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The last session of the 2021 Pro Swim Series in Mission Viejo is set begin at 10 am Pacific/12 pm Central/1pm Eastern with its third morning finals session in preparation for Tokyo’s non-traditional PM prelims/AM finals Olympic schedule. The session will start off with the fastest-seeded heats of the women’s and men’s 1500 free, followed by the finals of the 200 IM, 200 back, and 100 free. Following the session will be the second heat of the men’s 1500 free, featuring teens Cornando’s Cole Kuster and Santa Maria’s Parker Reynolds.

With top prelims 100 free seed Caeleb Dressel (48.82) and No. 3 prelims seed Zach Apple (49.13) scratching the final, Nathan Adrian will have a shot to jump them for the top US time this season after his 48.98 on Saturday night. Apple is currently the No. 3 American this season at 48.89 from the 2021 Indiana Speedo Sectionals meet while Dressel set his No. 2 season best during yesterday’s prelims. LSU’s Brooks Curry holds the top time in the nation at 48.45.

Seeded behind Adrian are international swimmers Singaporean Zheng Quah (49.34), Trindad and Tobago’s Dylan Carter (49.55), and German Eric Friese (49.61).

Sunday Finals Heat Sheet

Women’s 1500 Meter Freestyle — TIMED FINAL

  • Pro Swim Series Record: 15:20.48, Katie Ledecky (Stanford) — 2018
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 16:44.60
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 16:49.19

Top 3:

  1. Katie Ledecky (Nation’s Capital), 15:40.55
  2. Ashley Twichell (TAC Titans), 16:06.68
  3. Emma Nordin (Unattached), 16:11.23

Improving her top time in the world was Katie Ledecky, swimming 15:40.55 to drop from her San Antonio swim of 15:42.92. That times registers as the 14th-fastest performance in history, her 12th time in her career. Placing second was TAC Titans’ Ashley Twichell, clocking in an effort of 16:06.68. Twichell is the 2nd-fastest American this season at 16:04.29 from San Antonio.

Placing third was Arizona State’s Emma Nordin, clocking in an effort of 16:11.23. Nordin now moves up to No. 4 in the US and No. 17 in the world this season. Taking a narrow fourth-place finish was Haley Anderson at 16:13.15, just off her season best and World No. 19 time of 16:11.73 from San Antonio.

Men’s 1500 Meter Freestyle — TIMED FINALS

  • Pro Swim Series Record: 14:53.12, Jordan Wilimovsky (Santa Monica)
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 15:35.69
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 15:44.89

Top 3:

  1. Jordan Wilimovsky (KSwim), 15:10.44
  2. Will Gallant (Mission Viejo), 15:21.15
  3. Mikey Calvillo (Indiana), 15:42.38

Remaining the 3rd-fastest American in this event this season was KSwim’s Jordan Wilimovsky, registering a time of 15:10.44. Wilimovsky now ranks 23rd in the world behind Americans Bobby Finke (15:09.14) and Zane Grothe (15:10.29).

Placing second was Mission Viejo’s Will Gallant, who remains the No. 4 American this season with his season best of 15:18.59. Taking third was Indiana’s Mikey Calvillo (15:42.38), finishing 1.29s ahead of Veritas’ Arik Katz (15:43.67).

Out of the post-session 1500 free heat, Cornando’s Cole Ruster swam a time of 16:04.33 to place 7th overall.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:08.66, Katinka Hosszu (HUN) — 2015
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 2:15.26
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 2:17.39

Top 3:

  1. Madisyn Cox (Longhorn), 2:10.00
  2. Melanie Margalis (Saint Petersburg), 2:11.03
  3. Kathleen Baker (Team Elite), 2:11.95

Out-splitting front-half leader Kathleen Baker on the breaststroke leg 37.40 to 39.13 was Madisyn Cox, who built an indestructible lead to win the event with a season best of 2:10.00. Passing Baker for second place was another back-halfer, Melanie Margalis, hitting the wall at 2:11.03. Baker settled for third at 2:11.95.

Cox now bumps Baker as the fastest American this season, as well as moving up to No. 5 in the world this season. Baker is now No. 7 in the world this season with her 2:10.49 from the 2020 U.S. Open. Margalis’ swim moves her up to No. 10 in the world rankings, ahead of teen sensation Torri Huske (2:11.18). There are now four American women ranked in the top 12 times in the world.

2 Abbie
GBR 2:09.38 02/14
3 Yui
JPN 2:09.59 02/06
4 Bailey
CAN 2:09.99 03/28
5 Madisyn
USA 2:10.00 04/11
6 Miho
JPN 2:10.08 01/24
7 Kathleen
USA 2:10.30 01/17
8 Rika
JPN 2:10.62 02/06
9 Kim
KOR 2:10.69 11/20
10 Melanie
USA 2:11.03 04/11
11 Torri
USA 2:11.18 11/13
12 Yu
CHN 2:11.24 10/01

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  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:56.32, Michael Phelps (NBAC) — 2012
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 2:03.02
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 2:04.09

Top 3:

  1. Michael Andrew (Race Pace), 1:57.98
  2. Andrew Seliskar (Cal Aquatics), 2:00.16
  3. Jay Litherland (Dynamo), 2:00.20

Michael Andrew stuck to his race strategy of taking each stroke out valiantly, splitting 24.07 on the 50 fly followed by 29.78 back and 33.72 breast. Andrew looked sharp throughout the majority of his last 50 until the lactic acid build-up slowed his tempo down into the flags, splitting 30.41. Nonetheless, Andrew pulled out his second 2021 PSS win in the 200 IM with a season best of 1:57.98. Andrew now moves up to No. 8 in the world, remaining the fastest American this season with the only sub-1:59 time.

While Jay Litherland is known for his closing speed, it was Andrew Seliskar who out-split Litherland 28.28 to 28.90 on the final 50 free to place second by four one-hundredths. Seliskar remains the No. 8 American this season at 2:00.16 while Jay Litherland jumped Josh Prenot (2:00.62) for No. 9 in the nation at 2:00.20.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:05.94, Regan Smith (RIPT) — 2020
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 2:12.94
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 2:14.69

Top 3:

  1. Rhyan White (Alabama), 2:07.24
  2. Isabelle Stadden (Unattached), 2:08.12
  3. Lisa Bratton (Aggie Swim Club), 2:10.08

It was smooth sailing for Rhyan White, as she led from start to finish in the women’s 200 back final. White split 30.10/32.17/32.71/32.26 to swim another lifetime best of 2:07.24, the fastest American time this season. Inching up on White to take second was Cal freshman Isabelle Stadden, shaving 0.04s off her own lifetime best of 2:08.12. Stadden is now the No. 3 American this season behind Kathleen Baker‘s season best of 2:07.54 from San Antonio. Hitting third place was Lisa Bratton (2:10.08), swimming six-tenths faster than Hali Flickinger (2:10.86). White and Stadden now rank as the No. 8 and No. 10 US performers in history.

Looking at the world rankings, White now moves up to No. 3 this season while Stadden now ranks No. 7, ahead of fellow teen Regan Smith (2:08.80). Meanwhile, Bratton remains at No. 16 with her 2:09.58 SB and Flickinger now ties Israeli Anastasia Gorbenko for No. 25 in the world.

There are now five American women in the top-12 times in the world this season, including World No. 11- and US No. 5-ranked Phoebe Bacon (2:09.16). There are also seven American women under 2:10 this season, including US No. 7 swimmer JoJo Ramey (2:09.72), just 15 years old.

Winning the B-final was Bulgarian Diana Petkova of Alabama, re-setting her hours-old national record of 2:16.46 with a lifetime best of 2:14.98, which ranks in the top-15 European times for the 2021 calendar year.

2 Margherita
ITA 2:05.56 03/31
3 Rhyan
USA 2:07.24 04/11
4 Kathleen
USA 2:07.54 03/05
5 Minna
AUS 2:07.86 12/15
6 Peng
CHN 2:08.01 01/03
7 Isabelle
USA 2:08.12 04/11
8 Katalin
HUN 2:08.20 03/25
9 Regan
USA 2:08.80 03/05
10 Emily
AUS 2:09.12 03/19
11 Phoebe
USA 2:09.16 11/14
12 Wang
CHN 2:09.22 09/30

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  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:55.04, Xu Jiayu (CHN) — 2017
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 2:00.81
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 2:02.99

Top 3:

  1. Ryan Murphy (Cal Aquatics), 1:56.27
  2. Hugo Gonzalez (Unattached), 1:57.51
  3. Bryce Mefford (Unattached), 1:59.61

The Cal Bears finished 1-2-3-4-6-8 in the men’s 200 back final, led by Olympic champion Ryan Murphy at 1:56.27. Placing second out of the outside lanes was Cal junior Hugo Gonzalez, swimming 1:57.51. Murphy remains the 5th-fastest swimmer in the world and top American this season with his San Antonio winning time of 1:56.06.

Gonzalez, who represents Spain internationally, now ranks No. 17 in the world as well as No. 2 in his home nation. At the 2021 Spanish Nationals, Nicolas Garcia won the title at 1:57.06 while Manuel Martos placed second at 1:58.05.

Bryce Mefford touched out Cal teammate Daniel Carr by six one-hundredths to place third 1:59.61 to 1:59.67. Carr sits at No. 3 on the US season rankings at 1:58.44, just four-tenths behind Shaine Casas (1:58.04). Meanwhile, Mefford remains the No. 4 American with his SB of 1:59.49.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 53.12, Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) — 2016
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 55.56
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 56.29

Top 3:

  1. Abbey Weitzeil (Cal Aquatics), 53.68
  2. Katie Ledecky (Nation’s Capital), 54.22
  3. Olivia Smoliga (Athens Bulldog), 54.61

Easily winning her second title in Mission Viejo was Cal’s Abbey Weitzeil, improving from her PM swim of 53.94 to go 53.68 in the morning. Weitzeil remains the 3rd-fastest American this season behind 2016 Olympic teammate Simone Manuel (53.34) and the Torri Huske (53.46). Weitzeil now ranks 13th in the world this season.

Closing in a strong 27.75 closing 50 to place second was distance star Katie Ledecky, nailing the wall at 54.22. Ledecky remains No. 5 in the US and No. 23 in the world this season. Placing third place by four-tenths was backstoker Olivia Smoliga, shaving 0.06s off her SB at 54.61. Smoliga also remains at No. 9 in the nation this season. Allison Schmitt touched out Poland’s Kasia Wasick 54.66 to 54.68 for fourth place. Schmitt remains at No. 10 in the US this season.


  • Pro Swim Series Record: 48.00, Nathan Adrian (CAL) — 2016
  • Wave II Trials Cut: 49.74
  • Wave I Trials Cut: 50.49

Top 3:

  1. Nathan Adrian (Unattached), 48.74
  2. Eric Friese (Unattached), 49.05
  3. Zheng Quah (Cal Aquatics), 49.30

Storming to the win in the 100 free was veteran Nathan Adrian, hitting the wall with the No. 2 US time of 48.74, bumping Caeleb Dressel (48.82) and Zach Apple (48.89). Brooks Curry‘s top time of 48.45 lives another week at the top of the US season rankings. Adrian also moves up to No. 19 on the world rankings for the 2020-2021 season

Placing second was German Eric Friese, touching in at 49.05, now the top time in Germany heading into this week’s national meet. Finishing a quarter of a second later for third place was Singapore’s Zheng Quah at 49.30.

2020-2021 Men’s 100 FR LCM — Top US Times

  1. Brooks Curry (LSU), 48.45 — 2021 Dynamo Long Course Elite Meet
  2. Nathan Adrian (UN), 48.74 — 2021 Pro Swim Series – Mission Viejo
  3. Caeleb Dressel (GSC), 48.82 — 2021 Pro Swim Series – Mission Viejo
  4. Zach Apple (MVN), 48.89 — 2021 Combined Indiana Speedo Sectionals
  5. Ryan Held (NYAC), 49.00 — 2020 U.S. Open

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