? Find out when Bob’s Burgers airs Sunday.

Bob’s Burgers, Sundays, 9/8c, Fox

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Watchmen Writer Addresses Rumors About Lady Trieu And Veidt’s Clones

watchmen adrian veidt

Spoilers for the latest episode of Watchmen are below, so be sure to catch up before reading on.

Going into Watchmen‘s Season 1 finale, many fans agree that it seems impossible for the HBO vigilante drama to fully wrap up the various narrative threads that kicked off in the premiere. Rumors and theories abound for just about every main character, from Doctor Manhattan to Angela Abar to Looking Glass. So when Watchmen writer Jeff Jensen recently spoke with CinemaBlend, I definitely had to ask about characters that earn my endless fascination: Hong Chau’s Lady Trieu and Adrian Veidt’s clones played by Tom Mison and Sara Vickers.

In particular, we talked about the Peteypedia article centered on Lady Trieu rumors, along with some major questions about Veidt’s eternally faithful clone minions. (I hope nobody is ready to see any major comic crossovers with the latter pair.) We’ll start off with the smartest woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

lady trieu in front of doctor manhattan phone booth

Lady Trieu Rumors

Following the monumentally groundbreaking Episode 6, “This Extraordinary Being,” HBO put out a piece of Peteypedia supplemental material called “Lady Trieu: Fact or Fiction.” It was presented as if written by faux society reporter Jay-Jay Whitman, who bounced questions about Lady Trieu’s life off of her spokesperson. In reality, the piece was largely crafted by Jeff Jensen, and it served as a way to address the multitude of questions and assumptions that viewers have had about the mysterious billionaire.

Though Jeff Jensen didn’t offer up any concrete answers about the ideas that were addressed in the article, he did talk about how enjoyable it was to make. More interestingly, though, the Watchmen TV scribe raised the idea that fans shouldn’t take everything in that article to be gospel truth. In his words:

Yeah, that was fun. That was a fun one to make, ‘Lady Trieu: Fact or Fiction.’ I wrote that with help from Damon, and I really love the design that HBO came up with for that one. But yeah, Lady Trieu doesn’t talk to the press all that much, and there’s certainly a lot of mystery and lore attached to her. It was definitely a fun way to download a tremendous amount of content about Lady Trieu, some of which may prove to be not true. We’ll see, you know. When you don’t talk to the press much, but you do the kind of things that Lady Trieu does, a lot of myths and lies and far-out rumors get attached to you, and it’ll be interesting to see by season’s end how much of that is accurate, how much of it is not accurate, and then maybe how much of it is close to the truth, but they got some huge stuff wrong. So all I know is that the society reporter at the Tulsa Star Sentinel is not exactly the most careful journalist, so we’ll see how well he and his fact-checking department got things right about Lady Trieu.

Not every entry in that article needs further speculation – I’m not sure that disputing mother Bian My’s parenting guru skills helps solve anything – but some definitely inspire second looks. For example, it was rumored that Bian My tasked someone skilled in psychic combat to battle Lady Trieu to the death. It was marked as “fiction,” but that bit may hold signs of how the mother’s somewhat amoral personality may come through in her clone.

Perhaps the biggest rumor for longtime Watchmen fans is the notion that Lady Trieu’s father could be The Comedian, based on ideas that Edward Blake got several women pregnant while stationed in Vietnam. (Meaning Bian My wouldn’t necessarily need to be the woman The Comedian shot in the comic book.) The Peteypedia entry calls this “Fiction,” which ties into other theories that she’s actually Adrian Veidt’s daughter somehow, but minds would be blown if she was in fact Laurie’s half-sister.

This entry also brings up the proposed idea that the Millennium Clock is just a clock, but that’s 99.9999% hot garbage and not worthy of pure discussion. The other question most in need of attention is whether or not Lady Trieu is in love with Doctor Manhattan. She certainly didn’t tip her hat to that when revealing to Angela that she knew of the super-being’s presence in Tulsa, but it would be extremely interesting to discover that the Millennium Clock is actually meant to bring Trieu and Manhattan together in some way. (I can’t imagine Laurie or Angela would want to witness that.)

watchmen adam and eve and doctor manhattan

Mr. Phillips And Ms. Crookshanks Rumors

Knowing full well that it would border on impossible to try and get hard facts about where things tie up for Jeremy Irons’ Adrian Veidt, I instead opted to talk to Jeff Jensen about Tom Mison and Sara Vickers’ Phillips and Crookshanks, who have inspired their own cottage industry of rumors from week to week. Thankfully, Episode 8 revealed the Europa-born clones were initially modeled after the couple that took in Jon Osterman and his father after they escaped Germany, and that Veidt’s Game Warden nemesis was actually the first male clone that Manhattan created.

Learning about the O.G. Phillips made me wonder whether or not Watchmen would be clarify the whereabouts of the very first Crookshanks clone, and whether or not viewers had already seen her. When talking to Jeff Jensen, I asked about that, offering up my guess that the prosecutor in Veidt’s trial was the “Eve” to the Game Warden’s “Adam.” (Largely tied to the idea that she was the only Crookshanks we’d seen with a grounded sense of authority to this point.) Here’s how he answered:

That’s a really cool theory. So I guess that people are speculating that theory, right? What I would say is that we are certainly not done with Veidt’s time on Europa and his conflicts and rapport with the Game Warden and all of the clones, and all of their permutations. And we will definitely be seeing them once more in the finale. Whether or not Crookshanks-Prime is in play, and whether or not she was the winking prosecutor in The Flatulent Trial of Adrian Veidt is a question I really don’t know how to answer. And I’m coming to you with something of a disadvantage, which is that, while I am very aware of what’s in the finale from the script-writing stage, I actually haven’t seen it myself. I really like your theory, and the line of questioning. I look forward to seeing myself whether or not the finale will give us anything to nurture or debunk that theory.

As one might imagine, Jeff Jensen’s answer wasn’t fully expected, though I do enjoy the idea of only Damon Lindelof and the finale’s director Frederick E.O. Toye knowing where to look for the final piece of that puzzle. Assuming there is a final piece to that puzzle, of course.

The longest-standing rumors surrounding Tom Mison and Sara Vickers’ characters goes back to when the actors were first cast, with some reports claiming that they would respectively be portraying comic book villains Mime and Marionette, who were first introduced in DC’s official Watchmen sequel series Doomsday Clock. No further details ever surfaced on that front, making things all the more mysterious as the clones’ stories developed over the season.

When I addressed those ideas with Jeff Jensen, it became very obvious why no other clues had ever popped up in Watchmen‘s first season: he wasn’t even aware the Mime and Marionette claims existed. At one point reflecting on his years pulling apart Damon Lindelof’s Lost while working at Entertainment Weekly, Jensen completely shut down the Mime and Marionette rumor mill.

Oh, you got me, man. I don’t even know what these rumors are. I think I can speak on behalf of Damon with this one, for sure. We are huge fans of Geoff Johns and the good folks at DC, and are avid readers of Doomsday Clock, and I can’t wait for them to finally come out with issue #12 so I know how it all ends. What I would say is, it’s very different and separate creative processes. I hate to be the guy that blows up theories, because I love theories, and the crazier the theory the better. I mean, I made a living at that, and I love delighting in that. I would say that as far as I can remember, and I was there for like 95% of the days that the writers room existed, there is no connection between Mime and Marionette and Crookshanks and Phillips, I’m sorry to report.

On the one hand, I would love to see live-action iterations of the silent-but-deadly Mime and the string-flinging killer Marionette, especially in a TV universe that has the care and thought put into it that Watchmen does. On the other hand, the limited and standalone nature of Veidt’s arc this season hasn’t provided the most fruitful ground to introduce comic characters that weren’t even in the original comic series. And to try and cram that event in the finale, with everything else going on, might have felt like pure overkill.

Which of those Lady Trieu rumors do you think will end up being proven false? Do you have any ideas about what might have happened with the original Crookshanks? Are you disappointed that Mime and Marionette aren’t getting TV debuts soon? Let us know in the comments!

With the weight of the world on its big blue shoulders, Watchmen‘s season finale will air on HBO on Sunday, December 15, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Now please join me in a chant calling for HBO to renew Watchmen for Season 2.


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