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22 Scary Stories You Shouldn’t Read If You Have A Weak Stomach

These scary stories from Ask Reddit will keep you up all night.

1. I was at my uncle’s house in some countryside with my sister and we were playing hide and seek. My uncle went out to buy some food for us. I was hiding downstairs in this weird closet/attic thing I found. I heard a little banging noise and got a little spooked. I then chalked it up to a little rat or something and continued to hide. I then heard a snore and a groan. I immediately got out and ran to my sister. We both sat at the door together, crying, until my uncle got home. My uncle just laughed it off and we were relieved.

A decade later, an old man’s dead body was found when my uncle tried to sell the house. It was revealed he was squatting there for almost a decade and he had written in a notebook how he was going to kill my uncle and keep the home for himself, and I think that would’ve happened if he didn’t die.

2. I lived in this townhouse and one day we woke up to letters carved into the hall closet door. I got blamed for it (being the only kid who could reach) and thought there was a ghost for the longest time.

3. My friend got into a bad car accident and hit his face on the windshield.

He then started filming and noticed that literally half of his face could be peeled off. It was a very clean cut, just half of the skin hanging there. It wasn’t separated though and he got a lot of stitches and recovered completely.

During traumatic situations you often don’t feel any pain.

4. I lived next door to Ward Weaver in Oregon City during the time he killed two teen girls. During the time these girls went missing, I began to notice a smell of something rotten.

Important note, right up the road from us is a chicken processing plant. I was well aware what rotting chicken smells like… this wasn’t chicken.

Naturally with everything occurring and them not having found the girls, I called the cops and reported the smell. They told me it was the plant down the road and hung up.

2 weeks later, Ward Weaver is arrested and they find a concrete slab. Underneath that slab are two oil drum barrels.

The girls were inside. The smell I experienced was rotting human flesh. I will never forget that smell.

5. Friend of mine had recurring vivid hauntings growing up. He would often get the feeling of a cold clawed hand grabbing his legs while sleeping. Wake up from a nightmare with scratches over his body. See a well dressed lady wondering around his house. He moved around a lot growing up, and after each move he would have a few months of relief before the lady returned and the hauntings continued. He left for college and the hauntings stopped. Fast forward a few years and he went to visit his sister in a totally different part of the country. As he stepped foot in the house, he instantly felt a cold come over him. He froze. Looked at his sister and asked, “She’s here, isn’t she?” Sister nodded. She said her daughters had been experiencing the same things he had when he was younger.

6. I was heading home from my mom’s and was at a light next to a gas station when the person next to me told me there was something wrong with my tire. I pulled into the gas station and when I saw the person follow me in, I felt something off, so I didn’t get out. Instead I called my mom on my cellphone and when the guy pulled next to me, I gave him a thumbs up through the windshield. I then drove back to my mom’s (which I had just left and was only a few minutes away). I get there, get out, we look at my tires and they are just fine.

7. We had snow unexpectedly a week ago. Went to bed like usual with my husbands alarm set a few minutes early so he could account for ice. Woke up and noticed shoe prints on our deck, facing the sounding door to our bedroom. We’re currently remodeling so there’s no curtain or anything there. Apparently, someone just watched us sleep for a bit. The slider and French doors on the same deck were both unlocked, but we have 2 dogs (that didn’t even bark) so I’m not sure if they just didn’t try to get in or didn’t have the guts to do it.

We now have camera all around our house and curtains on order.

8. I knew a guy who was an archaeologist who worked with Native American sites. One year there was a lot of rain and after a mudslide, one of the other people working with him was driving along and saw a skull lying in the middle of the road. Apparently the rain washed out an old burial ground, and since grave-digging is illegal (even if the “grave” isn’t really buried anymore) they just had to bury the remains somewhere nearby. They consulted with the tribes whose ancestors had lived in that area, but none of them knew of any burial ground nearby (not surprising, since it was probably from hundreds or thousands of years ago), so they just kind of had to guess.

9. When I was about 3 or 4, my parents were building a big house and the lead contractor was always extra friendly to me. My parents were always a little bit… hands-off so I somehow ended up alone with the lead contractor in a half-finished house. I vaguely remember him and honestly don’t know how long I was alone with him. My family always refused to say.

Long story short, my mom caught him right as he was loading me into his truck and snatched me up while screaming at him, all while he’s insisting he “just wanted to buy your daughter candy at the store!”

They never reported him. I still can’t understand why.

10. My friend used to sleep with his window open. One day he woke up to a man staring at him from the window. He quickly ran away once he realized he had woken up. Never slept with the window open again.

11. When my cousin was a teenager (maybe 18 or 19) she and her friends went out to party a lot. In my country you can legally start drinking at 16/18, so most teenagers start going to clubs at 16. Back then, hitch hiking was still pretty common and most teenagers did it to get home or to the city, since only very few had cars of their own.

So my cousin and her friend want to go home after a night out and get picked up by a middle aged guy. He’s nice enough and they make small talk while they drive. Suddenly, he takes a turn onto a remote road leading into the woods. He locks the car from the inside and his friendly facade falls, instead he’s suddenly tense, quiet and determined.

My cousin’s friend started crying quietly, but my cousin stays calm and starts talking to the man. She tells him about her family, her mom and dad, her brother and sister and asks if he also has a family. When he tells her that he has a wife and two children, she asks for their names and how old they are, which school they go to, what their hobbies are, all while he drives them deeper into the woods.

It must’ve triggered something, because after talking with him for a couple of minutes, he stops he car and breaks down. He starts crying and tells them that things aren’t going well at home, that his marriage is pretty bad and he fears he’ll lose his kids. My cousin comforts him during his break down and lets him spill his heart out. Eventually, he starts the car again, turns around and drives them home, saying he’s sorry.

They get out once they reach the street my cousin lived on and when he drives off, my cousin sees him put a knife on the passenger seat that he had kept hidden next to him. They never hitchhiked again.

12. My neighbor had a guy run up on their porch breathing hard at around 11:00 at night. He was saying let me use your phone over and over. We live out in the middle of nowhere and he wasn’t in a car. Kinda creepy.

13. When I was twelve, my family and I went to Sam’s Club. Being a little asshole, I decided that I didn’t want to walk with my family, so I wandered around looking at clothes and books.

An employee kept watching me. Like staring really bad. I figured he thought I was going to steal, so I smiled at him so he knew I wasn’t Bad™. He smiled back. He kept checking me out though, and asked me how old I was. We talked about my favorite books and video games. I remember being uncomfortable but couldn’t figure out why, because he was super nice to me.

I remember wondering if he was flirting with me, but reasoned that he couldn’t be, because I’m a boy. Really weird conclusion to come to, but I was twelve. I genuinely thought he was just interested in my favorite video games.

The conversation died down and I decided I needed to piss, so I went into the bathroom. Less than ten seconds later and the restroom door opens. The guy stands in front of my stall, even though there were empty ones. I recognized the guy’s shoes as the employee’s. I stand there for a couple minutes, done pissing, but really confused and kind of scared. I thought he followed me because he thought I was stealing.

Then the guy held a camera over the stall door and took a picture of me. Like real quick, one or two pictures of me just fucking standing there looking up at the camera. My dick wasn’t out or anything. Just me. In the bathroom. Someone else came in and he immediately went to the sink and started washing his hands like he’d just finished using the bathroom. Then he left.

It was really creepy. I didn’t tell my mom anything except that “the Sam’s Club guy thinks I’m stealing”. And she laughed. I realized waaaay later that he was a pedophile.

14. My neighbor had a stalker. The man would sit in the car and watch her, hide in bushes. It was awful for her. We called the cops on him several times.

15. When I was a child in New Hampshire I went exploring by myself and got lost in the woods. I was not worried about it in the least, and was just walking around. All of a sudden, I noticed someone standing about 25 feet away from me, and he was just standing perfectly still facing me. He was all bundled up in a bunch of shirts and jackets… one over the other over the other, and his face was completely hidden by what looked like dirty rags. He was wearing big flat lensed goggle. He just stood there staring at me. I stared back for a few seconds and then turned and ran. Maybe 30 minutes later I managed to find my way back to the edge of the lake, and was able to get back to where we were staying.

16. I’m a biologist that often has to do field work surveying unmaintained private properties in the middle of nowhere.

Long story short, we find a body face-up in a stream deep in a thickly wooded wetland. The body looked several months old, at least. No clothes, no tools, no shelter, nothing nearby to suggest who he is or how he got there. We couldn’t even tell race or gender from what we saw.

We call the police and they immediately tell us it’s probably the missing person who ditched his car nearby. They apparently searched for weeks with dogs, horses, and ATVs but didn’t find any sign of the guy. All they found was his family car loaded with cash and a handgun. They also tell us he seemed to be running from someone or something, real or imagined they weren’t sure. Apparently the man didn’t even close his car door – just ditched it at a rail crossing and took off running into the woods in a tremendous hurry.

I find his clothes about 30 yards up the stream bank from where the body was found. His pants were neatly folded and placed on top of his nice brown loafers, underpants and socks on top of those. He placed his glasses atop his socks, very orderly and in a nice pile. His shirt and undershirt were hanging from a tree branch right above those as if to dry.

I mean, the whole thing creeps me out even a year on. But what unsettles me is the fact that he ran from his family, drove several hours from his home, ditched his car, and fought a mile through briars and thick woods only to stop and carefully fold and hang his clothes before meeting his end.

I look him up every now and then and still can’t find any more info about what happened or why.

17. This happened about three years ago or so. I was sitting in the kitchen, and it was around 10pm or so. I heard a really loud “thump” in the basement.

I live alone with two dogs so any sound is somewhat frightening to me.

So, as I’m walking down the stairs to the, basement, I hear the thumping again, in an oddly rhythmic pattern. I creak open the door into the basement bedroom, and I see my dog is just ramming his head and body into the wall, over and over.

I cant explain to you how shockingly unnatural looking it was. It looked like… he was controlled or something. I called him over, and he stopped and came upstairs with me.

Three hours later, I hear the thumping again. I get out of bed again, However, when I went down to check it, it was my OTHER dog that was ramming his head into the wall.

It was like he was possessed. Scared the cheese out of me.

Since then, nothing like that has happened, but what an unexplainable event…

18. I worked with a girl who casually told the story of someone almost kidnapping her little sister.

One day she walked outside to tell her 6-year-old sister to come inside, and her sister was climbing into the open door of a car at the end of the driveway. My coworker screamed and the car drove off without the sister.

19. Happened not to long ago my dad has this habit that when comes home he likes to scare me by pulling my toes it’s annoying but whatever one night I was half asleep and I didn’t feel him open the door or come up the stairs but I still felt a hard yank and so I did my usual deja de joder and tell him to go to sleep but when I look up and see no one standing the I freak the fuck out open my door ask my bro if my dad is here and he tells me no he still hasn’t gotten home that’s one sleepless night I’ll definitely remember

20. I was playing World of Warcraft back in high school with my buddies brother, who was home alone on New Year’s (his parents were like 3 minutes away in a different neighborhood)

Anyways, he’s my buddies middle school brother, I think he was 13 or 14 at the time, and we are in a Voice Chat, just bullshitting away.

And then he mentioned seeing someone outside of his bedroom window in his yard, he was genuinely freaked out by whatever he saw, and me being like 16 or 17, just laughed at him for being paranoid.

Well, we continue playing, and all of sudden he’s like, “HOLY SHIT SOMEONES BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE,” and then I tell him to hide, so he takes “me” with him under his bed, and is telling me to call his mom and tell her.

Now, as his buddy, and his brothers buddy, I know they both have a dark fucked up sense of humor, and at first I was playing along, thinking he’s just trying to fuck with me, but when he told me to call his mom, it clicked with me that he’s probably not playing a joke on me, so I call her and urgently tell her what’s happening, and within minutes his mom’s entire New Years Eve party showed up at his house, ready to beat some ass, but all they found was a busted up front door and cops already on the road.

Apparently someone was breaking into houses on his street, and his was next, but the cops showed up and scared him off (probably) as he was busting down the front door.

I always felt like that moment changed how I listen to people, because you never know when that one moment isn’t a joke, I kinda take people a little more seriously now, like I remember starting to get scared with him as he was hiding, but still didn’t believe it was actually happening.

21. I was eleven and my brother was four. It was late at night and we were alone. My mother and step father were out, along with my little sister. Since we were not his children, we rarely got to go out with them.

I was watching t.v. and my brother had fallen asleep next to me on the couch. From the couch you could see a large window with sheer curtains. Outside of that window was a parking area. I realized there was a man at the window. He just stood there looking in. This was before cell phones, so I couldn’t call my mom. I tried calling my aunt, but she lived in another town and I think she thought I was imagining things. I tried calling the police and they said they’d send someone, but they didn’t seem to be taking me seriously either.

The man started to try to get the window open. I was paralyzed with fear. At some point I realized I was shaking and this snapped me out of my panic. I tried to shake my brother awake, telling him there was someone trying to break in, but he was so deeply asleep that I could not rouse him.

By this time I was near tears and shaking so badly. I couldn’t leave my brother there and the man was still trying to get in. As I’m trying to lift/drag him, I hear the front door coming open. It was my family returning!

It turns out that they had walked right by the man. He was leaning against a car. He greeted them and asked if they had a lighter for his cigarette. My mom later remarked on how friendly he seemed. I definitely feel like someone was watching out for me and my brother that day. Minutes later and the man would have likely been in the house.

22. My buddy’s sister hiked a section of the Appalachian trail by her self. When she got home she got 5 rolls of film developed. There were pictures of her sleeping on several of them. TC mark

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Families Dress Formal For At-Home Dinner Parties

While everyone is staying at home to properly practice social distancing, people are finding all sorts of ways to have fun. One way families are coming together is by hosting formal dinner parties in the comfort of their own homes and let me tell you, they’re really going all out!

TikTok users have been sharing all the ways they’ve been keeping busy, whether it’s making coffee or learning new dances, but this one might take the cake. One user, who has racked up over 100,000 likes, posted a video of all of her family members getting dressed in formal attire to gather together downstairs for dinner.

“We were tired of seeing each other in sweats,” the caption said. The video was set to Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” and it shows her father wearing a tie, her brother wearing a blazer and a gold chain, and her mother, sisters, and herself wearing long dresses. They each come down the stairs in their outfits and strike a pose while the other members cheer them on. Even their dog was wearing a fancy pink sweater! The final clip is all of them together at the dinner table enjoying their dinner and some red wine.

While we’re all spending time at home, there are tons of ways to be entertained pass the time. Dressing up for dinner is one of them and can get you out of the habit of lounging in your comfy clothes if you’re tired of that.

If you want to include more of your friends to your fancy occasion from a distance, we put together everything you need to know about throwing an awesome virtual dinner party. You can stay safe, healthy, and have fun in your homes, it might just take a little extra creativity, some good food and a pinch TikTok inspo. We got you!

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Here Are The Things I’m Not Brave Enough To Say

1. you decided the view wasn’t for you, but you’d only just tied your shoelaces and stretched your calves; you had mountains of my heart left to climb.

2. it’s too bad you missed the sunset. i had never glowed for anyone like that.

3. there were constellations pulsing in my midnight sky i never wanted anyone but you to hold my hand under. now you’re just someone else who left me hurt and undiscovered.

4. i wanted to be cartographer of your soul and body. blame them both if i cannot see you yet; i am still transfixed. i swear i am trying not to be.

5. i have never tried this hard at letting go.

6. i have a high threshold for pain, i don’t understand why it hurts like this.

7. i know i don’t look anything like the girls you follow, but i wanted to be lovely for you. only for you. i would’ve blistered in the golden hour light, rolled around the meadow, drowned in honey, painted my lips in every shade of pink.

8. i learned to love your snoring because i chose you, the same way i learned to sleep through your countless alarms each morning. i miss listening to your raucous breathing, when my eyes weren’t yet heavy and you were already inside your dreams. you’ve no idea of the many ways you lulled me to sleep.

9. in the middle of the night, asleep, you’d reach for me, kiss my skin, and squeeze my body, often. i’d wake up to whispers in your native tongue coming from your lips. i could’ve sworn it all meant something.

10. for you, i would have learned a third language. i would have used it with your mother. i would have held that piece of you in me. i would have spoken it to whisper for your hands to touch me in the dark and at the first glimpse of the sun.

11. i fucked him only because i thought he could lick your name from my lips. when it was over, in the dark, i cried silently. i whispered your name to myself and clung to it like a safety blanket.

12. on nights i wake up from nightmares, i fight every bone inside my body not to go digging in that bag buried in my closet to wrap myself in your cardigan. i don’t give in, but three nights ago i said your name over and over until i could breathe.

13. you made me feel less alone.

14. i still want to sleep in your bed. just sleep. but it is your bed. i don’t know what that means.

15. i wasn’t looking for you. i swear i didn’t mean to love you. you were good in ways i had never known.

16. what you did to me with her, it’s not who i thought you were. some days, i hate you so much for it. you don’t do that to someone you have respect and care for. some days i get so angry in the healing of it all, that i wonder if i had you all wrong.

17. you became one of my best friends, but my heart was never safe with you.

18. i want to say one day you’ll wake up next to someone and not feel love, not feel lust, not feel anything, and miss waking up next to me. i want to say i’m sure of it, but i’d be wrong. you let me go because you knew i didn’t just want to be appreciated, but loved.

19. when i see you, know it’s because i no longer feel anything at all.

20. part of me knows this will be a lie.


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Keith Urban Performed Live on Instagram After Concert Cancelations

  • Concerts around the world have been cancelled amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Keith Urban was the latest country singer whose show was shut down.
  • Since he couldn’t perform live, he streamed a set on Instagram for fans to enjoy.

    Keith Urban just proved that the show must go on—even if you’re singing to an empty room.

    After the country music star’s latest concert was cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns, he gave an impromptu performance via Instagram Live to keep his fans entertained. In the 32-minute video, Keith sang and strummed his guitar while musician Jeff Linsenmaier played keyboards and percussion in the background. Nicole Kidman also made an appearance, dancing and singing along throughout the private show.

    “Hi everyone. We’re coming to you live from our warehouse actually. This is where we store all of our gear, so it doesn’t really get on camera very much,” Keith said in the clip. “But we thought we’d just set this up to stream tonight. Honestly because I was supposed to be playing tonight, and I just thought it would be nice to be able to play anyway.”

    “Even though we can’t be in front of all you guys tonight, I want to be able to play and just play some songs and bring a little bit of entertainment into your screens,” he continued. “Wherever you guys are watching, all over the world.”

    Keith kicked off the set with his chart-topping hit “Somebody Like You,” but made a subtle change to the well-known lyrics. “It sure feels good to be playing live music for you on Instagram tonight,” he sang.

    After the virtual concert, Nicole shared a sweet selfie of herself with Keith singing in the background. “Just loved getting to sing and dance with you all,” she captioned the shot.

    If everyone in the Urban-Kidman household is as bored as we are, there may be more free concerts in our future. Fingers crossed!

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The Most Debated Mystery Of Our Time: The Disappearance Of Maura Murray

The disappearance of Maura Murray is perhaps the most highly speculated case of the 21st century. It’s been called the “the first crime mystery of the social media age” due to Facebook’s launch 5 days before she went missing. There are numerous podcasts, websites, and docuseries dedicated to finding the truth. Nevertheless, the 16th anniversary of Maura’s disappearance has passed and it remains an unsolved mystery.

Maura was born May 4, 1982 in Hanson, Massachuessettes. After graduating high school, she joined her older sister at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, where she studied chemical engineering. During her freshman year, Maura received an honor code violation for stealing makeup from a Fort Knox commissary. She wasn’t formally expelled and transferred into the nursing program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In November 2003, 3 months prior to her disappearance, Maura was caught ordering food with a stolen credit card. Her arrest record shows that the charge would be dismissed after 3 months of good behavior.

On February 5, 2004, Maura was working an evening shift at her campus security job. Following a phone conversation with her older sister, Kathleen, she was said to have burst into tears and a supervisor escorted her back to her dorm. When asked what was wrong, Maura simply responded, “My sister.” Kathleen claims the conversation was about her alcohol abuse. Kathleen had recently been discharged from rehab and admitted to Maura that her fiance had taken her to a liquor store.

On Saturday, February 7th, Maura’s dad, Fred, arrived in town to take her car shopping. According to her sister, Julie, Maura’s car was in very bad shape and she wanted something more reliable. That night, Maura borrowed Fred’s car and attended a party on campus. At 3:30 AM, as she was driving back to Fred’s motel room, she hit a guardrail and caused $10,000 worth of damage to the car. Cops arrived at the scene and drove her to the motel. There is no documentation of a sobriety test in the accident report. Fred rented a car and returned to his home in Connecticut on February 8th. He spoke to Maura on the phone around 11:30 PM to remind her to get accident forms from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Just after midnight: Maura searched MapQuest for directions to the Berkshires and Burlington, Vermont.

1:00 PM: Maura emailed her boyfriend to say she hadn’t felt like talking to anyone lately. She promised to call him later.

1:00-1:13 PM: She made a phone call inquiring about a condo rental in Bartlett, New Hampshire. She was familiar with the condos as her family had vacationed there in the past. The phone call lasted 3 minutes and no rental plans were made. Maura then called a fellow nursing student.

1:24 PM: Maura emailed a nursing school supervisor to say that she would be out of town for a week due to a death in the family. (Her family insists there was no death.)

2:05 PM: Maura called a number that provides pre-recorded information about booking hotels in Stowe, Vermont. The phone call lasted 5 minutes.

2:18 PM: Maura left her boyfriend a voicemail. The call lasted 1 minute and she said they would talk later.

Maura then packed her car with clothes, birth control pills, textbooks, and toiletries. Later searches of her dorm room found that most of Maura’s belongings were packed in boxes and her art was removed from the walls. Police found a printed email in the room between Maura and her boyfriend that indicated relationship problems.

3:30 PM: Maura drove away in her 1996 Saturn sedan. Classes that day were cancelled due to an impending snowstorm.

3:40 PM: Maura withdrew $280 from an ATM and picked up $40 worth of alcohol from a nearby liquor store. Security footage at both the ATM and liquor store determined she was alone at the time. 

Around 4:00-5:00 PM: Maura left Amherst. Her last recorded phone call was at 4:37 PM to check her voicemail.

7:27 PM: Faith Westman, of Woodsville, New Hampshire, called 911 to report an accident outside of her home. She heard a loud thump and saw a car along the snow bank on Route 112. The car was pointing west in the eastbound lane. Westman’s neighbors, Virginia and John Marrotte, also noticed Maura’s car out their kitchen window. It’s hazard lights were on and they noticed someone walking around the car. As the Marrottes were watching, another neighbor, Butch Atwood, pulled up to Maura in the schoolbus that he drove for work. Atwood got out of his bus and asked if Maura needed him to call the police. Maura said no, claiming that she had already called AAA. Knowing that the area didn’t have cell service, Atwood doubted her story. He offered to let her wait at his home until assistance arrived, but Maura insisted she was fine staying at her car. Atwood returned home and called 911. He said he initially had trouble getting through to dispatch because of busy phone circuits, but his phone call eventually connected at 7:43 PM.

7:46 PM: Haverhill Police Sergeant Cecil Smith arrived at the scene. He was dispatched at 7:29 following Westman’s 911 call. The car was locked and there was no sign of Maura. The airbags had deployed and there was a crack in the driver’s side windshield. Sgt. Smith saw a box of Franzia behind the driver’s seat and an empty beer bottle. There was red liquid on the driver’s side door, the car’s ceiling, and on the road. Later searches found a coke bottle filled with a red drink that smelled like alcohol. The Baileys, Kahlua, and vodka that Maura had purchased earlier at the liquor store were not found in her car. Her cell phone, wallet, and credit cards have never been located. Sgt. Smith went to the Westman’s to ask about the incident, then he stopped at Atwood’s to ask where the girl had gone. After telling the officer he hadn’t seen anyone since he left the vehicle, both Atwood and Sgt. Smith drove around the area looking for Maura. 10 minutes after Sgt. Smith’s arrival, EMS and a fire truck pulled up to the scene.

8:49 PM: The scene was cleared and Maura’s car was towed.

An APB was issued for Maura after 12:00 PM on February 10th and she was first considered missing at 5:17 PM. The following day, police dogs tracked her scent 100 yards east of where her vehicle had been abandoned before losing the trail. The FBI was called in 10 days after the disappearance and it became a nationwide search. The New Hampshire Fish and Game were also brought in 10 days later to conduct ground and air searches using a helicopter equipped with a thermal imaging camera. Although her family disputes these claims, police repeatedly expressed concern that Maura was suicidal. Many criticize the police for their lack of urgency during the initial days. Almost a full day had passed by the time Maura was announced missing, and even then, a search wasn’t immediately commenced.

• Maura’s intention was to disappear that day. She was planning to meet up with someone, and that individual picked her up after the crash.

• She was abducted.

• She walked away from her car (possibly to flee the scene because she was scared of getting in trouble) and succumbed to the elements.

• Maura left that day to kill herself in the mountains.

To elaborate on the first theory, it’s worth diving into the claims of James Renner. Renner is an investigative journalist and the author of True Crime Addict: How I Lost Myself in the Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray. He largely believes that Maura is still alive and planned her own escape, possibly because she was pregnant. (Maura had searched online for the effects of alcohol on a fetus. Some of her nursing school friends later said this was research for an assignment.) Renner reported that a friend of Maura’s emailed him and accused Bill, Maura’s boyfriend, of being abusive. Just last year, Bill Rausch was indicted by a Grand Jury on felony sex abuse.

It’s also rumored that Maura had been in a relationship with Hossein Baghdadi, an assistant track coach at UMass. Baghdadi has openly spoken about the situation and told detectives that Maura previously hinted to him that she might disappear. The UMass Outing Club owns a cabin in the White Mountains and some believe that’s where she was heading. There’s no reports indicating that Maura and Baghdadi were in communication in the weeks leading up to her disappearance.

On his blog, James Renner has not-so-subtly accused Fred of knowing what happened to his daughter, citing his unwillingness to be interviewed by Renner as “suspicious.” In a Boston Magazine article, Renner even states, “There’s nothing that would please me more than to depose Fred in court under oath.” In Fred’s defense, 16 years of non-stop searching for your daughter would wear anyone down and there are very few avenues that he hasn’t personally investigated.

Fred wholeheartedly believes that Maura was abducted. In late 2004, a man named Larry Moulton came forward with a knife that he thought could be the murder weapon. It belonged to his brother, Claude, who lived in an A-frame house roughly ¾ mile from the crash site. By 2006, Claude no longer lived there and the new owners allowed private investigators to inspect it. Cadaver dogs made a hit and carpet samples were taken for testing. Unfortunately, the chain of custody is unclear and the samples were lost. Moulton’s knife had been turned over to New Hampshire State Police, but results were never released.

In 2016, the Missing Maura Murray podcast returned to the A-frame. They found what appeared to be blood stains in a closet. Wood chips were turned over to a molecular geneticist who was able to confirm the presence of human blood. Unfortunately, the samples are too deteriorated to determine with 100% certainty whether the blood is Maura’s.

Another house near the scent dog’s trail was searched in 2019 after ground penetrating radar showed a disturbance in the home’s basement. Investigators removed concrete and searched several feet down, but no evidence was found.

The opportunistic killer theory may be statistically less likely, but it can’t be ruled out. One month after Maura went missing, 17-year-old Brianna Maitland disappeared in Vermont. Some feel it’s possible that both women fell prey to a serial killer. Law enforcement looked into a connection between Maitland and serial killer Israel Keyes, but this was later ruled out by the FBI. Many online sleuths still point to Keyes.

The biggest problem with this theory is how small the window of opportunity was for a murderer to take Maura without being seen. Even if Butch Atwood only spent a few minutes talking to Maura, she couldn’t have been alone for more than 10-15 minutes by the time Sgt. Smith arrived. And although the area is heavily wooded, it’s not exactly desolate considering at least 3 neighbors could see her from their homes.

Rick Forcier is another name that’s frequently brought up when discussing Maura Murray. Forcier was driving home from his job as a contractor on the night of February 9th when he spotted a woman walking in the woods that fit the description of Maura. Some find his story suspicious because he didn’t report the sighting until months later. He told police that he didn’t realize it was the same night until he went back through his work calendar in late April.

We already know that the Murrays are adamant that Maura wasn’t suicidal, but what about the theory that she wandered into the woods and died from the elements? Occam’s Razor is widely referenced by those who consider this the simplest explanation. If we subtract all the assumptions about the case, the absolute facts are this: a young woman crashed her car and was last seen outside in the freezing cold.

No matter which theory you believe, it’s astounding how many persons of interest have been named. Particularly for a case that lacks any true suspects. This unsolved mystery has more twists and turns than the route Maura set out on that fateful night. We can only hope that one day the record is set straight.

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Girls With Soft Hearts Should Stay Away From Friends With Benefits

Girls with soft hearts should never agree to friends with benefits with someone they’re secretly interested in dating. They should never spread little white lies in order to get closer to someone special. They should never act inauthentic in the hopes it will bring them happiness.

Girls with soft hearts should never be friends with benefits because it’s hard to cope with the fact that, although you’re good friends who have good chemistry (qualities you value highly in a romantic relationship), you aren’t destined to be anything more than friends. That is where your journey ends. No matter how badly you want to take the next step, you’re going to be blocked from moving forward. You’re always going to be within arm’s length of what you want — but you’re never going to get it.

Girls with soft hearts should never be friends with benefits because it’s hard to accept the connection you’ve built is only temporary. It’s hard to have such a good time with someone you care about deeply, all while having a mutual understanding it’s not going to last. It’s going to end soon. They’re going to move on. You’re going to move on. You’re going to become strangers who knew each other in the most intimate ways.

Girls with soft hearts should never be friends with benefits because it’s not worth the heartache. Right now, you might feel like you would do anything to get closer to this person who has captured your heart, but physical proximity isn’t going to give you the emotional connectivity you crave. It might even make you feel lonelier. Whatever way you look at it, your FWB situation is going to be unbalanced. It’s not going to work in your favor. It’s going to give your person everything they want without bringing you the right kind of fulfillment.

Girls with soft hearts should never be friends with benefits because it creates an odd dynamic. You can kiss this person, but you can’t hold hands with this person. You can send this person a late night text, but you can’t send them a good morning text. You can tell this person how attractive they are, but you can’t tell them how in love you are. You have to walk a delicate line and it can be hard to stop yourself from slipping.

Girls with soft hearts should never be friends with benefits because it probably isn’t going to end in a happily ever after. It probably isn’t going to work out the way it does in the movies. It probably isn’t going to get you a step further with this wonderful person you’d like to call your own.

If you’re on the same page as your person, if you’re both okay with something casual, then don’t stop yourself from having fun. Let yourself explore. Let yourself run wild. But if you’re secretly interested in dating this person and they’re only interested in something casual, you should never agree to a friends with benefits relationship, especially if you have a soft heart. TC mark

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Teen Positivity Influencer & Tiktok Maker: Mari Grace.

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview teen positivity influencer and tiktok maker. Mari is very big on teen positivity she encourages other teens to drop postive quotes on her page. She also tries to to spread postitive content on her TikTok account.

She currently has 31.8k followers on instagram. Make sure you checkout her page for positive quotes and inspiration. Also follow her on TikTok for good content.

How old are you? 

I am 19.

What’s are a few of your favorite songs to sing at karaoke. 😂

“There you are” by Zayn Malik and “Maniac” by Conan Gray

What’s your favorite TikTok trend?

Renegade is always a classic!!

Why do you feel that teen positivity is so important?

In my opinion I don’t feel like there is enough advocates for teens my age. Adults are quick to think “my child hasn’t seen the evil in the world yet there’s no reason to be sad” Well they forget that the media is apart of our lives. 

Unfortunately that also means that cyber bulking is in our lives everyday. The suicide rate for teens is at its highest it’s ever been and I believe it’s because there is so many people spreading hate and not enough people spreading positivity.

Through my social media I try to promote positivity because you never know what someone is going through and that’s simple smile or laugh you give it could mean the world to them.

I think it’s so important for teens to have positivity in their life because what we feel now our mindsets we have with us form us into adults of today and generations to come after us. Stop the negativity and let us spread some love! 

What are you plans for the future?

Medicine has always been a passion of mine. I am currently getting my bachelors in biology in hope to become a doctor. When I think of my future plans I just don’t think about myself but rather what I will do to leave a legacy behind.

I want to be a doctor so I can heal people physically but I want to be a leader in the movement of mental wellness as well. Eating healthy and working out is great and I encourage it for everyone.

However I feel that most people in this generation are struggling with mental wellness the most. I want to help people love themselves and heal their  mental wounds as well has curing their physical heart.

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice for teens is to be yourself. I know we hear this a lot but seriously stop thinking about everyone else’s opinions because I promise you that’s friends, family, haters even strangers they will come and go.

The voice in your head however will always be there. Learn to love yourself not only just your physical looks but your mind, your soul, your everything.

You are perfect just the way you are so cherish yourself as soon as you learn this lesson you will find people that meet those high standards that you made for yourself. Never settle for less because you are everything!

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Teen Positivity With: Mar Clark

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview Mar who is big on teens being positive. It’s kinda unique because her message about teen positivity is very strong and affective.

She is very kind hearted and passionate about what she does. She currently has 4k followers on instagram make sure to go to her page and go through it.

How old are you?


Your big on teen positivity how do you help your followers stay positive?

Everyday I post something positive for my followers to read. Whether it’s a quick reminder or advice!

Why do you believe teen positivity is so important?

Teen positivity is very important because there is so much negativity and cruelty that surrounds us everyday. Many teenagers are bullied either on social media or in school. I was once struggling and felt so alone. My goal is to bring more positivity into the world and help those who may be struggling. I want to remind them that they are NEVER alone! 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field? 

My advice is if you have a positive mindset there will always be a positive outcome! I live by this everyday. Also, never give up because anything is possible. encourage yourself to follow your dreams! on YOU can accomplish what YOU want to in life! Thank you for reading this:)

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Child Prodigies Renee Mendonca & Rhea Mendonca Are Trailblazers In The Anti-Vaping Campaign Globally


We started WINGS OF HOPE at the age of 10. Death of our beloved Grandpa, who was our CONFIDANTE, FRIEND and ROLE MODEL due to Pulmonary Fibrosis crumbled our lives.

He was a chain smoker from the age of 14. From that day, we vowed to save young lives caught in trauma due to addictions. This is how WINGS OF HOPE was born.


Recently when we immigrated to the United States. We were spending sleepless nights, as we observed our underage peers vaping E-Cigarettes. When we conducted a survey, we were baffled to find that out of 3,000 students, 97% use flavoured E- Cigarettes, 90% vaped Juul, 85% of the ages of 12 – 17 year olds vape.

Our classrooms were transformed into VAPING DENS. My twin sister Renee Mendonca and I, Rhea Mendonca felt that we couldn’t remain silent anymore and watch the youth being robbed of their lives due to this evil addiction of Vaping E- Cigarettes. This inspired us to form the American Chapter of Wings of Hope.


The death of our 17 year Instagram friend due to VAPING left us devastated. So we took matters into our hands by putting pen to paper and started writing letters to President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governors of the 50 States in America demanding to ban E- Cigarettes in whole of USA.

We received letters of appreciation from Governors of the 50 States in America.

Due to the magnitude of our actions, we realised at the age of 16, it created a SNOWBALL EFFECT. New York was the First State to ban Flavoured E-Cigarettes, followed by 10 States in America.


We accidentally came across the advertisement by E-Cigarette Company, JUUL on Social Media “SAVE ROOM FOR TASTY TREATS AND REWARDS”.

We wrote a letter to E-Cigarette Company, JUUL, them expressing our disapproval how they were using social media to target underage teenagers where Middle and High School students live.

We also protested about the sweet dessert flavours they were using such as Gummy Bears, Cotton Candy, Creme, Mango to entice teenagers and hook them to Nicotine. It was a JESUS MOMENT for us.

We felt we were like MISSIONARIES sent to America to save lives of youth due to VAPING. E-Cigarette Company, JUUL withdrew all Social Media Marketing Campaigns and flavored pods targeted at youth. 


At the Dinner table, my mom would throw at us different Global issues and each of us had to give our opinion. This developed us into young leaders who were not afraid to voice our  opinion and to stand up for injustice in this world. 


Wings of Hope is a youth led organisation to help youth all over the world. Till date we have helped 1,50,000 youth from USA, UK, Nigeria, South  Africa, Kenya, Nicaragua, Haiti, Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia and India.

The vaping addicts can send us a SECRET LETTER about the trauma they are facing and ask for help on on our INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT @wings_ofhope and Email- wingsofhope555@gmail.com 


We share our wisdom on QUORA, MEDIUM and write on international teen magazines to caution the youth of dangers of VAPING.

We also utilized the use social media to spread awareness to the youth. We also made youtube videos urging President Donald Trump, E-Cigarette Companies to STOP E-  Cigarettes in whole of USA.




For our 17th birthday we traded our birthday presents to save the lives of the youth addicted to vaping by asking all our friends, relatives and well wishers to donate to our favorite charity ST JUDE HOSPITAL as our BIRTHDAY GIFT.

We felt truly blessed to celebrate our birthday – FOR A  WORTHY CAUSE BIGGER THAN OURSELVES. We raised $1,50,000 dollars.


At the beginning of every school year my mom would handover us an EMPTY BUCKET.

My mom said, “Everyday I want you to fill this bucket with a minimum of 10 GOOD DEEDS”

At the end of the day, she would ask us what good deeds we have done towards our peers, teachers, blue-collared staff, strangers and animals. This ritual imbibed in us a practice of being an angel in our community. Doing good came naturally to us.

How do u celebrate THANKSGIVING?

We had a special RITUAL at THANKSGIVING. At the begnining of the year, each of us had a GRATITUDE JAR with our name on it.

Every morning we had to write a minimum of 10 things we are grateful for and drop it in the Gratitude Jar before rushing off to school.

At Thanksgiving we would empty our jar and read aloud what each one is grateful for.

It was a competition. My mom was the judge for the event. The person with most items in the GRATITUDE JAR won a PRIZE.


From the age of 3 at bedtime, my mom she would always share with us life lessons and stories of great women and men like Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela.

We grew up believing we were sent to this world with a MISSION TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD. This is our favourite NIGHT RITUAL TILL DATE. We look forward to this time together. It is a time of bonding, sharing and celebrating the good in this world. 


We feel honored and happy to receive the AWARD. We do not do it for the recognition, but do it to save the lives of youth caught in the web of vaping. Our hearts break into a million pieces every time we read that a youth has died due to vaping.


Rhea Mendonca and Renee Mendonca, 17 year old twins are social entrepreneurs, activists, humanitarians, composer and singer of songs.

They are currently  Seniors at Susan E Wagner high school. They are Co- Founders of Wings of Hope, a Global Not For Profit Organisation, Co-Founder and President of Model UN Club in their School.

They are advisors on QUORA, writers for the International Teen Magazine, Youtubers, Bloggers at Medium.

They have podcasts about our Wings of Hope, Not For Profit on spotify, apple podcasts, itunes. So far, Wings of Hope  has helped 1,50,000 youth from countries like Haiti, Africa, Nicaragua, Srilanka, Pakistan, India addicted to VAPING. 

When children of their age were playing with toys, riding bikes, playing video games Renee and Rhea every Sunday used to spend their time visiting ORPHANAGES, HOMES OF DESTITUTE GIRLS AND terminally ill AIDS home giving motivational talks to orphans in destitute and aids home from the age of ten. 

Mendonca twins, Renee Mendonca and Rhea Mendonca besides holding Leadership roles in their school are HONOR ROLL STUDENTS and belong to the prestigious NATIONAL HONORS SOCIETY. They are Mathematics and Science National Level Olympiads Champions.

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What are the benefits of eating fewer carbs?

Keeping Fit And Trim With A Low Carb Diet

They say that losing weight and keeping it off is tough, but the good news is that there is a way to keep obesity at bay without going hungry.

Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noting that nearly one in five children/youths aged six to 19 in America has obesity, teens don’t need to go hungry to feel their very best.

One diet you may have read a lot about is the ‘keto’ or low carbohydrate diet. For many teens, it’s attractive because you don’t have to count calories and you can easily eat out without having to tell anyone you’re on a diet. Is the low carb diet effective though? What does science say?

Low Carb Diets Can Help You Burn More Calories

Although the emphasis of diets like keto are on consuming low percentages of carbohydrates, weight loss can be enhanced if you also burn more calories.

A 2018 study by scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital found that eating fewer carbohydrates can help you burn more calories, thus aiding in weight maintenance as well as weight loss.

If you have successfully taken off excess pounds, take note: most people regain the weight they have lost in one to two years, partly because their body adapts to eating fewer calories.

By adding low carb in to the equation, you can boost your metabolism and keep weight off in the long-term. Eating low carb can also stand you in good stead when you reach adulthood.

This is because as a teen, your metabolism is faster than it will be when you hit your 30s, 40s or 50s. By becoming accustomed to a low-sugar, high-protein style of eating, you can keep your internal machine running at full steam ahead, thus keeping adult obesity at bay.

Start Your Day With A Low Carb Breakfast

Your body is still growing, and if you do sport at school or on an extra-curricular basis, you will need plenty of energy throughout the day.

The good news about low carb diets is that they can help you battle fatigue and keep energy levels stable all day.

University of British Columbia study found that having a high protein, low-carb diet can help keep your glucose levels stable, not only for the hours following breakfast, but also for a full 24 hours.

This means that you are less likely to feel fatigued and to reach for unhealthy, sugary foods to give you a lift. One of the best things about a low carb breakfast is how easy it is to make.

A spinach or mixed veggie omelette can be made in under five minutes, yet is super yummy. You can also have a cheat breakfast once in a while, following lazy keto principles and enjoying foods like bacon and eggs, or a low-carb muffin topped with melted cheese.

Lazy keto essentially involves keeping your carbohydrate content to under 20 grams a day.

Is Low Carb The Only Solution?

In order to lose weight, it’s important to find a diet that most suits your lifestyle. Research has shown that low calorie diets and low carb diets can be equally efficient.

The key is to be consistent and to back a sound nutritional regimen with daily physical activity. Aim for a combination of cardio and weights workouts to build muscles and burn calories.

Doctors recommend that teens aged 13 to 18 enjoy at least one hour of moderate to vigorous activity a day. At the very least, you should be aiming for three half-hour sessions.

Think activities that might appeal to your friends as well – including dance, cycling, and choreographed weights routines.

This way, you can head to the gym together for a workout and a healthy low-carb smoothie afterwards.

If you would like to lose a little weight, think about the different options open to you. Sometimes, simply being more active can help tone and shape you in the way you wish.

If obesity is an issue, then embrace a healthy diet, consulting with your parents and doctor on an appropriate and ‘doable’ duty for your lifestyle.

Written By: Katlyn Upson

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