Darla Jade Singer / Songwriter

Hello everyone we had the chance to interview Darla Jade. Darla is a singer and songwriter she has a song out called “This Time”. You can view her video on youtube.

Darla Jade currently has 3.9k followers on Instagram. Make sure you checkout her page. 

You have a new music video out called “This Time”. What inspired you to do that?

This Time was inspired by the idea of thinking you are over something/someone but you aren’t!

You’re on tour right now. How’s is the experience of the tour life?

I really enjoyed being on tour in November with @thedarktenor in Germany – the tour bus was a new experience but it was so cool!! I can’t wait to be back again in April! 

Who is your music generally aimed towards? 

My music is generally aimed for people my age purely because I write quite a bit from personal experiences! However people with different ages have reached out saying they relate to my music which is so lovely!! ????

What are some of your goals for music in the future?

My goals are that I keep progressing forwards and keep writing – I would love to do some more festivals this year too! 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice would be to just keep going and try not to compare yourself to others as they are on a completely different path to you!

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