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2020 Volleyball Men’s Nations League Final in Turin, Russia one of the favorites

Volleyball Men’s Nations League – one of the recent inventions of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). The tournament firstly appeared in 2018, so final at July 2020 will be only the third in history. According to Bet On, the decisive games for the title of champion of the Nations League will be held in Turin, Italy from July 1 to 5.

The format of the Volleyball Nations League is the same for both men’s and women’s teams. Sixteen national teams participate in each of the tournaments, twelve of which are called “main”, and four – “applicants”. As part of the preliminary round, teams play with each other in the same circle – it’s the classic system for such tournaments. Five weeks are allocated for matches of the Nations League in the calendar of the season. At each of the gaming weeks, matches are held in four countries in groups of four teams. Women play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and for men’s teams they have allocated weekends from Friday to Sunday. There are five of the strongest and best teams according to the results of the preliminary stage in the final round (it is called the “Final Six”). The sixth participant is the host team of the final round, which does not participate in the qualifying round. At the “Final Six” rivals are divided into two groups of three teams. Each group holds matches in one round. Then the first two teams from each group fall into the playoffs, where they fight for first, second and third places.

Volleyball Nations League is very similar to its football counterpart. There teams are divided into several leagues depending on their class. The best teams in each league break into the stronger, and the worst fall into the weaker. Also in the Volleyball Nations League – the strongest teams reserve the right to participate in this tournament for next year, and the worst are sent to the category of “applicants”.

One of the favorites of current Volleyball Men’s Nations League is the Russian team. This team has won the first two titles in the history of this tournament and is going to win for the third time. In 2018 Russia defeated French in the final, and a year later this team turned out to be stronger than USA.

Since 2019 Finnish specialist Tuomas Sammelvuo has coached Russia. Bookmakers believe that Russia has excellent chances to win for the third time. Experts from 1xBet offer great odds for the victory of the Russian team (use Mirror 1xBet to enter the site). The main competitors of Russia in this tournament will be teams from Brazil and the USA. It is worth noting that the perimental phase will be held in five weeks between May 22nd and June 21st 2020.

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Finally An App For Open Play Volleyball!


VBaller app brings volleyball enthusiasts together to the nearest open gym. Players can enjoy the sport they love while on travel, establish connections, meet local players, socialize, and possibly make friends for life.

VBaller also makes meeting people and making connection less daunting because you already have a common interest which is volleyball.

When you need a break from your workload simply launch the VBaller App and discover the nearest open gym near you. You can specify the radius distance instead of the default 50 miles,
You can also plan ahead and type in destination cities of your interest.
Search local open gyms for volleyball at various level of play. Look up the address, phone numbers, and point of contact.

Meet up fellow vballers in your area. Submit open gym information that isn’t listed. Submit corrections and feedback.

VBaller App Features:

– Open gyms near you

Search by cities and it will return a listing of open gyms within the default radius of 50 miles. It shows the days, times, and location. You can filter the results by specifying a radius distance as well as schedule days.

– Detailed open gym information

Selecting a gym from the listing will show a detailed page with additional information such as Number of Courts, Level of Play, Point of Contact (if any), Phone Number, Cost, Notes.

– Filter listing by days of the week

You can filter the listing by today, tomorrow, this week, and weekend.

– Submit new open gym info

If there’s an open gym that you know of and it’s not listed, please submit by clicking the map icon, then the “+” icon, then enter information on the form.

– Submit correction on listed gyms

If gym information is incorrect or outdated please submit a correction by clicking the “alert” icon on the upper right-hand corner of the detailed gym page.

– Submit feedback about the App

You can submit feedback, features request by clicking on the Info
tab on the bottom of the page then the Feedback button.

– Create a profile
You can create a profile which gives you access to future features.

Need help?
Email info@vballer.org or via Feedback button on the Info tab.

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