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Hello Everyone. We’d like to intorduce you to Daylee. She is a High School Dual sport Athlete. She currently plays basketball and track. She has commited to Frenso State University for both sports. Everyone make sure you catch a few of her college events and check out her insta.

How old are you?

I’m 17

So you play basketball what position do you play? Also who do you base your game off of?

Really just myself but if I had to choose I base my game off of a couple different people I guess. Shooting wise Steph and Klay I use to shoot a ton a 3’s but not anymore. I’ve developed a mid range game too and a lot of people use to say that’s KD’s and Maya Moore’s game. I love defense! I love Alana Beard defense I wanna be like her when I grow up 😂.

You do track as well what events do you do and describe your best track experience. 

I’m a hurdler I do the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles in high school. I also run the regular 400m and in college I run the 400m hurdles. My greatest track experience I would have to say would be when I was in the six grade. I placed in Nationals for both AAU and USA in the 800m. That experience was awesome because I got to be on the podium at such a young age.

So your recently commented to Fresno state for basketball and track what was that like? 

It was AMAZING! I can’t describe the feeling because to know my story and what kind of journey I’ve been through from getting bullied and speaking up about it to being cut because of it my Jr year to having to transfer to a new school mid year wasn’t easy. But with the grace of God giving me strength I continued to show people how strong I am. It took a lot of hard work and mental focus. I had a lot of wonderful schools and colleges that recruited me but Fresno State coaching staff have been recruiting me for such a long time since the 8th grade that it just felt like home! This seemed like the right fit for me. They got to know me as a person and knew how much I love track and worked really hard in getting the track coaches involved.

How do you manage both track and basketball especially them being back to back seasons?

It’s definitely not easy and takes a lot of hard work and discipline. As soon as basketball season is over I rest my body a lil but then I go straight into track mode. I never really stop basketball because I’m always still training even while I’m in track season. 

What are some of your athletic goals for college?

 My goal in basketball is to win our league the mountain west and try to make the NCAA tournament. Same thing in track to win league and make it to the NCAA’s in track. 

Do you have any advice for teens in your field?

My advice is to always bet on yourself and believe in yourself. Be your own trendsetter. My entire life some people has always told me I should just pick one sport not two but years later my hard work has finally paid off and I’m going to go to college for not one but two sports I love. Stay strong you may experience hardships but you’ll persevere!

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