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Courtney Cox says she doesn’t remember being on ‘Friends’

Friends star Courteney Cox says she can’t remember being part of the hit sitcom.

Appearing on a special quarantined episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Cox, who played Monica Geller in the show, revealed she struggles to recall her time on set, blaming her “bad memory”.

Joking that she hates being asked Friends-related trivia questions, Cox said: “I don’t remember even being on the show. I have such a bad memory.

“I remember obviously loving everybody there and having fun, and I remember certain times in my life that I was there, but I don’t remember episodes.”

Cox then revealed that to make up for her lack of memory around the show, she’s using her time in self-isolation to go back and watch the whole thing in full.

“I decided during this time – you know, people love the show so much – I decided to binge-watch Friends,” she said, adding: “I just started season one, it’s really good!”

Friends is set to make a comeback this year. It was confirmed in February that Monica, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross will reunite for a one-off HBO special to mark the show’s 25th anniversary.

It will take a little longer to arrive than first thought, though. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has officially put a stop to production on the Friends reunion special, with work on the special not set to begin until at least May now.

Friends is one of dozens of shows that are being halted or delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic – see the full list of affected films and TV shows here.

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