Dayna Marie: Teen Tiktoker & Influencer

Hello everyone we were very fortunate to be able to have another wonderful guest on our latest podcast episode. We’d like to introduce you to our latest guest Dayna Marie.

TikTok sensation Dayna Marie is a well known on TikTok for making funny and cool content. 3.9 Millions followers and 138.3 million likes. Dayna is well loved on the app because her content is very original and it stands out from other TikTokers. 

She is also a big vlogger on YouTube as well. She has gotten herself up to 99.8k subscribers. The thing that makes her content is so good is that it’s her everyday life. You make ask isn’t everyone’s? Yes but as she mentioned in the podcast her everyday life is like a movie. 

We had the chance to cover some cool topics with her in our podcast including things like her being a prankster and a few things about her fan base.

Dayna is a very fascinating person to get to know and talk to. She’s very intelligent and so down to earth she was nothing but nice to us. She has so much appreciation for her fans. She is very thankful for every single one of them.

Click the word podcast to listen to the podcast. 🙂

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