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Top movies for Teenagers in 2018

My thoughts on movies aired in 2018

As a teenager one of my favorite things to do is watch movies. 2018 was a wonderful year for movies, this was one of my favorite years for movies I could literally put 100’s of movies in this list but sadly I need to condense my list to 10 movies. I’m sure teenagers can relate to this but if you are ever bored go see a movie you won’t regret it! There is nothing better than become a fan of a movie and anticipating what will happen in the movie. Majority of the time I come out of the movie theater with a smile on my face because I was well pleased.

My top movies of 2018

1.) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:

Movie of the year! was the perfect movie for a teenager to watch because one of the main characters was a teenager. Also the song Sunflower is the greatest songs ever!!! I can’t wait to see the second one especially the romance between Myles and Gwen-Stacy 🙂 

2.) Avengers: Infinity War:

I’m the biggest avengers fan in the world. I love super hero movies in general even though the avengers lost I was still pleased with the action in the movie.

Everyone can’t wait until the next movie comes out. I loved Thor’s Storm breaker he is sooooooo powerful it’s crazy and I LOVE IT! Spiderman is growing on me as my second favorite super hero. 

3.) Ready Player One:

Ready Player One was one of my favorite movies of all time! I loved how different characters and movies were in the movie at the same time. The oasis would defiantly be a teenagers dream.

4.) Incredibles 2:

 Me personally I am a big Disney movie fan. This movie was actioned packed and full of funny parts, As a teenager I loved every second of it especially the beginning.

5.) Aquaman:

Aquaman was the best Dc movie by far! I felt like it had lots of actions and the movie was on track the whole time the ending had me almost crying. Movies like this make you wish you were a super hero.

6.) A Quiet Place:

SHHHH BE QUEIT! This movie was scary and very quiet to be honest I know I couldn’t stay that quiet for that long so I give them credit 😂the movie had lots of jumps I was terrified when those monsters opened their mouths.

7.) The First Purge:

 This is by far the best purge movie that was made. I loved D’s swag and his character his sauce was unreliable especially with the turtle neck. This movie had the best soundtrack in awhile nothing but 10’s on each song.

8.) The Grinch:

I am a big Christmas guy so this automatically won my heart. This movie can teach young teenagers the importance of Christmas. This movie pulled at my heart strings the entire time, I love stories like this.

9.) Mama Mia:

Mama Mia I really enjoyed this movie even though I made the mistake of not seeing the first one I thought all 3 girls were cousins the whole time.😂 When I figured out they weren’t it all made sense so I would recommend that movie to teenagers who love music and young love

10.) Crazy Rich Asians:

This movie is great for teenagers who are experiencing young love, this is defiantly a movie you take your girlfriend to see to get extra brownie points 😉 

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